13.1 – Turning The Cup Over

When you are close to finishing your cuppa, leave just enough liquid in the bottom of your cup to allow the reside or froth to swirl and move up and around the sides of the cup so you can get a good read. Too much liquid left in the cup, and all of it will wash out onto your saucer and napkin. Not enough liquid and all everything will sit at the bottom the cup in a lump. The next part of cup reading has many versions done by professional readers, but we will use the technique I find the easiest to do with the best results.

While gently swirling the liquid left in the cup, place your saucer and napkin on top of the cup and holding both the cup and saucer flip the cup onto the napkin and saucer. Next with your opposite or nondominant hand turn the cup with the handle positioned at 12 o’clock away from you. Now quickly turn the cup over and turn it around 3 times clock wise and tap the bottom of the cup 3 times with your finger (this is traditionally done to awaken the tea leaves to read). The turning of the cup clockwise is to look at your future. (If you want to just look at the present while gently swirling the liquid you can just turn the cup, saucer, and napkin over without the clockwise movement.) Flipping the cup over and turning it quickly will take a bit of practice, but well worth it as you will have a better spread of the tea leaves to read.

Next once the cup has drained into the napkin, turn the cup over and soften your glaze and start looking to see if any symbols such as objects, numbers, animals, or people are in your leaves. Take your time and turn the cup around so you can see in all parts of the cup. View in a good light as it is easier to see symbols without straining. Sometimes putting your eyes slightly out of focus or looking beyond the leaves can help you see things more vividly. Don’t look for a perfect symbol or letter as this is your logical mind and not you intuition, so relax, look, and see what turns up in the cup.

Often symbols will be crossing each other or be on top or near each other. This usually means these are related or interacting with each other. Often you can see two or more objects in the one place and not much else. That is fine, remember trust yourself and what you are receiving intuitively. Remember we all unique and work differently. Another person will be getting intuitive messages in their own way and may not see what you are seeing. Trust and you will amazed at what you see once your eyes are tuned in to reading the cup.

What I see a lot in my teaching classes is the student turns the cup over with too much liquid and most of it runs onto the saucer, leaving very little in the cup to read. If this happens to you, you may have to yourself another cuppa and be more careful next time. Don’t worry you will get it with practice.