11.4 – What We Look For For In Coffee Readings

What We Need in The Coffee Cup: Let discuss again, the instant coffee that most of us know. This type of coffee is generally unsuitable for coffee reading. The reason being that the instant was made to be just that, instant. It is made to chemically dissolve quickly and leave no residue. Therefore it is no good for our purpose. There are many other types and ways of having and preparing coffee that will leave us something to read. For the most part we are looking for a brew that leaves in the cup either coffee grains, foam, or residues. Strong coffees such as the Turkish coffees are fine as long as they leave residue or grounds to read. Some coffee types are made to leave very little to read in the bottom of the cups, so stay away from these types. Nowadays powered coffee and lattes are coming onto the market, and these can be quite fun to work with at home for personal questions about yourself. I often enjoy a frothier latte from home and then read my cup to complete the enjoyable experience. The residue of the milk froth often leaves lovely patterns and symbols to interpret.