1.1 – About Spiritboy

Hi, I am Steve Spiritboy and I have been actively running and involved in spiritual and intuitive courses of many modalities for many years. I am a full time Professional Psychic and Reiki Energy Healer. I was the president and long-time volunteer of the local spiritual centre (C.S.C) for quite a few years and during my tenure there helped many souls on their journey to being a professional healer or reader. Often people just wanted to explore their inner soul and understand themselves better. I ran regular mentoring nights on many metaphysical subjects to help students and interested members to find their spiritual path, whether that be just inquisitive or more in depth into the subject of intuition and psychic modalities.

I initially got actively involved in my spiritual journey by taking spiritual workshops when I could. After a while I started using Tarot Cards and was also a part of a regular healing circle, and my life has been full since then. I have no doubt that if I had not started the courses, my path would not have been as exciting and fulfilling as it is today. The beautiful people I have connected with since then, have only enhanced my life in many different ways. It was like I was drawn to this exciting field, and has piqued my interest since, and I haven’t looked back. Hopefully you can explore where you need to go on this awesome journey.

This course is designed for those with limited or no knowledge of tea and coffee readings and who would like to expand their basic understanding on all things spiritual. There are many details covered in this course which will give the novice a grounding on reading their cup and these lead to simple exercises to help develop your intuition. Often, I may repeat some information on important points throughout this course for you to absorb and take in. The course is split up into modules on reading the cups of both Tea and Coffee. Usually we as individuals will have a preference for one drink over the other. The way you read between the tea or coffee is very similar with minor differences. The back of the course entails a massive dictionary on symbols and numbers which will help you decipher messages in your cup.

This course can lead you into other areas or subjects on intuition that you may want to study in the future. So I hope you enjoy this as much as I have had putting it together and explore the subject and enjoy many cuppas in the process.