16.2 – Initials And Numbers In Your Cup

If initials come up, see if they mean something to you or if they belong to anyone you know. For example if you’re looking for a partner and you see ‘S’ in your cup. Maybe that could be new partners first letter of their name. With initials and numbers you may need to read between the lines with your intuitive interpretations.

Numbers often come up in cups and depending on the question, often are representative of an answer. For example, you may ask a question such as,” Will I buy a new home?” and the number 9 pops up. Maybe, just maybe that might be the number of the new house, or it could be 9 months before you buy it. We can also interpret it through numerology.

Numerology: Another way to view and look at numbers is through numerology. Basically number 1 through 9 represents a cycle, where 1 is beginnings and 9 is endings. Below are a quick list of the numbers and their general meanings in reference to your answers. Numbers can reduce down to a single digit if you have two numbers in your cup close together by adding the numbers together such as 29, down to 2 + 9 = 11, down to 1 + 1 = 2.

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Numerology Number Index and Meanings.

1 – Single, independent, individual, pioneer, self-reliant, start of a project, beginnings.                                  

2 – Partnerships, relationships, need more balance in life, health, decisions.                                                    

3 – Creativity, expansion, children, communication, and social, maternal energy.                                                  

4 – Stability, foundation, security, building and business, home, and career.                                                          

5 – Travel, adventure, change in relationships, hard to tie down, difficulties, change.                                                 

6 – Harmony, home lovers, family, peace and quiet. Perfection ideas.                                                                       

7 – Wisdom, both worldly and spiritual, religion and church matters, difficult time through self-sacrifice.                  

8 – Creating opportunities, money, job, business, wealth, and abundance. Take care of physical body.                   

9 – Serving humanity, endings, and finishes, releasing old patterns or cycles, lonely.