1.3 – Introduction To Tea And Coffee Readings

Welcome to the wonderful world of intuition and self-discovery. Please sit back over your wonderful smelling brew or cuppa and learn the ancient art of tea leaf and/or coffee readings. Most people believe only a lucky few can read your coffee grains or tea leaves and predict your future. The truth is anyone can do it with a bit of practice. Yes, with a bit of knowledge and the opening of our intuition and releasing of our conscious mind, we can all learn this fun subject. The best part of this journey is the enjoyment of our favourite brew while we are learning. What a wonderful way to learn.

Tea and coffee readings are experienced similarly but have slightly different ways of preparing and reading the cup. All readings (whether tea or coffee) revolve around us tapping into our intuition and listening to our inner self. Every cup reading will be unique, and no two cup readings will ever look the same. The book is broken up into modules to make studying easier. In the first part of the course, we will learn all things relating to tea, including the history, the components used in making and reading the tea leaves, and then finally how to do tea leaf readings.

Then we will explore all things coffee, again from the history to the equipment used in making coffee. We will then explore how to read our cups with the residue left.  Once you read and understand the process you can have fun with either coffee or tea readings.

In the back section of the course we will cover the symbols you may find in your cup with both types of brews and how you can use it to make sense with the left overs, whether that be tea or coffee. This section is a complete dictionary of objects and symbols you may find to help with different understanding of the symbols. This dictionary has an alphabetical index to make it easy to use.

Just imagine how popular you will be with your family, friends, and neighbours when they learn you can glimpse into their future and see what happening around them. Those questions that they have been dying to ask, you can help with reading their cup. You will probably be quite busy for some time. A wonderful way to learn and help others. Come along and join me and learn this ancient art and let’s have some fun.