14.1 – Reading the Coffee Cup

Okay, we will do a trial reading now to show you how it’s done. The easiest way is to hop down to the local coffee shop and ask for your favourite brew in a cup with a handle if possible. For those at home, the supermarket now offers latte and cappuccinos etc. in the powder form. Just add hot water and milk if you desire. Another new method is via the coffee pod machines for home use and make your own in the kitchen. These are quite popular now. It is possible to make your own brews from scratch, if you’re lucky enough to have your own grinding/ coffee machine at home or you brew Turkish or other types of finely ground coffee. So remember, you can read with any coffee grounds, with the powered or latte types with the froth or residue. Whatever you use it needs some leftover in the cup after you finish drinking the coffee. Often with just the froth or residue left, is enough to read the cup from.

But let us continue, I am sitting at home nice and relaxed and have just brewed up a cappuccino coffee with plenty of milk froth. The aroma is floating through the kitchen. I take my morning cuppa and sit down nice and relaxed outside on the balcony near my garden with birds chirping. Throughout the week a project at work seems to be getting harder to work on and is the getting the better of me. What am I to do? While sipping my hot brew, I carefully project my thoughts, and ask to get answers from my cup. After thinking about work again, the pressure of the boss and the time restraints I begin to worry again. What to do? As I sip the last of my coffee, one last time I wonder what I can do about the project. Holding the saucer and serviette on top of my cup with a tiny bit of liquid in the bottom, I flip the cup, saucer & serviette over and quickly turn my cup three times clockwise with my non dominant hand.

Coffee Residue Ready To read

Peering into my cup, I start searching for my answer. At first, I don’t see much, but then some images form out of the foam on the sides. First up I see two symbols high up near the rim. I first work at intuitively answering the symbol I see. The first symbol I see is a branch of a tree. I intuitively feel I need Help with the project. Next checking the dictionary in reference to my question, I realise I have been taking on too much myself and I have been too stubborn to ask for help. The second image looks like an axe also near the rim near the same spot. Thinking about the work issue, I can see how I needed to trim some things that weren’t needed on the project to make it more cost efficient. Straight away I had my game plan when I went into the office the next day. First, I asked the boss if I could have some help on the project, which he immediately granted, and with the extra help both of us trimmed the fat off the project to make it cost efficient and workable. At the end of the week, the project was up and running and under budget. The boss was happy, and I certainly was, all because I took notice of the early morning cuppa and acted on it. The video below is the result of doing a powder latte reading to show you what to read.

So now your turn, please pour yourself a cuppa to solve a personal concern at work or home yourself or just have fun.……….