Numbers 3, 6, 9 – Arrow of the Mind.

Arrow of the Mind.

These people love to live in their head and can be ruled by over thinking and indecision. They are intelligent usually with a good memory and balanced minds but often can look down on people they perceive as unintellectual or not as smart as them. They often shine and come to life around people of high intellect and in careers that demand active minds. They may need to make an effort to understand other people’s point of view in order not to offend or distance themselves from others. Rest and grounding in nature are important especially if they are an air sign, such as Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius. Often, they can find inner peace through meditation or other practices or even by sitting on the grass or walking outside in nature. Also baths, showers, rest, and swims can often help with too much mental clutter. Often times when stressed they find it hard to sleep and relax because their mind never stops. They need to be careful of mental tiredness, nervousness & stress leading to depression, addictions, medication, or mental illness.

No Numbers 3, 6, 9 – Arrow of Poor Memory.

Arrow of Poor Memory.

This arrow is again active now since 2000. So the new children coming forward can have this area of weakness. The lack of numbers on the mental line does not mean these people are not intelligent or dumb, but they need to keep mentally active. Otherwise in later life they can feel like giving up or even losing memory and mind. They can be absent minded and won’t remember anything they don’t have to. Things such as learning homework can be a nightmare for parents, but the parents need to have understanding, have patience and consistency to deal with this perceived lack of understanding with their children.

Numbers 2, 5, 8 – Arrow of Emotional (Heart) Balance and Connection.

Arrow of Emotion.

When the soul plane is filled with numbers this means that these people can not only feel compassion but can be extremely sensitive of other people’s energy, that can easily upset them. They can isolate themselves from people or the harsh realities of the world if feeling threatened or if they have experienced hurt, wounding, or abuse. They can heal with time, space, and patience. Prone to depression, anxiety, and feelings of being alone. They are very sensitive of their surroundings and do best around nature and supportive people. Make good intuitives and healers with strong intuition.

No Numbers 2, 5, 8 – Arrow of Super Sensitivity. 

Arrow Of Super Sensitivity.

They have no natural protection of the heart and can hold hurt, grudges and disappointments forever. They must learn the nature of the lesson and move on and find more nurturing people and conditions for the growth of their soul. They can be touchy with their emotions or just close up completely. They need to learn to express themselves clearly and with truth. This condition seems more pronounced in men because of cultural and sexist conditioning and possible upbringing. The emotional build up can come out as anger, violence, or abuse, if not released through positive expression. This closing up of expression and emotions can cause issues within relationships, work, family, or friends. They can be easily hurt, offended, and explode or they can go into their shell. They need to learn to not take it so personally, establish boundaries and tap into their intuition to learn how to express themselves fully to move forward to better times. Make better choices in people around them.

Numbers 1, 4, 7 – Arrow of the Physical and Practicality (Grounding).

Arrow of Practicality

Having the physical/ practical line means these people should be active, sporty and enjoy working with their hands or body. They can often have a physical or active life and love to help others and are usually outdoor people. Love of land and nature. They work better grounded than in their heads. A need to stay physically active in life, up and during old age otherwise their body may seize up, or they can experience other issues in health. Usually hard physical workers not typically suited to office work. They can be poor judges of character especially in relationships so when things go wrong, they can often become angry, aggressive, and loud. They can express and release pain and emotional wounding through hard physical work or sport, but they also need to learn expression through the other planes of the chart.

No Numbers 1, 4, 7 – Arrow of In-Practicality.

Arrow of In-Practicality

Again some the 2000 children will have this line that hasn’t been around for over thousand years. These people are not naturally grounded and as such can be seen as under achievers or lazy. They can find it hard to work with their hands or tools and the like and prefer not to get their hands dirty. Usually not sporty unless sitting on the couch watching it. Prone to living impractically in their mind or emotions. Possible disorder and weight issues within their life, they need to be encouraged to start things and finish what they start. Need to interact with people and society. Can be lazy, and reliant on social security or charity and can get side tracked by addictions or drugs.

Numbers 7, 8, 9 – Arrow of Action.

Arrow of Action.

These people can be hyperactive and always busy and need to learn balance between work and play. Need laughter, movement, travel, fun and then find time to rest and recharge when needed. They should avoid aggression, anger, or confrontation as it is generally not good for their long-term health. Need a healthy diet, exercise and chose good lifestyle options.

No Numbers 7, 8, 9 – Arrow of Inaction.

Arrow of In-Action.

This has not been around for over 3 centuries but now with the 2000 children it is back in play. These people suffer a weakness in following through on things and completing them. They need to learn to persist and develop discipline to reach their full potential. They can appear lazy to others around them if they don’t keep active and follow through on tasks. They like to avoid strenuous activities and can live in their own fantasy world or emotions. They need to engage fully in life.

Numbers 4, 5, 6 – Arrow of Will and Fortitude.

Arrow of Will and Fortitude.

These people are extremely strong willed and highly capable people when following their path. When they make their mind to do something they will make it happen with determination and even stubbornness. They can be dominating and forceful. They need to understand other points of view and be willing to listen and try other ways and ideas and not be so fixed and firm. In the negative these people can be self-centred and appear unemotional to others needs. A strong energy for getting things accomplished though. A need to be flexible when change is needed.

No Numbers 4, 5, 6 – Arrow of Frustration.

Arrow of Frustration.

Divided chart with no numbers through the middle and as such can give them a feeling of being disjointed from life and of others around them. Their strengths are divided into a least 2 areas in the chart and the energies don’t connect to work together. Need to socialize and travel but not feel trapped. Can experience loneliness and sadness without any real reason. They need to learn to balance and create a stable environment around them. At various times in their life they can feel lost, disillusioned, and not connected to others especially through loss, disappointment, or depression. Life can be like a roller coaster, on a high one minute and at the bottom the next, this is why they need to find balance, stability, and security in life. Because the chart is usually divided into 2 or more sections means that their strengths are separated, and this is why they need to work the 5 energy that they haven’t got naturally. This 5 energy connects all the numbers in the chart together to bring strength through connection. It can help these people if they have a 5 in their lifepath or birth day to activate the energies of the 5 or a partner that has a 5-life path.

Numbers 1, 2, 3 – Arrow of Planning.

Arrow of Planning.

These people love order and planning in their life but can be untidy in other ways. Sometimes they love order but can’t be bothered creating it or will have others create it for them. They can plan too much and not enjoy life. This can be upsetting and annoying to those closest to them. They should try and be more spontaneous to life instead of over planning and being disappointed when things or events don’t happen when they want them to. Often for people born in the twentieth century this line is associated with a strong arrow of the mind/ intellect as well.

No Numbers 1, 2, 3 – Arrow of Disorganisation.

Arrow of Disorganisation.

There has always been numbers in these lines since before 1000 AD and will continue on till 4000 AD. So we will talk about this arrow in a couple of thousand years’ time.


Those without a 5 in your birth chart can feel isolated or withdrawn from others. By working the energy of the 5 number positively even when you don’t have it naturally, you can energetically connect and enrich all your numbers. This centring number locks all your strengths together to make life easier and more enjoyable. Travel, rest, and holidays are especially important for those without these numbers. Those with a life path 5 can balance their life better once they activate this number through their lifepath or birth day number or a partners 5.

Numbers 1,3,5,7,9 – Arrows of the Mystic Cross.

A highly intuitive person with a strong connection to spirit. A blessed life if aware and living true to self and life path. If not aware then hard lessons in life can be prevalent until awareness. Often working in areas helping humanity. Those born before 2000 can only have this lines.

No Numbers 1,3,5,7,9 – Arrow of a Disjointed Cross.

Only happens now with the 2000 children. These people can live in hard circumstances and never seem to get ahead. They can live hard basic lives and need to learn to use their intuition. They can be disjointed and all over the place. Need structure and conviction to achieve dreams. Life path number may help or hinder them. They need to learn to ask for help wherever it is needed. A strong need to engage in life and not let it pass by. Health and wellbeing needs to be taken care of.


Isolated numbers are numbers in the chart that have no numbers next to or adjoining them. The energy of an isolated number can influence us in a harder, firmer, and more direct way. The isolated number makes the energy and vibration of the number harder to work as it is disjointed by being by itself without the support of adjoining numbers. Isolated numbers happen where there is no adjoining numbers directly connected to a number and when the birth date doesn’t contain a ‘5’ for example. Let’s look at an example.

Micks Birthday is 23/2/1967.

When we work out Mick’s birth chart it looks like this. Notice all the other numbers are connected but not the “7”. This is what we call an isolated 7. The 7’s energy is not connected to the other numbers strengths which make the energy of the 7 unbalanced, weakened and disjointed. The more isolated numbers you have the stronger the chance of dysfunction, self-sabotage, or difficulty with life in those particular areas of the chart. But we can also see if Mick uses his double 2’s or intuition with a balanced mind it can greatly help him overcome his isolated 7. So one area of strength (double 2’s) if used correctly helps him overcome a natural area of weakness (isolated 7). Having more than one isolated number or more numbers in the isolated spot can make life especially challenging.

Meanings of Isolated Numbers

Isolated 1. (No 2, 4, 5)

Feeling of detachment from others, they feel misunderstood when they try to explain themselves or their truths. This can lead to isolation, lack of self-confidence, self-love, or purpose in life. Twenty century births only (before 2000).

Isolated 2. (No 1, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Only those born from 2000 can have this. Usually shy and withdrawn, need to push themselves outside their learnt patterns and boundaries.  Relationships can be difficult for these people because 2’s represent connection with others. Balance is so important till they find their purpose, possibly with help from their lifepath number. A need to trust their true intuition more and not their head.

Isolated 3. (No 2, 5, 6)

Only those born before 2000 can experience this. These people need to action ideas, creativity, and thoughts as soon as they come to them, otherwise they will lose them. Can live in their mind and thoughts too much. Memory needs to be active and used regular, otherwise there may be issues in later life. Potential problems around creativity and social connections.

Isolated 7 (No 4, 5, 8)

Prone to repeating hard cycles, trust issues and lessons of self-sabotage until they are aware enough to learn to change bad patterns. Hard lessons of life that they requested in spirit for the good of their soul growth. Can have addictions or addictive people around them with issues. Learn and trust your higher self.

Isolated 8 (No 4, 5, 6, 7, 9)

Only those born after 2000 can experience this. They can feel extremely lonely and isolated in life. Their need for career, independence and strength will be hard to achieve until they pursue it and put the energy and drive in. Can be controlled around career, money, partner, or false security.

Isolated 9 (No 5, 6, 8)

Can live in their thoughts and worries and not be practical and grounded in life. Can lead to unfulfilled desires (1-9) or silly idealism and thoughts (2-9’s) or both if 3 or more isolated 9’s occur.


The energy of having extra numbers in the same box increases the strength of its energy but it can tip the balance with too much of that number’s energy in that particular position on the chart. As we move through life, we hopefully can address most of our weaknesses and adapt in a more positive way to work with the numbers we are born with. Remember nothing is given to us by us that we can’t achieve and work though. I will give the general meaning of the different digits first and then how the extra numbers in the one square can help or hinder our path.

(Number 1 on a Chart.)

One represents the self and is seen at least once in everyone’s chart in the 20th Century. The new kids after 2000 may not have any. Two -1’s is a balanced energy where none or one is under balanced and 3 – 1’s or more is in excess. Everyone born between 1900 and 1999 has a least one 1 in their birth chart.

Nil or One 1.

This is a weakness in self-expression and often love for themselves. They can be bullied, bossed, or controlled growing up. They also often suffer from a lack of nurturing or love in their youth. They need to learn to love and trust themselves for who they are and realise that are as important as anyone else on this planet. They can show as tough on the outside but will have many insecurities underneath. They need to learn over time how to express themselves, especially in close relationships or when they are put on the spot talking about themselves or their truths.

Two 1’s.

This is the balanced form of expression. These people usually relate and understand others quite well. They can see both sides of an issue and usually express themselves well unless there is a weakness somewhere else.

Three 1’s.

This is a surplus of expression, and these people can be chatter boxes once they feel comfortable in their surroundings. They can also express themselves through other channels such as writing, music or creative pursuits. They can also have trouble with expression of their inner truth and communication with others.

Four 1’s.

They can have big problems expressing themselves and can often be misunderstood or say the wrong things when flustered. They can also close up which makes communication harder. They need to learn to better express themselves especially on matters close to their heart.

Five or more 1’s.

 Extended version of the 4-1’s. They can be sad, depressed and isolate from people around them. They can bottle up anything they need to learn to express themselves clearly. Learning this can come hard for these people.

(Number 2 on a Chart.)

 Two represent duality and balance. It is also the number of sensitivity and intuition. Notice all those born after the year 1999 have a least one 2 in their chart and hopefully this will bring more love and more global awareness to the planet when they start getting in positions of power in twenty or thirty years’ time.

Nil 2.

These people will have to bring awareness and sensitivity through life experiences or via their lifepath number. They can appear straight forward and insensitive at times.

One 2.

Naturally intuitive and can sense things before they eventuate. They can be easily hurt with the harsh realities of life or insensitive people.

Two 2’s.

They are usually good at forming first impressions of people or situations. They can easily put themselves before others and neglect themselves or other aspects of their life.

Three 2’s.

These can be in their own little world or too involved in others. They can misunderstand intentions and feelings and find it hard to express their feelings to others close to them. They can be too sensitive. Nature, rest, and good habits will help them with balance and understanding.

Four 2’s.

These people can overreact with people and situations and can end up being sarcastic and angry or be over enthusiast. Nature, rest, and good habits will help them with balance and calmness. A need to learn to express themselves better.

Five or more 2’s.

These people can be over emotional and in a state of confusion on all matters of the heart or things close to them. Making a decision on first impressions can help them with life. They can be over dependant on others or cut off completely.

(Number 3 on a Chart.)

This number speaks of mind, communication, memory, and imagination.

One 3.

Usually these people are happy go lucky with a great sense of character.

Two 3’s.

Often these people use their active mind through work or play. They make good writers, musicians, or painters. They need to use this creative energy in a positive way otherwise they can become restless and unfocused leading to headaches, stuck energy, anxiety, addiction, or depression.

Three 3’s.

They can become self-absorbed in their mind or imagination, so they need to stay grounded and balanced in practical matters. Can over plan or think too much and need to find things such as meditation and nature to relax their taxed mind.

Four 3’s.

A rare number these days and hasn’t been around since 1933 or until 2033. They can live in worry and concern and not live life to the fullest. They can certainly experience mental health issues and need to ask for help if needed.

(Number 4 on a Chart.)

Speaks of a need for physicality, security, and stability in one’s life. It indicates hard physical work to achieve goals and dreams.

One 4.

These people are usually physical and practical in nature. They can be too focused on material gains & organisation. They can come across as abrupt & insensitive & need to think before they speak.

Two 4’s.

These people tend to live mainly in the physical which can lead to difficulties and issues. They can be too focused on working, money, real estate or can be scrooges with their money.

Three 4’s.

Can be non-stop workers seeming to never get a break or a holiday. Can be obsessive of any physical activities which can lead to injuries or weakness during life. They can be too focused on working, money, real estate and can be scrooges with their money. Need to learn to stop, breathe and relax and take holidays.

(Number 5 on a Chart.)

Connects all the others together to bring balance with all the other energies in the chart. It’s a powerful number of freedom, travel, passion & strength of character.

One 5.

A single 5 on a chart brings a good understanding of life, courage, and passion. Love of travel, freedom, and adventure.

Two 5’s.

These people can be intense in their energy and adventure. Their nature, confidence and enthusiasm can be very driven to the point of upsetting others or pushing them away.

Three or Four 5’s.

These people always seems too find themselves restricted by life, whether through a partner, family, or themselves. They need to break away from restrictions to enjoy life. They can often lead sad or depressed lives unless living in their true self. They can act, say, or do offensive things with a lack of understanding through their frustrated and blocked drive.

(Number 6 on a Chart.)

 Six represents love of harmony, family, and home. 6’s can learn harsh lessons through family or relationship dynamics, or they can be too controlling or domineering themselves. Can be perfectionist in an imperfect world.

One 6.

They have a love of family home and a sense of responsibility. They are usually home bodies.

Two 6’s.

These types over worry about everything around the home and family. They can over nourish, be too anxious or controlling to protect others within the home. They feel they are the only ones that can do it. They need to learn not to control everyone and everything and learn to rest and take time out and learn delegation.

Three or Four 6’s.

These people will over worry more than the two-6’s. They can allow everything to upset them causing ill health or anxiety. They can let house, home, and family rule their lives. Worry warts with possible nervous complaints.

(Number 7 on a Chart.)

A number of learning through sacrifice. Intuitive healers and helpers with a lot of compassion. Can draw in unwanted attention and trouble from addictions by themselves or in people closest to them. Seven can bring trial and tribulations in life especially if it is isolated from other numbers. Trust Issues can be abound in life.

One 7.

Can experience issues and trials through life especially if not learning lessons. Soul lesson can be hard until their intuition and awareness helps them avoid cycles that are bad for them. Learn to develop intuition.

Two or Three 7’s.

When living life with positivity, awareness, and learning, they can have positive effect on themselves and others. If unaware life can bring in constant hard lessons and never-ending cycles of sacrifice and disappointments. Can make great healers and helpers with heaps of compassion if living with awareness. Three 7’s can be a harder path, or they find ways to isolate themselves from society. Losses or pain experienced from those close to them.

Four 7’s. Many sacrifices are experienced and with those around them. Losses of all shapes and sizes can occur. Addictions, depression, and bad decisions can plague them. Isolating from life and society and finding peace, quiet and sanity can help greatly. Those born in 1977 and 2077 are the only years that can experience 4-7’s.

(Number 8 on a Chart.)

The number of career, ego, wisdom, action, and karma. A strong connection between material and the spiritual. Beware of addictions, greed, health, or life spinning out of balance. Usually a money lesson needed to be learnt through life. An example would be through bad investments, divorce, spend thrift, or lack of appreciation of the materials things.

One 8. These people can be independent, neat, organised and career driven.

Two 8’s. These people can be highly driven and independent. They often have strong desires on self- employment or being bosses and leading others. Possible money or financial lesson if needing the lesson. Having addictions or being too greedy, hurting or controlling of others is another downside.

Three or Four 8’s. Can have many lost opportunities around all aspects in life especially financial and emotional. Can learn over time around balance in career and money matters. Being too conscious of money and assets over health, family, and love. Can make a fortune then lose it.

(Number 9 on a Chart. )

We see a lot of 9’s in the decade 1990 to 1999 coming through now. I believe they are the path finders for the 2000 kids who will make big changes to the world in the years ahead. The 1990’s kids will have more challenges or mental worries generally than their 2000 brothers and sisters simply because they have more of the 9 energy. The 9 number relates to the mind, humanity, thinking and idealism and endings. They can live in their head too much leading to fantasy and idealism without physical creation through action. Everyone born from 1900 and 1999 has a least one 9 in their birth chart.

One 9. Can be idealists and perfectionist. They need to balance these with grounding and physical activity. Can achieve great things through thoughts, ideas, and actions.

Two 9’s. Deep critical thinkers. A need to ground and balance life. Can live life in their head and not engage or action ideas. Need to learn to create and bring ideas into the practical.

Three 9’s. Too much energy in the mind plane and they are over thinkers and need to come to decisions with a clear and calm mind. Prone to depression and nervous mind energy. They can get frustrated and angry with others or themselves. Nature and peace can have calming effects.

Four 9’s. Way too much energy in this area of the chart, can bring on mental issues, anger or they can live in dream or fantasy world. Ungrounded or unpractical.

7.9- More Wisdom from the Birth Chart

In the twentieth century mainly, we see 6’s engaging with 9’s a lot in the birth charts. When this happens nearly always there will be wounding from parents, siblings, friends and/ or relationships throughout their life. With extras 6’s or 9’s, say 2 ‘6s and a 9 in the birth chart will tend to bring in harder lessons around the family and or relationships. This combined energy is stronger and more prevalent in the decades of the 1960’s and 1990’s especially.

Certain years will have more than a single number in the birth chart which can cause a harder life if not balanced. Examples 1911,1919,1922,1929,1933,1939,1944,1949,1955,1959,1966,1969,1977,1999 etc.