8.1 – Comparing Partners, Family and Close Friends (Souls) Lifepaths.

Comparing different life paths of people you know and care about is similar to comparing different star signs. All numbers can work well together if effort and communication is worked through. But they can also react in a negative way to bring dysfunction and conflict. Because all life paths have different energies and vibrations, we need to look at them individually. Again remember we can be living our life path in a positive or negative way or even a little of both. Again conditioning from birth can heavily influence our habits, emotions, and tendencies and how we react to different situations. The birth energy numbers also influence and come into the mix as well, especially earlier in life. Below to refresh your memory are the general energies around your lifepath. Both people need to be working together and not against each other. Even if one is working well and positive in nature, the other one may not be and the energy between the two will be like a tug of war battle, back and forward.

(General Life Path Trends of the Individual.)

1’s tend to be leaders, independent and want to control their destiny and they want to lead from the front.

2’s work well with others and love the team effort and work well in groups where diplomacy is required.

3’s have a strong social, mental, creative and active needs within their lives.

4’s require stability, forward planning and security to be happy.

5’s love freedom, travel and adventure. They love life and hate being tied down or restricted.

6’s love of the home and family. Responsibility, control, and security are important to them.

7’s learn through sacrifice and trust issues and can tend to learn the hard way in life. Healers, helpers. and deep thinkers, they love peace and their own space.

8’s love work, money and career and the physical side of life.

9‘s love helping others often at their own expense. Compassion is deep within them.

What Are We Meant To Do Together.

8.2 – How to Work Out Souls Combined Lifepaths.

Next let’s look at combining the two numbers (lifepaths) together to see what their lessons, contracts and their journey together is all about. By looking at the combined lifepath dynamic in our personal relationships we can better help to find more common ground, and common goals. Taking your partners lifepath and combine it with yours will show what you chose to learn together karmically. These combined energies or vibrations can affect the relationship in a constructive or destructive way. Add them together and reduce to a single digit unless that total adds up to a master number.

(Example 1:)

 Sarah is LP 7 and Miles is LP 6 – so we add 7 + 6 = 13 / 4.                                                         

So Sarah and Miles will work under a 13/4 vibration.

He is another couple for example:

(Example 2:)

Jean is LP 6 and Bruce is LP 5 – so we add 6 + 5 = 11 / 2, leave it as a master number.                                          So Jean and Bruce are working through a powerful master number energy. The relationship is an area they need to work through in order to help others.

(Example 3:)

Eva is a LP 11/2 and David is a 22/4 – so we add the master Number together 11 + 33 = 44/8, this is a strong combination that the sky can be the limit, or it can be World War 3, depending how they chose to play their roles.

(Example 4:)

David is a 9 and Therese is an 11/2 – 9+11 = 20/2, together they are working with a 2 energy together.

(Example 5:)

Now I will show you an example of how two people’s lifepaths could interact with each other in life. Remember their individual lifepaths will influenced the combined energy as well, so take that into consideration.

Fred who is 1 lifepath and Sophie is a 3 lifepath. So together 1 +3 = 4. They have a 4-vibration working for or against each other. They have a choice of working in the positive or in a negative way within their relationship.

Combined Vibration 4 in the Positive. So their mission together is about working together and bringing about long-term stability and security into their lives. Fred (LP1) should have the drive and the zest and Sophie (LP3) has the communications, connections, and ideas to follow through to bring this into creation. Together as a combined (LP4), they work towards a happy stable home and family through steady secure dedication and long-term planning and hard work.

No One Is Happy!

Combined Vibration 4 in the Negative. Fred controls Sophie and restricts her from going out and socializing. He is jealous of her friends. Sophie allows this to happen because she feels Fred knows best. Both are not really happy within the relationship and fights often happen in the household. This brings insecurity, doubts, anger, and possible separation with each other. Whether they chose to stay together or not, chances are they are not learning to work together in a loving and passionate way.

8.3 – Souls Combined Lifepath Key Points.

Combined Total of Lifepath 1 in the Positive: This relationship especially needs to work and move forward together with common drive. It can have a lot of power to achieve dreams and goals. A strength of coming together for the good of all.

Combined Total of Lifepath 1 in the Negative: One or both fight for control of the other, division and differences on working together. Or one partner driven and the other not. Competing against each other to the determent of each other. Addictions can come through lack of expression, blocked drive, or control issues.

Combined Total of Lifepath 2 in the Positive: This total talks of mutual cooperation and working with each other to help and support each other. Working close together to balance the family and relationship and working towards common goals. Common thoughts, sensitivity, interests, and emotional support.

Combines Total of Lifepath 2 in the Negative: Working against each other or withdrawal of support, communication, and love from each other. Co-dependency or not growing into a positive support for each other. Control of one over the other.

Combined Total of Lifepath 3 in the Positive: A love of communications, writing, arts, music, study between partners and going out together in social environments. Creating projects together with similar interests. A mutual love of friends and learning and living life together.

Combined Total of Lifepath 3 in the Negative: A lack of communication between the two, holding onto emotional or mental hurts and not expressing calmly and clearly to each other, causing rifts and division. A lack of creative and social events with each other. Pulling away from their creative and expressive sides and/ or isolating each other or themselves from life.

Combined Total of Lifepath 4 in the Positive: The four relationship serves as a foundation of the family or partnership, working towards security and financial abundance. Each works together towards a common goal of building for the future through honest, hard, consistent work.

Combined Total of Lifepath 4 in the Negative: The partnership can suffer from too much work or responsibility leading to fighting or division in the couple’s relationship or in the family. Working against each other or one hiding money, laziness or not striving towards common goals. Uneven workloads and pulling apart over time.

Combined Total of Lifepath 5 in the Positive: This relationship needs to be spontaneous and free, with both being able to express themselves individually as well as together. Travel and socializing needs to be regular and fun. They can work hard and then let themselves go to explore life, adventure and the exciting times. The relationship needs fun, laughter, travel, and adventure together.

Combined Total of the Lifepath 5 in the Negative: The negative aspect is being tied down and restricted and not having a loving passionate life. Not working together to have fun and adventure, one working all the time and having no holidays or breaks. One or both being controlled or manipulated by each other or even by outside influences. Being restricted in passion, love, or life out of balance. All work and no play makes for boring monotonous times. One partner or both can work away for long periods which can create loneliness or distrust with the other.

Combined Total of Lifepath 6 in the Positive: Working together to enjoy family and home. Being responsible and hard working to help others. A sense of joy by working as a unit towards common goals. Bringing people, community, and family together with love, happiness, and joy.

Combined Total of the Lifepath 6 in the Negative:  Having a destructive harsh comments and criticism of each other and working against common goals. Control over each other or unrealistic goals or dreams. One demanding perfection in all areas of their life. Addictive patterns by one or both.

Combined Total of Lifepath 7 in the Positive: A relationship with a deep sense of trust and understanding, willing to help others in need. A strong deep need of spiritual and inner connection between the two. Nature, bonding, and quiet times enjoyed as a partnership.

Combined Total of Lifepath 7 in the Negative: Trust issues with themselves or others. Addictions in the relationship or control of one over the other. One or both can let fear, paranoia or betrayal rule the relationship. Unexpressed hurts, previous wounding or emotions can hamper or destroy this connection.

Combined Total of Lifepath 8 in the Positive: A powerful relationship able to provide money, security, and growth for the family. An equal power base to work together for greater good is the best way.

Combined Total of Lifepath 8 in the Negative: One or both working too much, letting money, ego or greed rule the relationship. Not having holidays and just working non-stop. Dominating or controlling partner/s making all the decisions. Life out of balance. Money shortages, over spending or lack of work leading to blame and dysfunction in the relationship.

Combined Total of Lifepath 9 in the Positive: This relationship thrives of integrity, love, and compassion. A deep sense of serving humanity and others less fortunate. A love of respecting each other differences and working towards a common cause. Letting go of the past and looking to the future with an open heart and expression.

Combined Total of Lifepath 9 in the Negative: Controlling, greedy or manipulated partner forcing the other into submissive roles within the relationship. Strong and opposite ideas clashing with each other and not trying to see the others point of view. Being used by the partner or others and consequently life becomes a drain and exhaustive process. Not setting boundaries with others within or outside of the relationship.

Combined Total of Lifepath 11/2 in the Positive: An exciting and powerful partnership able to make magic happen and bring in all the wonderful things in life. Working together to bring beauty and light into other people lives, uplifting all around them. A balanced and common goal for the good of humanity. Both need to trust their intuitive powers to create the wonder and love.

Combined Total of Lifepath 11/2 in the Negative: This relationship can have blocked energies causing rifts and problems for the couple. This can happen through addictions, hate, crime, violence, and abuse. Life is out of balance and control issues arise. Love/ hate relationships created leading to fighting over control of each other.

Combined Total of Lifepath 22/4 in the Positive: An extremely powerful combination working together to change the world by building on from others effort. Both have life path master number of 11/2, but they need to master their own lives first. Both need to be aware of cooperation with each other and have a balanced partnership and life. Each step takes them closer towards their goals.

Combined Total of Lifepath 22/4 in the Negative:  Can be soul destroying if ego, sensitivity, wounding, and stubbornness are allowed to play out in or out of the relationship. One or both can have big issues with the world or people around them or they can work against each other. Addictions and other negative patterns can cause havoc in their lives if allowed.

Combined Total of Lifepath 33/6 in the Positive: One is an 11/2 master number and the other a 22/4. Together working with each other these two can uplift and help the greater family and community. They can achieve great things in society as long as they have dealt with their minor numbers (2 and 4) and work with their master numbers 11 and 22. Must have equal respect for each other.

Combined Total of Lifepath 33/6 in the Negative: Can be highly destructive if working through ego, wounding or stubbornness and not working and pulling together. They can cause emotional pain and upheaval in everyone’s life around them. Perfectionism by one or both can cause major stress of those around them, and they can live in emotional unhappiness.

Combined Total of Lifepaths 44/8 in the Positive: A powerful combination of master numbers. They need to work through discipline and structure to achieve greatness for humanity. No goals are beyond this couple if they work together and in harmony.

Combined Total of Lifepath 44/8 in the Negative: A strong vibration of power and abundance and if used for the wrong reasons can work from the wrong side of the law or continue to struggle against authority. Serious money problems by overreaching or being too greedy. They can be stubborn against change and think they know everything and not listen to their intuition and grow. Helping themselves and not others.

Life Is All Over the Place.

8.4 – More Lifepath Combined Wisdom.

When working the combined lifepaths you need to remember how their individual lifepaths will also play out in the combined mix. Some individual lifepaths will be more likely to conflict with others while others may exhibits a tamer energy when working together. And again conditioning and how they have experienced life will be other factors you might need to consider. It’s interesting to look at people close to you, by combing your lifepaths to get an idea what your soul’s journey or connection is with each other. By looking at this you can hopefully avoid many of the pitfalls or issues between the two of you. You can also look at all your family and even bosses or work colleagues. A template is available at the back of the book to explore this fascinating side with others. Good luck and enjoy the researching.

Work Together With Love.