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Intuitive-Courses by Spiritboy

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Tarot Cards Spiritboy


A quick easy way to learn the Modern Tarot using the Rider Waite cards with a professional mentor



Tap into your hidden psychic abilities using this beginners course on all things intuitive.



Learn about your soul lessons through numerology and star signs. Find out your natural gifts and where you need to improve.



Learn to use your intuition over a cuppa. Explore the wonderful world of Tea and Coffee Readings.

These courses are designed to develop your inner senses or intuition, designed by a psychic to help you explore your soul and find yourself.

Life gets so busy so it makes sense that in order to learn something new you need a flexible course designed around your schedule. These course are available to you when you are ready.

Straight from the horses mouth, learn from someone that practices and help others everyday.

What My Students Have to Say About Me!

I have personally known Steve for some 20 years. In that period of time, both as friend and work colleague, I have seen Steve grow spiritually to become a special human being in the way he care and nurtures his fellow life forms. The really special area that Steve comes highly recommended is in his abilities as a teacher and mentor to use the different tools learnt from other professionals to apply to his own practice. He is very skilled in the knowledge. A master teacher without doubt. Steve is constantly expanding his network of career contacts and clients which is benefiting both himself as a practitioner and the community. He sincerely gives from the heart. Therefore, I highly recommend Steve Parker for being not only a great individual, but also a committed helper who is here to bring light to the planet.
Intuitive Courses by Spiritboy
Alain Baillon
From Cairns, Australia
Steve Spiritboy is a lovely, warm and genuine person who makes his students feel important, welcome and at ease. His psychic development classes and the workshops he runs are always interesting, with so much to learn, in a relaxed, fun and casual atmosphere. Steve is highly dedicated to sharing his knowledge on spiritual matters and helping people to tap into and expand on their own innate healing and intuitive abilities, which anyone and everyone can access. He is also a very supportive mentor who genuinely cares about his students and clients. I highly recommend Steve's classes and workshops to anyone who would like to learn more about the spiritual side of life, and engage in a friendly atmosphere with like-minded people. He is a true blessing to those that want to learn.
Intuitive Courses by Spiritboy
Keshna O'Meare
From Mission Beach, Australia
As long as I can remember I have always been very spiritual. I remember I did play with tarot cards early days and as I looked at them and then back to the books I got totally confused. Until I meet Steve and he taught me the easy way to learn tarot and to understand them for use in our intuition and increase our psychic abilities. I am now reading professionally at the Crystal ball Bookstore in Cairns, Australia, after I took his course on tarot cards and numerology. Steve is an incredible teacher. I can highly recommend him as an amazing teacher.
Intuitive Courses by Spiritboy
Eva Ronning
From Norway
I have been around spiritual circles for many years and I have never met a psychic reader that can combined their extraordinary numerology skills with tarot reading better than Spirit Boy (Steve Parker) and I have met a lot of readers and psychics and I had a lot of readings over that time!! With Steve’s unique and lovely teaching style my confidence to read for others has increased and continues to do so. I look forward to continue my studies with him. I highly recommend Steve Spiritboy as a Person, Reader, Teacher and Healer. Blessings Leslie
Intuitive Courses by Spiritboy
Leslie Marino
From Cairns
Steve Spirit Boy has been a Friend and Mentor for over six years. Steve is so encouraging and patient teaching the mystery and secrets of the Tarot, incorporating numerology and intuition. Over the years we have done Psychometry, Flower Readings and Photo Readings, Psychic Development, Palmistry and many others I can highly recommend Steve as your teacher and mentor.
Intuitive Courses by Spiritboy
Karen Orton
From Clifton Bch, Australia
Steve Spiritboy you are an amazing Teacher and have the gift to heal with love & light. You are also a genuine Clairvoyant & Psychic who channels important messages through from the Spirit world. You have a caring and sincere nature and a golden heart with good intention and a delightful sense of humor. 7 stars of recommendation ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Intuitive Courses by Spiritboy
Susanna Isabella
From Port Douglas, Australia