15.1 – F.A.Q. Of Coffee Readings

Below are some of the most common questions asked by people learning to read the cup in my courses.

Q: I just can’t see any symbols or messages in the cup?

A: This is quite common when you are learning and until you learn to relax the conscience mind and unleash your intuition. Don’t fear, just breathe, refocus, and look into your cup again. Don’t over analyse the symbols, and they don’t have to be picture perfect. Once one symbol comes, you will find it easier to find another and so on. Have faith, you can do it! Another tethering problem is rushing through your coffee without projecting your question. Take your time and enjoy your cuppa. As with any divination, the more we are stressed and uptight, the harder it is to do a reading and be intuitive. By relaxing, you are actually opening up your body and intuition to the cup and all it holds. Often a quiet meditation or taking time out in the garden before helps settle our conscious mind. Often the symbols and number can be small or upside down. A small magnifying glass can help those that want to try it. Don’t forget to keep turning the cup in good light to find small or hidden symbols.

Q: How can my friend see objects that I can’t?

A: We all see things differently, and at different times and ways. Your friend may also be actually reading for themselves in your cup. So let that happen. You will see something or get a message when you need to. It could be you are tense or rushed and need to settle down and take in your surroundings. Then you can get back to your beautiful message.

Q: Do I need to look at my cup a long time before I can see any symbols?

A: Usually the symbols come to us straight away. If you think too long and hard it is your logic mind at work, not your intuition. So relax and see what comes to you. The longest part initially should not be seeing the symbols but understanding them, and even this will be fun and quick after a short while. Remember intuition first, dictionary last.

Q: Is any type of coffee better than others to read with?

A: The short answer is, yes. The more residue, froth or coffee grounds, the more symbols you will see. That is the reason why instant coffee is out, as it has been chemically treated to leave nothing behind. All the other coffees are fine if you can see something remaining in the cup. Just remember the more froth and deposits left, the easier it is for you and the more symbols you will see.

Q: I turned my cup 4 times instead of 3. Do I have to start again?

A: My point of view would be no and the same if you want to make other small differences. I say, go for it, tip the cup the right way up and start reading. The way I look at it, everything happens for a reason. You will get the answer you are meant to get. Because of culture, tradition and habits many things have been carried down the line over time and used as gospel. In today’s society with events happening and changing all the time, flexibility should be the key. Change will happen with or without our input.

Q: I have two symbols that seem to contradict each other. What do I do?

A: Look to the positions they fall in the cup for the timing. Sometimes these opposites might occur at different times, or the event will be undecided at present. A last case scenario would be to pour another cup and ask for clarity.

Q: I got some bad omens in my cup. Can I change them?

A: While the symbols are very good indicators of our destiny, we all have free will. If you are heading in a certain negative direction, you can certainly change your path. This in turn can change your destiny if it within your souls journey. Free will is always present for all of us. At the end of the day, we are responsible for our own lives.

Q: Is it possible to get a yes or no answer to my question in my coffee reading?

A: The reading can give you so much more. Other methods such as pendulums and oracles can give quicker answers, but the reading can give you more symbols and details around the question.

Q: I would like to learn more. How I go about it?

A: I have many on-line courses available on all things around using your intuition. For more information please visit my website for details. (www.intuitive-courses.com)