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Soul Lessons through Numerology and Star Signs

So much information can be gleamed from our date of birth. Not only does it help us understand our chosen path but it also makes us aware of others around us. Ever wondered why you can get along with a total stranger but not a member of your own family? Numerology and star signs can help you understand how we are all unique and travel under different vibrations and energy’s. Learn what your lifepath is and why is it so important to your journey through out your life. Why are we born on certain days? All these pearls of wisdom and much more can help you understand your own journey and those of others around you. So come on and learn more of this wonderful course. This course has 13 modules, video with each module, downloadable PDF sheets and images throughout as well as modern easy to understand written knowledge. A sample (Below) of the course is shown in module 4 for you to check it out. Just scroll down below and click on Module 4. A certificate is available for all those that complete the course. An eBook is also available for purchase. It’s written to accompany the course, and is available for you to download and print to continue your learning. The Course link will expire after 180 days.

Needed for the course - Computer, Tablet or Mobile / Cell Phone and Internet Connection

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