16.1 – Dictionary Introduction

This Dictionary has been arranged in alphabetical order to help you find your symbols faster. In the individual symbols, three interpretations or sub-meanings on each symbol exist to help you further with your answers. The first sub-meaning is the general or key meaning of each object. The second is the symbol in relation with personal matters. The last is the wisdom warning, it can help with further interpretations and meanings as well as any potential concerns going forward. These are general terms to cover all sorts of answers. If, however, something else comes to you, please go with your intuition, and use it. Remember it’s all about you and your life. In all of the above, the situation may appear good or bad, positive, or negative but there will be a reason why you chose to experience the situation or lesson. The best interpretation is your own intuition. If, for example, you see a Treasure chest in your cup, that is great omen if it is upright and holding your money. But on the other hand, it is sideways or upside down, you can’t hang on to your money or may suffer some losses.