12.3 – Vertical Sections In The Cup

Individual portions looking from the top of clock face down vertically show different experiences and individuals in the querent life.

12 o’clock Reading with the cup handle at 12 o’clock pointing away from you, this section represents you and people closest to you. This is a place to get answers from your higher self or subconscious for your questions about yourself or those closest to your heart.

3 o’clock This area represents lessons learned or learning, situations or people leaving you or departing from your life.

6 o’clock – This area represents people or situations far away or not close to our heart. It can sometimes represent the reason for asking the question.

9 o’clock – This area represents experiences or issues coming towards you. Those that oppose us, and the harder lessons we chose to endure, end up here as well.

Remember in all areas of the cup, don’t over complicate it. Keep it simple and use your intuition and inner guidance. It is more important to get the meaning of the reside or froth through symbols then worry about the areas in which they fall. Don’t over analyse. Over analysing means you are in your logic and not your intuition. Intuition comes to you fast and if you are taking too long to analyse the cup, you are in your head or logic. While you are learning it is better to concentrate of the meaning of the symbols and timing than to worry about the divisions and sections of the clock and what they represent.