17.1 – Dictionary Of The Symbols

Dictionary of Symbols. A – Z:

The dictionary has 3 sections under each symbol, to help with your question. The first section is a general meaning, then a view around relationship/s and the last is a wisdom warning.  If you can’t find the symbol you see in the cup, look for one close to what you see. When reading the symbols in your cup you will need to take note of whether they are upside down or the right way up in the cup. This can make a big difference as to how we interpret the meaning. For example a cup symbol upright will hold liquid whereas a cup sideways or upside down will lose liquid. This dictionary is a guide but not an absolute for interpreting symbols. You intuition is your strongest asset in tea leaf and coffee reading. Learn to trust what comes through from your higher self (Intuition) and not your logical mind or ego. Symbols can have a positive or negative interpretation depending on situations. I have included this where I feel it is necessary. Good luck keep it simple and remember to have fun.

Abominable Snowman (see Yeti) Alien.

Key Meaning: Strange, unusual experiences or unusual people around.

Relationships: How well do you really know your partner? Explore it if you need to. Are you getting the cold shoulder or feel distant.

Wisdom Warning: Possible adventure or excitement in a different way.


Key Meaning:  Do you need to save or look to the future.

Relationships: Building to the future, working together.

Wisdom Warning: Don’t over spend.


Key Meaning:  Hidden Danger or secrets.

Relationships: Take special care and don’t ignore relationships, is their trust issues.

Wisdom Warning: Powerful forces can be working against you. Caution and watch you back.

Aeroplane / Aircraft.

Key Meaning:  Travel or fast movement.

Relationships:  Movement or change quickly within the relationship, maybe a holiday.

Wisdom Warning: Generally a good omen, all about speed.

(Jet represents wanting for a situation to happen quickly or it can represent air force jet wanting war with someone.)

(Small plane represents wanting something small in your life to change. Short holiday.)


Key Meaning:  Fixed to a belief or situation too long.

Relationships: Support from a source outside the two of you or a partner that supports your needs.

Wisdom Warning: For good, safety while you ride out the storm. For bad, no movement in life. You are fixed to one place, need flow.


Key Meaning:  Protection and inspiration.

Relationships: Sacred or soul destined relationship and / or help from others

Wisdom Warning: Spiritual help in unexpected ways


Animals (Depending On the Characteristic of the Animal).

Key Meaning:  Generally kind person with self-survival skills.

Relationships: Every one for themselves.

Wisdom Warning: You can either get your head bitten off or you can nest in safety. Which is it? Your chose.


Key Meaning:  Time to work hard with others to achieve projects.

Relationships: Working with other half to achieve goals.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure you are not over doing work or life. May need a break or rest.


Key Meaning:  Sudden quick movement.

Relationships: Quick developments within the relationship. Are you looking at freedom?

Wisdom Warning: You can run and jump the situation if you are quick enough…..or is your energy too scattered to achieve anything.


Key Meaning:  Technology or new inventions. Look to new horizons, desires, or goals.

Relationships: Desires that may cause trouble.

Wisdom Warning: Temptation or greed may be an issue. Do you need to look at your health.

Antenna (Radio Tower).

Key Meaning:  You are either picking up or putting out vibes to someone.

Relationships: Feeling something is up, for good or bad. A surprise.

Wisdom Warning: Do you need to get attention from others?


Key Meaning:  Unusual support, union, or strength.

Relationships: Help from outside sources. Wedding?

Wisdom Warning: You may bend but you won’t break. Be flexible


Key Meaning:  Saving of something sacred.

Relationships: Go together, not apart.

Wisdom Warning: Rescue, safety and escape from your emotions.


Key Meaning:  Support, strength, and flexibility. Help given or needed.

Relationships: Reach out for help.

Wisdom Warning: Saving yourself from a situation by action. Don’t take on more than you can achieve.


Key Meaning: Safety in numbers, travel in tour. Control by others

Relationships: The relationship is too rigid for one or both.

Wisdom Warning: Control the situation or be controlled by it.


Key Meaning:  Straight shooting or direction is needed in this situation.

Relationships: Romantic desires- arrow through the heart. In a good or bad way.

Wisdom Warning: If something needs to be done or attended to, go and do it straight away, don’t procrastinate. Be clear in your intentions.

Asteroid (see Comet).


Key Meaning:  Old ideas or values need to be cut out. Some new needs to be brought in.

Relationships: Cut away the old and unwanted in the relationship. Finish?

Wisdom Warning: The axe can be used for good or bad intent. Which one do you use it for?


Key Meaning: New ideas or fresh projects.

Relationships: Pregnancy or baby, beginning of the relationship.                                             

Wisdom Warning: Generally a good omen. New starts and looking towards the future.


Key Meaning:  Surprise or trap?

Relationships: Gift or unexpected opportunity.

Wisdom Warning: For good or bad, it what’s in the bag that makes your life better or worse? Which is it?

Baldness (see Hair Loss).

 Ball (Sport)

Key Meaning:  Movement or desire to move. Holiday, travel, health.

Relationships: The relationship will get tedious without an injection of fun, play or travel.

Wisdom Warning: Is your life without a direction? Put some bounce into your life.


Key Meaning:  A desire for freedom or to stand out in the crowd. Party or celebration.

Relationships: Wanting recognition or escape from a partner. Celebration?

Wisdom Warning: Party or escape, which is required.


Key Meaning:  Unusual thoughts and simple desires.

Relationships: Nourishment and flexibility, sexy.

Wisdom Warning: Fun before work. Make sure you don’t slip on the banana skin….!

Band (see Music).

Bandit (see Thief).


Key Meaning:  Being able to see your way through a problem without many concerns.

Relationships: What’s in your Cave? Hidden pleasures or desires. Hiding your true intensions.

Wisdom Warning: Able to get out of impossible situations with careful threading through the dangers. Work or desires at night.

Bath (Tub).

Key Meaning:  Healing and dissolving emotion or tears.

Relationships: Cleansing of a situation or event. Release emotions or remorse.

Wisdom Warning: Returning to life after a sickness or down time. Turning for the better.


Key Meaning:  Needing to rest or recover. Partnership or romance.

Relationships: Romance or time of rest together. The key is togetherness otherwise friction will develop.

Wisdom Warning: Time of rest and recuperation. Take time now or you will get worse.


Key Meaning:  Life is full on or needs to be.

Relationships: Plenty of activity in the relationship, etc. planning.

Wisdom Warning: More can be achieved with others than just yourself. Learn to delegate and communicate your wishes and work and build to the future with them.


Key Meaning:  Productive in numbers. Help is available.

Relationships: Work together to achieve dreams.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure you are busy and not losing time. Abundance and wealth.


Key Meaning:  Celebration, down to earth joy, social activities.

Relationships: Down to earth and celebration in this relationship

Wisdom Warning: Extremes are unwise, a balance is needed.


Key Meaning:  Warning or attention required.

Relationships: Intentions need to be clear. Announcement or engagement/wedding.

Wisdom Warning: Time for an event, make sure everything is ok and in place.

Bike / Bicycle.

Key Meaning:  Localised travel, movement.

Relationships: Separation or drifting apart.

Wisdom Warning: Don’t be too hasty to escape. More to it than meets the eye.

Birds (also See Individual Species).

Key Meaning:  Freedom, flight, travel. Possible good news on the horizon.

Relationships: Allow space for each in the relationship, spend some time apart.

Wisdom Warning: Vision for expansion, or travel, or escape. Rising above difficulties.

Birds Nest.

Key Meaning:  Safety around people you love. Family situation.

Relationships: Comfortable, warm, and loving environment.

Wisdom Warning: Careful you don’t fall out the nest before learning to fly.

Boat (Ships).

Key Meaning:  Moving possessions or house. Success in your goals. Travel.

Relationships: Romance and emotion. Holiday.

Wisdom Warning: Good: If travelling through life well. Bad: sailing away from a situation you need to deal with.


Key Meaning:  Explosion of emotions or threat of massive changes.

Relationships: Potential for fight or someone can blow up and be angry.

Wisdom Warning: Potential for widespread damage, looking for a fight or argument.


Key Meaning:  Strength or structure. Basic simple way.

Relationships: Work at your strengths and bonds.

Wisdom Warning: Try not to upset friends and acquaintances. Watch your step.

Book(s). (Library).

Key Meaning:  Looking for knowledge or wisdom. Studying.

Relationships: Learning about the relationship or other sex.

Wisdom Warning: Listen and learn and you will do well. Ignore good advice at your peril.


Key Meaning:  A situation can come back at you.

Relationships: A reoccurring problem or situation.

Wisdom Warning: Why do you need to experience this pain twice? Learn from experience.

Boot (also see Shoe).

Key Meaning:  Loss of something, journey, or hardships.

Relationships: Shopping, walking away, or movement within the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Unbalanced. Look to get over any disappointments.


Key Meaning:  Emotion bottled up. Celebration and alcohol, be warned.

Relationships: Learn to release pent up anger or energy.

Wisdom Warning: Save for a rainy day. Don’t waste your energy (bottle on side or tipped).

Bottle Opener (see Corkscrew).

Boundary (see Fence).

Bow (Arrow).

Key Meaning:  Power and strength behind the objective. Protection and knowledge.

Relationships: One is stronger or has strengths the other lacks. Possible first signs of trouble.

Wisdom Warning: Careful of your energy, don’t overdo things. Moderation may be required.

Bow (Tie).

Key Meaning:  Formal occasion or Ball.

Relationships: Close pair well suited and balanced.

Wisdom Warning: Formal, balanced approach needed. Not a random situation, plan well.


Key Meaning:  Time to gather assets, investments. Creation and a female symbol for the womb.

Relationships: A lot going in the mix. Planning a child or pregnancy.

Wisdom Warning: Abundance. (If Bowl sideways or upside down) be careful of losses or unexpected events.


Key Meaning:  Can be exciting or can be limiting.  Loss of freedom. Maternal. Support.

Relationships: A twinning of energies. Similar thoughts and personalities. Sexy romance.

Wisdom Warning: Can be seen as restrictive or as keeping things in order.


Key Meaning:  Riches and good omen.

Relationships: Close deep love. Love surrounding you.

Wisdom Warning: Good luck / Present.

Branch (See Tree).

Key Meaning:  Support, growth, potenial.

Relationships: Reaching out for support.

Wisdom Warning: Ask for or give help where it’s asked for.


Key Meaning:  Happy, engagement, contract.

Relationships: Engagement, wedding, or commitment

Wisdom Warning: A good sign for a partnership or working with someone.


Key Meaning:  Support, male bonding.

Relationships: Commitment, strength, and courage. Honeymoon.

Wisdom Warning: Don’t over commit to something you can’t complete.


Key Meaning:  Achieving a goal or desire by pushing through adversity.

Relationships: Joining of two people. Connection.

Wisdom Warning: Working to a goal, careful bridge isn’t broken, your dreams may fall.

Brolga (Bird).

Key Meaning:  Standing up for your values and ideals.

Relationships: Strong upstanding relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure you aren’t all about show and not attending to life.


Key Meaning:  Time to sweep out something in your life. Female energy or fertility. Let go of anything you don’t need.

Relationships: Time to sweep away the past for a clean start.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.


Key Meaning:  Tidy up your life.

Relationships: Clean up any doubt to freshen the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Brush away the bad not the good in situations.


Key Meaning:  Annoyance, aggravation.

Relationships: Little kink in the armour.

Wisdom Warning: Not life threating but frustrating or life’s little worries.


Key Meaning:  Take time to understand situations. Male strength, drive, and energy.

Relationships: One or both are stubborn on a situation.

Wisdom Warning: Don’t rush into things, look before you charge.

Bush (see Forest).


Key Meaning:  Strong, steady movement

Relationships: Relievable, hardworking honest relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Strong steady and moving forward. Stubbornness. Watch the Horns.


Key Meaning:  Hope and Beauty. Change for the better. Transformation.

Relationships: Good omen and best wishes from spirit. Flirting and teasing.

Wisdom Warning: Someone from above is looking over you.


Key Meaning: Holding on to something. Saving or hoarding.

Relationships: Time for saving and planning not spending.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure there isn’t a hole in your bucket or tipped upside down. Don’t lose what you gained.


Key Meaning:  Hidden secrets, hiding from society.

Relationships: Confusing times. Someone not expressing themselves honestly.

Wisdom Warning: Don’t get lost amongst the day-to-day grind, stay focused.

Cables (see Power lines).


Key Meaning:  Warning, prickly situation. A long time to develop your goals and desires, stay with it.

Relationships: A lot of aggravation. Annoying each other.

Wisdom Warning: A sure sign of unrest in or around you. Sometimes you may need to stand up for yourself.


Key Meaning:  Feeling bound up or unable to escape a situation.

Relationships: Are you getting out much or feel trapped? Is your spouse not allowing you freedom within the relationship?

Wisdom Warning: Need to be free and express yourselves. A time of movement, otherwise you will be as angry as a caged tiger.


Key Meaning:  Celebration. Event.

Relationships: Good times, happy occasion.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure to enjoy the occasion.


Key Meaning:  Long lasting and faithful except when aggravated.

Relationships: Long lasting able to withstand many battles. Keep each other nourished and happy.

Wisdom Warning: If not fed and watered, nothing will last forever. Aim at your long-term goals and keep at them.


Key Meaning:  Time out. Relax from life. Learning to bring light to the situation. Make a wish and it can come true.

Relationships: Romantic times. Look for issues in dark corners.

Wisdom Warning: May be a time for a trauma or grieving. Light the way for you to find your direction. Help from above.

Cane (see Walking Stick).

Cane Knife (see Scythe).

Car (Automobile).

Key Meaning:  Ordinary travel or domestic movement. Freedom to move around. Need a new car?

Relationships: Trip or small domestic break from chores.

Wisdom Warning: Careful of accident or unexpected event. The type of car will represent your meaning. Is it a fast or a slow car etc.?


Key Meaning:  Look at the problem with a clear and open mind. Eat healthily.

Relationships: Temptation. Good health. Male sexual symbol.

Wisdom Warning: The temptation might not be worth the effort when all things are considered and done.


Key Meaning:  Security, home, or a place where you feel safe. Money and work secure.

Relationships: The safety of a stable friendship.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure no one is attacking you, to knock down your castle walls.

Cat (see Kitten also).

Key Meaning:  Quick moving and slinky. Be ready to strike if opportunity comes along.

Relationships: Can be Sexual, or low energy and moodiness in the partnership.

Wisdom Warning: Keep your life balanced. Listen for the purrs and watch out for the claws.


Key Meaning:  Following the pack.

Relationships: Spice up the relationship…

Wisdom Warning: For Good or Bad, too dependent on others or needing to be more self-reliant.

Cauldron (Cooking Pot).

Key Meaning:  Time to mix things up. Also bringing the different ingredients together to make your recipe (goals).

Relationships: Something is cooking in the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: For good or bad, things need to change. It will work out in the long run.


Key Meaning:  Productive time in a situation. Milk of Life.

Relationships: Mother and child issues or protection.

Wisdom Warning: Possible issues with females, or you are getting nourishment from them.


Key Meaning:  Solid, safe, and stable.

Relationships: Act together and you won’t fall apart.

Wisdom Warning: A chain is only as strong as it weakest link……. Don’t be chained to something that doesn’t serve you anymore.


Key Meaning:  Celebration, party event or occasion.

Relationships: Happy fun times, anniversary.

Wisdom Warning: Look to the future, it should be bright even at midnight.

Chess Piece (look at the individual piece).

Key Meaning:  A game of strategy. Things have to be planned and moved around before the final win.

Relationships: Is your love life a game or do you have to work on it?

Wisdom Warning: Be careful someone isn’t manipulating you at the expense of yourself or your goals. Depending on the chess piece, extra information may be gained. For example most people would rather sacrifice a pawn than a queen.


Key Meaning:  Need to find direction without losing respect. Family matters should be taken care of.

Relationships: Non-equality in the relationship. Need to discuss serious matters but keep putting it off.

Wisdom Warning: Don’t put your head on the chopping block!!!!


Key Meaning:  Hot fiery and fun. Speedy finish to a situation.

Relationships: Hot, sexual and party.

Wisdom Warning: Careful not to burn out or get a mouth full of fire.

Circle (also see Ring).

Key Meaning:  Time and life go round and round. An ending or completion of something.

Relationships: Boredom or humdrum. Need excitement.

Wisdom Warning: May be a change in life, things may be too settled.

Claw (Talon).

Key Meaning:  Someone is trying to take a piece of you or out to get you.

Relationships: Anger, ego, fighting or other unsuitable energies abound.

Wisdom Warning: Careful of people with anger or issues against you.


Key Meaning:  Strongly suggestive of things falling out of control or big changes needed.

Relationships: Warning, issues within the partnership that can get out of control.

Wisdom Warning: Careful a parting of ways doesn’t occur, unless that is what you require. Look before you leap.


Key Meaning:  Time or Timing Issue. Have you enough time to finish what you started.

Relationships: Things between the two aren’t in synchronicity.

Wisdom Warning: Need to allow things to happen as required, force the issue at your own peril.


Key Meaning:  Time to sort out any outstanding issues. Left on the sidelines of life.

Relationships: Discussion and issues need to be sorted.

Wisdom Warning: Don’t be left to be hung out and dry.


Key Meaning:  Not a happy or clear time and developments are unclear.

Relationships: Stormy time. Better times ahead.

Wisdom Warning: Help from above. Watch the storm clouds. Lack of clarity.


Key Meaning:  Good luck and wisdom.

Relationships: A blanket protection over the two of you.

Wisdom Warning: Good times. Just watch for the little bee stings.


Key Meaning:  Entanglement, or hard to release from a situation.

Relationships: Part of, or all of you, feels caught up in either a situation or the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Generally a feeling of you losing your free will or expression within a situation. You don’t feel like getting caught up. On the positive, we are all interlinked to one another in some shape or form. We are all one.

Coffee Cup.

Key Meaning:  Need to be more alert or pay attention or wake up to someone. Time for a meeting to sort things out with a group or self.

Relationships: Take time out to enjoy each other.

Wisdom Warning: Too much coffee and you will lose your edge and balance and not sleep.


Key Meaning:  Death, sickness, or lasting illness.

Relationships: Things aren’t too good, is it time to bury the relationship? Illness or sickness for the partner.

Wisdom Warning: Times are a-changing, if not feeling well, go to the doctor for a check-up straight away. Finish of a job, over stressed or working too much. Change is necessary for growth.


Key Meaning:  Rich or poor, opportunities prevail.

Relationships: A time of fulfilment and enrichment.

Wisdom Warning: If you are struggling financially, better times ahead. Look for opportunities and promotion. Learn to budget if your money slips through your fingers.

Column (see Pillar).

Comb (Hair Brush).

Key Meaning:  Parting of ways, trying new ideas or suggestions.

Relationships: The relationship should be examined and if needed, tidied up and sorted out.

Wisdom Warning: Beware of the superficial, examine the least obvious. Vanity may be needed or is a problem. Are you needing attention?

Comet (Asteroid).

Key Meaning:  Something or someone coming into and out of your life to light up your sky.

Relationships: Events unfold quickly and then disappear.

Wisdom Warning: Don’t hold trouble or woes any longer than needed. Someone that has passed over is around you.


Key Meaning:  Pause or hold in your life.

Relationships: Possible short-term breakup. Make sure it doesn’t last longer than it needs to.

Wisdom Warning: There is a holdup somewhere, investigate and decide whether it is needed or is it laziness that has set in?

Compass (GPS).

Key Meaning:  Direction in life. Are you heading in the right direction? Blockages you need to go around? Your inner knowing will keep you true. Holiday needed?

Relationships: Is this what you want?

Wisdom Warning: A strong omen, look at your life carefully, make sure you are not lost. Follow your soul’s journey to find happiness.

Computer (see Laptops).


Key Meaning:  Protection given or needed.

Relationships: Careful of STD’s, wanting or not wanting a child. Barriers or boundaries. Sexual encounters.

Wisdom Warning: You feel under threat from something or someone.

Corkscrew (Bottle opener).

Key Meaning:  Opening up new possibilities. Celebration or event.

Relationships: Explore new areas in the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Don’t take on too much at once, or you will end up with a hangover.


Key Meaning:  Sacred values or ideals. Need to be nurtured.

Relationships: Time to get back to basics, something is out of balance.

Wisdom Warning: Feast or famine, your choice.


Key Meaning:  Go direct at the problem. Attachment. Someone hard to get through to.

Relationships: Things need to be sorted. Don’t go into your shell for protection unless you have to.

Wisdom Warning: Don’t go sideways at a problem. Someone being sneaky around you, watch your back.


Key Meaning:  Somebody or something needs to be looked after. Baby or childbirth.

Relationships: Early times in the relationship, or you are both seeing things differently. Wanting a child or family.

Wisdom Warning: You are looking at taking on great responsibility.  Make sure you are up to it.

Crane (Bird).

Key Meaning:  Gift or unexpected present. Foreign person from Asia.

Relationships: Baby or new event.

Wisdom Warning: Spiritual help is available. You only have to ask.

Crane (Lifting).

Key Meaning:  Do you need support or help.

Relationships: Make sure you are there for each other.

Wisdom Warning: Are you taking on too much responsibility. Careful of back or lifting issues.

Crocodile (see Alligator).

Cross (X).

Key Meaning:  You feel under the microscope. Need a rest. Need to explore options for your future.

Relationships: Divisions may abound. Sort out any issues quickly and work together.

Wisdom Warning: Part of you may feel dead. Look where your life is on stall, take action and move forward to success.

Crown (King).

Key Meaning:  Do you feel different from the rest. Higher purpose to serve, than just yourself. Working for government or authority.

Relationships: Respected couple and well liked mostly. Don’t be too smug.

Wisdom Warning: Authority, wisdom, and guidance for everyone’s greater good. Not an ego trip, if so, someone will be there to take your head OFF.


Key Meaning:  Celebration or event, abundance, or help

Relationships: Togetherness. Love.

Wisdom Warning: Emotions, good or bad

Cyclone (Hurricane, Tornado).

Key Meaning:  Things will change in a hurry. Batten down the hatches. A time of upheaval.

Relationships: The relationship may go through some sudden and unexpected changes.

Wisdom Warning: Are you ready for change? Don’t get caught up on the merry go round.

Dagger (also see Knife).

Key Meaning:  Danger or accident. Loss / surgery. Watch for the knife in the back.

Relationships: Dagger to the heart. Caution

Wisdom Warning: Generally caution is required unless something or someone has to be cut from life.


Key Meaning:  Movement, joy, freedom, and space. Dancing through life without a worry.

Relationships: Happy, working together.

Wisdom Warning: Mostly positive. Make sure your toe doesn’t get stepped on by others and all matters are attended to.


Key Meaning:  Aim at something, trying for a result, focus your energy.

Relationships: An annoyance or something small not quite right.

Wisdom Warning: Quick, direct, and working toward a problem or project.

Date (see Fig).


Key Meaning:  Quick footed and fleeting moments.

Relationships: Delicate quick movement may be required.

Wisdom Warning: Look up and listen for danger. Don’t be like a deer in the headlights.


Key Meaning:  Harsh or sparse environment or abode. Hard times.

Relationships: Lack of emotion or feeling by one or both.

Wisdom Warning: Emotion and feelings aren’t a highlight here. Be more practical.


Key Meaning:  Naughty or nasty person/organisation around you. Don’t Trust. Temptation?

Relationships: Something you don’t like about the other person. Trust issues. Heightened sexual activity.

Wisdom Warning: Are you attracted to the bad boy or girl? A egoistical person you need to watch out for.


Key Meaning:  Striking beauty to and sort after by all.

Relationships: What you think of the other partner, priceless. Commitment or engagement.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure your desire is genuine and it’s not about ego…Finding a rare opportunity.

Disco Ball.

Key Meaning:  Stand out and be noticed. Something may grab your attention. Fun time.

Relationships: Trying to stand out or need to stand out in the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Watch energy flow, are you out too much or partying all the time?


Key Meaning:  Generally, loyal person or comfortable situation around you.

Relationships: Faithful and loyal but beware of the bite if you do the wrong thing.

Wisdom Warning: Mostly a good sign but make sure you are not working like a dog. May need time off.


Key Meaning:  The situation may be cute but is it viable or workable?

Relationships: Relationship may need to go to a deeper level to survive. Possible child on way. Family responsibilities.

Wisdom Warning: Is the situation too cute and not realistic.


Key Meaning:  Strong sense of freedom to go where you want.

Relationships: Communication may be a problem. Do you want to get away from this? Check your emotions. If two dolphins, sign of deep love of each other.

Wisdom Warning: Independent but you can work in a group if you so wish. Adventure or holiday may be on the cards.


Key Meaning:  Peace and harmony

Relationships: Beautiful omen for you both. Things are going well.

Wisdom Warning: No warnings just enjoy the peace and joy.


Key Meaning:  Someone or something is breathing fire at you.

Relationships: Ready for the fire and brimstone? Passion and fire?

Wisdom Warning: Someone who holds no punches, they say what they mean and mean what they say.


Key Meaning:  Flight or freedom on a small scale. Flittee and carefree.

Relationships: A relationship that has tested time. Been through another lifetime together.

Wisdom Warning: Someone is watching from above….

Dreadlocks (see Plaits).


Key Meaning:  Walk to the beat of your own drum.  Be independent and trust yourself. Communication and knowledge. Gossip. Gathering.

Relationships: Work together, lest you may drift apart. Differences of opinion.

Wisdom Warning: Listen to the beat of life and act on it.


Key Meaning:  Working through life, may need some excitement. Abundance through hard work or effort.

Relationships: Spice up the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Yes, it’s nice, but do you want more of life? Do you need to duck from someone.


Key Meaning:  Flight, freedom, and independence. America or American.

Relationships: Make sure one or both are happy. Strength through working together. Tensions may be forming small cracks.

Wisdom Warning: Wanting to make one’s own way in life and love. Independent person who usually yearns for space and doesn’t like to be tied down. Can be a fierce and brave hunter knowing want they want. They are usually hard to put in a cage.


Key Meaning:  Listen and learn. We learn more from listening to others than listening to ourselves.

Relationships: Hear the other person and listen to what they say. It is important to them.

Wisdom Warning: Listen or be listened to. The key is in expression. Gossip can be a problem.


Key Meaning:  Bring on your creative side.

Relationships: Create and support your picture of life together. Your future is of your own making.

Wisdom Warning: You need to get more out of life and work. Possibly a change.


Key Meaning:  Someone who is slippery and evasive.

Relationships: One of you may not be telling the whole truth about a situation.

Wisdom Warning: Someone or something around you is not what they seem. Slipping out of a sticky situation.


Key Meaning:  Protection and warmth. Hatch your ideas.

Relationships: Early days in the relationship. Things need to develop. Fertility problems or the opposite (very fertile). Wanting to get pregnant.

Wisdom Warning: New venture or projects being thought about.

Electric Jug (see Kettle).


Key Meaning:  A situation may develop, where the measures taken are extreme. Is that really needed? Good luck and have strength. Long life.

Relationships: Don’t get too comfortable, balance your life with food, water, and exercise.

Wisdom Warning: Don’t forget what’s important in your life and the direction to take. Things may be put in your road to divert you off course. Seek your own wisdom and freedom.


Key Meaning:  Life is fragile and fast paced.

Relationships: Eat together stay together.

Wisdom Warning: Move through a situation quick footed don’t get bogged down or you might be the target.


Key Meaning:  Look at a problem and work towards solving it. Move fast if opportunity avail.

Relationships: Traditional Relationship, sure footed. Is one running away from the other?

Wisdom Warning: Don’t stick your head in the sand or somewhere where it is not needed.


Key Meaning:  Message needed to get to someone. Old friend reconnecting.

Relationships: Holder of love, possible old lover, or friend back on scene.

Wisdom Warning: A message to be given or listened to.


Key Meaning:  Keep an eye out, watch and learn.

Relationships: Possible warning, keep an eye on the situation.

Wisdom Warning: Protection and vigilance.

Eye Glasses (see Glasses).


Key Meaning:  Too much vanity, look into your heart for the answer.

Relationships: How the world sees you two.

Wisdom Warning: Face the music……  Smile or frown.


Key Meaning:  Nature, protection, and gentleness.

Relationships: Good omen, help from nature.

Wisdom Warning: Some of you may be wishy washy or indecisive. Need to take a grip of the situation and act. Walk or be outside in nature.


Key Meaning:  Things are changing. You’re too heated, cool down.

Relationships: New situation and truths shared. It may need to be cooled down.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure that the Poo doesn’t hit the fan. You may wear a lot of it.


Key Meaning:  Danger! Stay away from snakes in the grass or unknown danger. Someone trying to scare or frighten you.

Relationships: A danger if exposed to mistruths. Someone is trying to poison the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: A situation or person may try to take a bite out of you.


Key Meaning:  Light and carefree times. Flight or holidaying in a plane. Freedom.

Relationships: Truth and justice. Love and connection.

Wisdom Warning: Help and teaching from above. Wanting to escape and find freedom.


Key Meaning:  A lot of movement around you. A need for travel for purpose.

Relationships: Fast movement within the relationship. Stand on your own two feet.

Wisdom Warning: Careful you don’t get kicked or stood on. Exercise and fitness.

Fence (Boundary).

Key Meaning:  Don’t cut (fence) yourself off from the world. Separate issues or obstacles. Protection from danger (real or imagined).

Relationships: Gathering storm clouds. The troops are lining up to fight. Caution. Only one side communicating.  The other is bunkered down.

Wisdom Warning: Only put-up barriers when absolutely needed.


Key Meaning:  Soft natural situation, enjoy the moment.

Relationships: Rest after a time of passion.

Wisdom Warning: Take time out to enjoy nature.

Ferris Wheel.

Key Meaning:  Life is going round and round. New excitement needed.

Relationships: Are you both repeating the same old destructive patterns?

Wisdom Warning: Make sure you get off the Ferris wheel at the right place. You don’t want to fall from the top or the sides (pick your moment).

Fig (Date Fruit).

Key Meaning:  Nurture. Time of plenty. Isolating?

Relationships: Protect yourselves from others if needed.

Wisdom Warning: You don’t have to be the same as everyone else, be yourself.


Key Meaning:  Someone may guide you around a problem or situation. Hidden dangers.

Relationships: Help each other through any situations. Watch for danger signs.

Wisdom Warning: Watch the sharks or people trying to take advantage of you. Stay cautious.


Key Meaning:  Commitment, direction, or guidance.

Relationships: Ring finger for love and marriage.

Wisdom Warning: If the finger is pointing at another symbol, take notice.


Key Meaning:  Passion drive or possibly anger. Electrical fire possible at home or work.

Relationships: Passion, drive, and sex.

Wisdom Warning: Fire can either warm us up or consume us. Don’t play with fire.


Key Meaning:  Quarrels, arguments, and disagreements.

Relationships: Don’t fire up anything you can’t handle. Things can explode if you aren’t careful.

Wisdom Warning: We can choose to light more fireworks in our personal area and risk harm. Someone may be trying to get a reaction through violence, either verbal, emotional or physical.


Key Meaning:  Success, freedom, abundance. Money or wants. People around you.

Relationships: Watch your emotions for good or bad.

Wisdom Warning: You have all the freedom in the world until someone catches you. Swim away from harm.

Fishing Line (also Hook).

Key Meaning:  Searching for something or someone. Obstacles in the road.

Relationships: Looking for a new mate? Someone interested in you.

Wisdom Warning: Caution! Watch your step unless you’re the fisherman using the bait.


Key Meaning: Ownership or a group with common interest. Commitment.

Relationships: Being one and staying under the one flag. 

Wisdom Warning: A flag in your cup can mean either stop or go. Joining others in a common goal.


Key Meaning:  Celebration, sorrow, happiness, and all forms of emotions.

Relationships: Loving time or a time of forgiveness. Giving or receiving love.

Wisdom Warning: Love is all around us, pick the right flower (person) for you……


Key Meaning:  Small annoyance or problem. Minor illness or food poisoning. Health issues.

Relationships: Listen carefully.

Wisdom Warning: Deal with any outstanding issues before they breed like flies.


Key Meaning:  Travel or opportunity’s. Start walking for health and vitality.

Relationships: Something may be afoot maybe it’s not bad…

Wisdom Warning: Small movement forward in your life.


Key Meaning:  Fun times with groups of people. Active and physical.

Relationships: Are you passing the ball back and forward without really solving any issues? Working together and having fun is the best way.

Wisdom Warning: Working together to achieve a victory. Generally a good omen for business if a group of people work together for a common cause.

Fork (in the road).

Key Meaning:  A crossroads in life. Help available. Just ask the right person. Use your intuition.

Relationships: Maybe a parting of ways or a new adventure together.

Wisdom Warning: Careful which road you take, investigate if you can before you decide.

Forest (Also Rain Forest).

Key Meaning:  Look at the bigger picture rather than focusing on small stuff.

Relationships: Plenty of issues to sort. Be clear in your intentions. Nature and rest.

Wisdom Warning: Don’t get lost having fun, stay focused on your goal.


Key Meaning:  Keep hopping until you find a leaf that is comfortable. Gentle friendship.

Relationships: Happiness is important, emotions are everywhere. New love available, kiss the frog to get a prince.

Wisdom Warning: If you feel restricted or unloved, hop into another pond.


Key Meaning:  Enrichment to the soul, deep contentment, health.

Relationships: Happy and healthy.

Wisdom Warning: Everything in moderation. Don’t take on more than you can do. Watch health.


Key Meaning:  Lacking Independence. Gossip, leave it alone.

Relationships: Search for the truth and what you really want.

Wisdom Warning: Careful a loudmouth is around. Listen with care but don’t engage and waste energy.


Key Meaning:  A sense of putting ones head on the chopping block. Keep out of harm’s way. Are you sabotaging yourself? Caution is required.

Relationships: Something needs to die for the relationship to flourish. Someone watching for a slip up.

Wisdom Warning: After the hardships, you refocus and then in come the blessings. People watching over your shoulder for an error on your part.


Key Meaning:  A blockage or barrier impeding progress.

Relationships: Hold up in the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Are gates there for a reason, to keep something or someone in or out!

Genie in a Bottle.

Key Meaning:  Asking for or wanting help through a situation. Long held wish or desire you want granted.

Relationships: Help is available from your partner.

Wisdom Warning: Blessing or is it too good to believe? Have faith.

Glasses (eye).

Key Meaning:  Look before you leap. Read the fine print.

Relationships: Time to examine the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Are you seeing things clearly? Look into all cloudy or unresolved issues.

Glove/s (see Mitt, Mittens).


Key Meaning:  Examining or looking at things from a distance.

Relationships: Long distance relationship or time apart.

Wisdom Warning: People may look at you differently, but you know what you want.

Guillotine (see Gallows).


Key Meaning:  Playful but can be pig headed. Determined and won’t be put off easily.

Relationships: Differences in opinion. Not seeing eye to eye.

Wisdom Warning: Take things seriously or you might take a loss. Face up to the real challenges in your life and tough them out. Do you need to climb out of a hole or situation you made?

G.P.S (see Compass).


Key Meaning:  Abundance and support. Need to be in nature more.

Relationships: Both need to feel nature and play in her creations.

Wisdom Warning: Keeping things in order will make life smoother.


Key Meaning:  Little leaps required to get to your destination. A sign of tough times or famine in or around you.

Relationships: Work though any problems, don’t jump over them or they will come back to bite you.

Wisdom Warning: Small steps are better than big ones at this time.


Key Meaning:  Harmony and music is good for the soul.

Relationships: Are you both too highly strung?

Wisdom Warning: Play to your own tune, not someone else’s.


Key Meaning:  Protector or the hunter. Unnecessary violence or aggression.

Relationships: Shoot from the hip. Prepare for war.

Wisdom Warning: Prepare for a battle. Shoot straight. Not a good omen generally.


Key Meaning:  Listen to all your senses. Your hair is your radar and protection. Time to cut hair?

Relationships: Togetherness or primitive passion.

Wisdom Warning: Careful of stressful situations, are you lost or misplaced.

Hair Loss Head (Baldness).

Key Meaning:  Stress, time out needed.

Relationships: The relationship is losing its fabric and love. Romance needed.

Wisdom Warning: A balance is required; life is too fast.


Key Meaning:  Stand up for yourself, be strong. Labour or hands on approach may be needed.

Relationships: A threat or a new situation. Act swiftly.

Wisdom Warning: Can be used for building dreams or destruction of them, but it will come quickly.


Key Meaning:  Delegate or ask for help.

Relationships: Reach out with good intentions.

Wisdom Warning: Can be you helping or being helped…

Hat or Head Wear.

Key Meaning:  Protection or fashion. Ready to have fun or prepare for good times.

Relationships: New events will unfold.

Wisdom Warning: Just watch out for accidents from above or banging your head on something otherwise have fun.


Key Meaning:  Flight, freedom, and independence. Good Insight.

Relationships: Make sure one or both are happy, tensions may be forming small cracks.

Wisdom Warning: Wanting to make one’s own way in life and love. Independent person who usually yearns for space and doesn’t like to be tied down. Can be a fierce hunter knowing want they want. They are usually hard to put in a cage or tie down.


Key Meaning:  Ending, death or illness. Change of address.

Relationships: Finish of a situation. Retrospective. Time to move on?

Wisdom Warning: Make sure you’re not the one lying under the tombstone. Something is dead and buried.


Key Meaning:  Kind gentle or well-meaning situation. Close family or friend situation.

Relationships: Close bonding time, romance, and togetherness.

Wisdom Warning: A time of healing, generally good omen unless it is broken in the cup. Do you need a health check-up?


Key Meaning:  Control and movement. Someone dropping in on you.

Relationships: Are you hovering now or are you two moving through life together.

Wisdom Warning: Is your life stopping and starting or is it taking off into the wide blue yonder? Look at the bigger picture. Visiting unusual spots.


Key Meaning:  Protection, accident, or mishap.

Relationships: Why do you need protection from your partner? Are they attacking you mentally?

Wisdom Warning: Are you being too cautious in life, or do you need to be more adventurous?


Key Meaning:  Look outside the box. Go explore outside the ordinary.

Relationships: Is nagging or communication a problem?

Wisdom Warning: Is life too mundane? Working too much? Spice it up…. Or rest up.

Hill (Mountain).

Key Meaning:  Opposition or blocking for you to overcome. Great effort to overcome a situation.

Relationships: Difficulties or stumbling blocks.

Wisdom Warning: Can be good or bad. Good omen is for wisdom and sight. For bad, effort and strength will be required to overcome.

Hippo (Hippopotamus).

Key Meaning:  Wallowing in life? Health issue (overweight). Are you active enough?

Relationships: One or both of you – are you taking the commitment seriously.

Wisdom Warning: Slow and powerful, don’t make them an enemy.

Hook (Also Fishing Line).

Key Meaning:  Catch something or at least go looking for it. Deceit or lascivious behaviour.

Relationships: Have you got your hooks into each other? Are you being too harsh?

Wisdom Warning: By hook or by crook, you are going to get what you are going after. Maybe also an addiction you are hooked on…..


Key Meaning:  Look to the future, brighter times ahead on the horizon.

Relationships: Look at the relationship long term unless it’s gone west already.

Wisdom Warning: Generally a good omen, unless you are living in the past. We all need to move forward. Living in a false memory from yesteryear is a waste of your time.

Horn (also see Tusk).

Key Meaning:  Warning or message. Power and hidden grit.

Relationships: Sexual. Extracting yourself from a sticky situation.

Wisdom Warning: Avoid the horn. Don’t be on the receiving end if it’s danger.

Horse (also Pony).

Key Meaning:  Movement and strength in life. Gentle travel.

Relationships: Development within the relationship. Holiday

Wisdom Warning: Ride life and enjoy it. Is the horse moving fast or slow?


Key Meaning:  Good luck and abundance.

Relationships: Travel, or union blessed. Needing still to continue to work on the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure your horseshoe is not upside down, otherwise all your luck will drain out.


Key Meaning:  Time is running out. Decision time.

Relationships: Need to act on a problem or situation.

Wisdom Warning: Time is of the essence, look around and address what issues you need to.


Key Meaning:  Something happening or needing to be done around your house? Pay close attention. Moving to a new house or abode.

Relationships: Is something or someone rocking your foundations? Planning for the future. Buying a house. Mortgage.

Wisdom Warning: Are your life desires and surroundings secure?


Key Meaning:  Here, there, and everywhere. Too busy, fast movement, slow down.

Relationships: Hard working, do you need a break?

Wisdom Warning: Do you need to slow down in life, or do you need to fly faster and higher?


Key Meaning:  An obstacle or blockage

Relationships: Having a hard time of it, work your way through it

Wisdom Warning: You can still win the race but knuckle down and thread your way through the obstacles. A struggle but winnable.

Hurricane (see Cyclone).


Key Meaning:  Slippery situation. Cold emotions or anger.

Relationships: Frosty welcome or desires.

Wisdom Warning: Careful of your footing unless you are smart and wear skis. Cold emotionless approach may be needed to achieve a goal or solve a problem.


Key Meaning:  Restriction or blockage in life or work.

Relationships: Don’t be the Titanic, work together to move away from the problem.

Wisdom Warning: Danger, issue mostly hidden from your eyes. Caution may be needed if feeling threatened in some way.


Key Meaning:  Good things in life can melt away if we let them. Enjoy the moment and don’t let it get away from you.

Relationships: Cold emotions or lack of display of affections, it should be pleasure. Fun Games in the bedroom.

Wisdom Warning: Enjoyable but too much of a good thing? Keep a balance in life.


Key Meaning:  Cold sterile conditions around you from someone else.

Relationships: Warm up the relationship before it freezes over.

Wisdom Warning: A situation or person is very cold towards you.


Key Meaning:  Someone important to you, coming or going out your life. Personal.

Relationships: Change in the relationship, Marriage?

Wisdom Warning: A strong omen of something or someone playing a big part in your life.


Key Meaning:  Party, celebration, or event. Engage in life.

Relationships: Engagement, wedding, or party.

Wisdom Warning: Generally good omen, enjoy the event.

Iron (Clothes).

Key Meaning:  Straighten out issues.

Relationships: Tidying up or straightening out the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: A situation may need to be fixed or ironed out.


Key Meaning:  Solitude, loneliness and feeling unsupported. Great if looking for short term peace and quiet.

Relationships: Differences in opinion, separation, or pulling away from the other person.

Wisdom Warning: Don’t separate yourself from everyone else. If you’re lucky a trip to a tropical Island beckons.

Jail (Goal).

Key Meaning:  Isolation, restriction. Legal matters or imprisonment.

Relationships: Forced restriction. Legal matters, domestic violence.

Wisdom Warning: If you’re naughty, be careful, the law may pounce. Self-restriction in love or work.


Key Meaning:  Emotions bottled up. Storage of valuables.

Relationships: Keep focused on your emotions.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure your fill your jar with positive intentions not negative ones.


Key Meaning:  Beauty, love, and enrichment. Abundance.

Relationships: Love and beauty in the relationship. Commitment or promise.

Wisdom Warning: Be thankful for what you have. Time moves on and things change.

Jigsaw (Piece).

Key Meaning:  Something not quite right. Look at the whole picture, not parts of it.

Relationships: Are you still piecing together your relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Are there pieces missing in your life…


Key Meaning:  Person of power, seriousness, or wisdom. Laws and the rules of society. If you break them, be careful lest you may be behind bars.

Relationships: Anyone being judgemental.

Wisdom Warning: Is someone or yourself being too judgemental in your life?


Key Meaning:  Holding emotions and feelings. Event or party.

Relationships: Make sure your emotions are in check. Party maybe together.

Wisdom Warning: Depending on the position of jug, emotions will flow or be kept in check.

Jungle (see Forest).


Key Meaning:  Irregular movement. Travel in Australia. Things bouncing around and not settling.

Relationships: Support may be needed. Travel

Wisdom Warning: Are you hopping around everywhere not achieving much? Focus and hop the right direction.

Kettle (Electric Jug).

Key Meaning:  Electric emotions. Take more time for a cuppa with friends. Visitors.

Relationships: Things are heating up, for good or bad.

Wisdom Warning: Learn to turn your emotions on or off when needed.


Key Meaning:  Unlocking a secret or desire. Hidden safe or box.

Relationships: A key to the heart.

Wisdom Warning: Are you looking for answers in the right place? It’s fine to have the key in your hand, but you need to use it at the right door to unlock your future. Try harder with more determination.


Key Meaning:  A want for freedom or a desire for higher goals or dreams. Time to play like a child?

Relationships: A want to fly high. A need to get away for a while.

Wisdom Warning: Release is warranted from the current situation or at work.

Kitten (also Cat).

Key Meaning:  Playful, and full of energy. Explore the world and situations without fear.

Relationships: Good time to be playful and naughty.

Wisdom Warning: Play at playtime, not when you need to put your head down and work.


Key Meaning:  Flexible, firm with support. Ask for help.

Relationships: A help or lifting of energy.

Wisdom Warning: Movement may be required in an issue.

Knife (also see Dagger).

Key Meaning:  Separation or cutting away of unwanted issues. Surgery possible?

Relationships: Deceit or ill-intention. Possible harm.

Wisdom Warning: Time to rid ourselves of any unwanted issues or gossips.


Key Meaning:  Rescue or adventure. Help is on hand. Travel or holiday.

Relationships: The knight may choose to defend his castle or ride out and conquer new territory.

Wisdom Warning: Good or bad omen. A great time to help others or travel to unknown lands.

Knitting (Crochet).

Key Meaning:  Building or creating something new. Gift of love from a female.

Relationships: Hope the relationship is not boring you? Do something new. Grow the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Great omen for building and ambition in your life, or are you just coasting through life without effort?


Key Meaning:  Commitment or hold up in life.

Relationships: Good time for commitment and love.

Wisdom Warning: Do you feel tied and bound to something or someone? Change things if you desire if this is the case.


Key Meaning:  Strength and commitment. Time and events move at their own pace not yours.

Relationships: Strong partner. Security, safety and a cuddly partner..

Wisdom Warning: Do you need to climb out of trouble. If not take time and enjoy the rest.


Key Meaning:  Laughter possibly at others’ expense. Need to have more fun and laughter in your life? Do you like to be noticed?

Relationships: Laugh within the relationship, even if you have to laugh at yourself.

Wisdom Warning: Caution about gossip and ill-intent. He who laughs last laughs loudest!


Key Meaning:  Ambition, advancement, drive, and passion.

Relationships: Climb out of bad situations and rise above the pack.

Wisdom Warning: Careful who you climb over getting to the top because there will be those who remember you when you go back down the ladder.

Ladle (Spoon).

Key Meaning:  Nourishment, sharing and survival.

Relationships: Eat together to stay together.

Wisdom Warning: Good omen with the right intentions.


Key Meaning:  Light up your way or show someone else the path. Soul Searching

Relationships: The road should be clear, or do you sense trouble before it happens?

Wisdom Warning: Lead by example. Show anyone who wants to listen the right way through life. Look for meaning in your life.

Laptop (Notebook, Computer).

Key Meaning:  New ideas, technology, or new energy. Internet work or opportunities.

Relationships: Be careful of anti-social behaviour or long-distance relationships. Using Technology to find a love.

Wisdom Warning: Balance life with social interaction. Too much time on internet?


Key Meaning:  Caught, tied, or bound. Circle or trust issues.

Relationships: Are you caught up in this relationship? Looking for someone to catch?

Wisdom Warning: Do you want to be caught in a situation or are you the one throwing the lasso?


Key Meaning:  Gentle, natural, and living life. A good time to start and grow a project.

Relationships: Gentle nonabrasive partner or situation.

Wisdom Warning: Life and death. Everything has a balance. Getting back to nature.


Key Meaning:  Swift situation or cunning could be involved. Old habits or ways not needed that are hard to break or change.

Relationships: Loyal but if forced into the corner will fight tooth and nail.

Wisdom Warning: Caution may be required and look above and around you.

Letter Post.

Key Meaning:  Message or visitor from afar.

Relationships: Message or blast from the past.

Wisdom Warning: Mostly good unless you don’t to want to hear the news imparted.

Letter Opener.

Key Meaning:  Wanting news or information.

Relationships: A want to know more about your partner or new love.

Wisdom Warning: The news may be sharp edged and not what’s required by you.


Key Meaning:  Lonely distant and self-dependent.

Relationships: Good provider even if somewhat distant in emotions or love.

Wisdom Warning: Someone who is disconnected emotionally even though they operate in the world really well.

Library (see Books).


Key Meaning:  Peace and quiet. Time for rest and meditation.

Relationships: A quiet sharing time full of love and compassion.

Wisdom Warning: Take this time to rest your soul and body. Sadness, loss, or bereaving.

Light Bulbs.

Key Meaning:  You light up the way. Maybe do it in a way to clarify things. Bright ideas or solutions to problems.

Relationships: An issue that may need some light shed on it.

Wisdom Warning: Keep a balance. You don’t want your bulb to burn out!


Key Meaning:  Sudden unexpected changes. A lot of energy to be poured quickly into a project.

Relationships: Changes are afoot and in a hurry. Things need to change quickly.

Wisdom Warning: Careful you don’t stand out in the paddock with a metal prodder and ask for trouble.


Key Meaning: Join together for support and help. Is the line pointing to an object?

Relationships: Battle or disagreement.

Wisdom Warning: Boundary or fence. Don’t step over the mark unless you are prepared. Straight Lines can mean fast movement, while curving lines detour us and take longer.

Links (see Chain).


Key Meaning:  Protection, bravery, strength, aggression and sticking with a cause. Lion Hearted.

Relationships: One or the other is upset. One of you is the leader that likes being in charge.

Wisdom Warning: Don’t put your head in the lion’s mouth, unless you want it bitten off.


Key Meaning:  Protection of children, family, or offspring.

Relationships: Very maternal, issues with kids or wanting them.

Wisdom Warning: You don’t to want to come up against this lady when she is upset.


Key Meaning:  Communication or expression.

Relationships: Attraction or nonstop talking or nagging. Sexy and suggestive.

Wisdom Warning: Someone may want to give you plenty of lip or grief or talk about you behind your back. If the gossip comes from you, bite your lip.


Key Meaning:  A sensual person, usually female. Beauty and smartness.

Relationships: Excitement, sexual and fun times.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure you have the right colour lipstick on your collar, lest you may be in trouble when you get home. Need to communicate more.


Key Meaning:  Structure, ambition, and goals.

Relationships: Be more flexible while still achieving desires.

Wisdom Warning: A good omen for building empires or achieving ambitions. If you don’t plan for your goals, you need to start. Don’t be too stuffy.


Key Meaning:  Hard working. Hidden ambitions.

Relationships: Something is not what it seems.

Wisdom Warning: Hard to see or someone pretending to be someone they are not.


Key Meaning:  Caution, a hard issue may be in front of you. Someone treating you to a life of luxury.

Relationships: Careful of the claw snapping.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure you don’t end up in the pot.


Key Meaning:  Someone may steal or take something from you. Loss of something important. Secure valuables and watch for thievery.

Relationships: Protect what is valuable in the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Take care, something is afoot. Taking something that is not yours.

Log (Tree).

Key Meaning:  Blockage, obstacle. Taking on too much. Building a project. Strength.

Relationships: An issue is surfacing. Heat in the relationship for good or not so good.

Wisdom Warning: Building a future or investment, one bit at a time. Strength and stability.


Key Meaning:  Things need to change. Boredom and endless cycles.

Relationships: Time to change things up.

Wisdom Warning: Don’t keep getting caught up in the same issues, move on.

Lotus Flower.

Key Meaning:  Peace, inner happiness, and bliss even when times are tough.

Relationships: Deep and meaningful feelings.

Wisdom Warning: A spiritual bond, more than meets the eye. Loss of someone special.


Key Meaning:  Appearing to do the impossible. You are able to work your magic.

Relationships: Trick or treat. Need to work on issues in relationship to fix trouble.

Wisdom Warning: Are the person’s intentions genuine or are they false? Caution is advised on major decisions involving other people.


Key Meaning:  Attraction or strong interest to someone or something.

Relationships: Instant or long-term attraction.

Wisdom Warning: Go for it if the attraction if good, but if it feels bad repel it.


Key Meaning:  Are you on the defensive or attack.

Relationships: Be on the defensive, watch for trouble.

Wisdom Warning: Be prepared, walking into a trap or situation you are not prepared for.


Key Meaning:  Needing muscle or brawn to help with a situation.

Relationships: Needing more from your partner or wanting someone else.

Wisdom Warning: Wanting the strength or help from a friend, usually male.


Key Meaning: Lost in life and needing direction. Travel or exciting times.

Relationships: A need to evaluate what you require in a relationship. Travel, holiday.

Wisdom Warning: Not feeling connected to life or have you lost your way? Focus and ease back into it. Looking for meaning in direction.

Maple Leaf.

Key Meaning:  Canadian or travel to Canada.

Relationships: Prune the relationship to move forward. Cut away the rest, keep the best. Sweet times?

Wisdom Warning: If feeling vulnerable, ask for help….. Is life Sweet?


Key Meaning:  Hidden agendas or hiding yourself.

Relationships: You are keeping something from your spouse.

Wisdom Warning: Why are you hiding?  Is it the best course of action?

Mat (Floor).

Key Meaning:  Give yourself a challenge. Move or change accommodation.

Relationships: Does someone else wipe their feet on you? Are you a door mat?

Wisdom Warning: Someone is taking an unfair advantage. Don’t be a door mat for others.


Key Meaning:  Feminine, sensual temptation and emotions. Connection with water. Look for the good in a bad situation.

Relationships: Someone is affecting your emotions for good or bad. An outside temptation.

Wisdom Warning: In the old days mermaids weren’t a good omen and were considered a bad luck charm. Long term pain for a short-term gain…….


Key Meaning:  Emotionally fulfilling. Nourishment and protection.

Relationships: Child or children affecting the relationship. One partner maybe needs to grow up a bit. Wanting a child.

Wisdom Warning: Generally good unless someone isn’t acting their age.


Key Meaning:  Is there a part of your own character you dislike. Looking for faults or provocations.

Relationships: You are examining the relationship or someone in it.

Wisdom Warning: You are reflecting on someone in your life. Maybe you need to follow your own footsteps not someone else’s. look at your dark or shadow side.


Key Meaning:  Merry, happy celebrations. Gift or unexpected surprise from a loved one.

Relationships: Kiss and a cuddle leads to……………

Wisdom Warning: Make sure you get kissed under it and not pricked by it……

Mitt or Mitten (Glove).

Key Meaning:  Someone is cold and distant around you. Thief or someone stealing from you.

Relationships: Is the other half frosty towards you? Warm them up.

Wisdom Warning: It is a form of protection for the wearer. They may feel threatened or endangered.


Key Meaning:  Abundance or lack of. Thinking of a new adventures, travel and how you might pay for it.

Relationships: Is money affecting the relationship, fights, or arguments?

Wisdom Warning: We all need money to survive, but it’s no good being the richest person in the cemetery. Don’t let money rule your life.


Key Meaning:  Fear of the unexpected or unknown problems. Watching too many horror films.

Relationships: A fear or concern within the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Take the fear out of the problem and the monster will go away.


Key Meaning:  Be alert for trouble and stand up for your rights. Visiting cold snow countries.

Relationships: The male taking the lead.

Wisdom Warning: You are expecting a potential drama, explore and trust yourself.


Key Meaning:  Confusion and emotional upheaval. Beauty out of reach.

Relationships: Things aren’t as clear as they should be.

Wisdom Warning: A possible romance, make your intentions clear.


Key Meaning:  You are drawn towards a situation for good or bad.

Relationships: Close attraction and mutual respect.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure you are not the moth drawn to the flame…..

Mother (Nanny).

Key Meaning:  Nourishment, protection, and care. Healing needed from an illness.

Relationships: Pregnancy, or children.

Wisdom Warning: Do you feel the need to mother someone or something?


Key Meaning:  Freedom, travel, and love of outdoors.

Relationships: Are you moving away from each other or moving towards each other?

Wisdom Warning: Are you trying to escape a situation you can’t deal with? While it feels great, watch for the hidden dangers. Don’t go too fast.

Mountain (also see Hill).

Key Meaning:  Difficult climb before you get the reward of the view.

Relationships: The hard yards need to be put in now, otherwise things may get worse.

Wisdom Warning: There are many ways past a mountain (Problem). Explore which way is easier for you.


Key Meaning:  A sneak or pest. A trap set for someone.

Relationships: Is someone sneaking around, doing what they shouldn’t?

Wisdom Warning: A short annoyance is the best outcome.

Mummy (Egyptian).

Key Meaning:  Long-term, planning ahead for the unknown. Travel to Egypt. Trying to preserve something long after it’s gone.

Relationships: Planning for the future and unsure if the other one will be there with you.

Wisdom Warning: Do you feel like royalty and better than everyone else. Living in the past.


Key Meaning:  Are you kept in the dark about something? Things growing without much light on the subject.

Relationships: Things developing low key.

Wisdom Warning: A good sign for spiritual help.

Music (Symbols, Bands, Instruments).

Key Meaning:  Is everyone marching to the same tune? Support from a group of people. Wanting to learn to play an instrument.

Relationships: A time of healing and coming together.

Wisdom Warning: Everything is flowing with the music or is it…? Music sooths the savage soul.

Nail (Metal).

Key Meaning:  Penetration or invasive action. Tough and secure. Building to future.

Relationships: A sticking issue or pricking issue.

Wisdom Warning: You can be hung on the cross and martyred or you do not get stuck on unimportant stuff.

Nanny (see Mother).


Key Meaning:  Support, direction, brawn, and flexibility.

Relationships: Is someone being a pain in the neck?

Wisdom Warning: Unseen important issue may need to be addressed. Are you sticking your neck out?


Key Meaning:  Beauty, vanity, and power. Admirer

Relationships: Is a present due for a celebration?

Wisdom Warning: Look within the situation to see the real value.

Necktie (Tie).

Key Meaning:  Neat and restrictive. Preening to convention. Formal position or job.

Relationships: Formal or new event or job.

Wisdom Warning: Are you travelling your own path and not somebody else’s?

Needle (Darning).

Key Meaning:  An Annoyance or bother. A need to rest from an illness. Operation recovery.

Relationships: Someone stirring you up. Does the relationship need time to mend itself?

Wisdom Warning: A stitch in time saves nine. Sort out any issues before they blow up in your face.


Key Meaning:  Protection, safety, and maternal issues. A time of learning, don’t rush it.

Relationships: A safe place to talk about issues.

Wisdom Warning: Careful you don’t fall out of your nest before you can fly.


Key Meaning:  Looking for something more in your life. Feel caught in a net? Bringing people together for a common cause.

Relationships: Looking for a spouse different from one you have.

Wisdom Warning: What are you out to catch and bring home…?

News (Newspaper).

Key Meaning: Information or desire to know more on an issue. Visitor or news.

Relationships: What’s going on in your relationship?  Do you feel there is more than meets the eye?

Wisdom Warning: Yearning to know more about something or an issue. Someone is trying to tell you something about a current issue.

Notebook (see Laptop).


Key Meaning:  Restriction, formal and authoritative. Are you isolated from the general population? Religious event or school. Someone controlling you through intimidation.

Relationships: Religious interference or legal issues. Restriction on sex or around it.

Wisdom Warning: A good omen if you dig religion and bad generally if you don’t.


Key Meaning:  Help, health, and support. Recovery from illness or bed rest.

Relationships: Is the relationship healthy? Caring partner looking after the other.

Wisdom Warning: A health warning for a person or a situation. Help is available. Careful of boundaries.


Key Meaning:  Saving, or sustenance. Confusion or mental disorder. Hard outer personality, soft inside.

Relationships: Can you talk on a one-to-one level where the other person listens? Talk.

Wisdom Warning: Save your nuts, don’t be one…….

Oak (Tree).

Key Meaning:  Strong, stable, and long lasting.

Relationships: Stable and lasting relationship, reaching for the sky.

Wisdom Warning: Good omen for long lasting happiness.


Key Meaning:  Direction, movement and meaning. Work hard towards Success and accomplishment. Focus and move forward.

Relationships: Does the relationship need direction, or do you need to stand up for yourself?

Wisdom Warning: Without an oar we flounder, helpless, and get tossed around by the sea.


Key Meaning:  Endless Emotion. Loss, grief, and fear. Cruise or holiday on water. Lose yourself in life.

Relationships: An expanse of emotion. Is the sea stormy or still and peaceful?

Wisdom Warning: Seems a lot of emotion is around. Try and make sense of it.


Key Meaning:  An issue with many tentacles. A person who is a groper or inappropriate behaviour from them.

Relationships: A lot is happening.  Try to pull the important from the trivial.

Wisdom Warning: A time of great activity. If you have to make sense of it, one problem at a time.


Key Meaning:  Something leaving a funny taste in your mouth. Necessary pain and grief. Growth through adversity.

Relationships: A time of retrospect and re-evaluation. Explore the layers.

Wisdom Warning: Both good and bad. Make the best of the necessary changes.


Key Meaning:  A time of change for the better. Health and wellbeing need to be look after.

Relationships: Plenty of energy needed. Bright and sunny days.

Wisdom Warning: The insides are juicy where the outside skin leaves a bitter taste. In other words explore the whole truth, before making a judgement.


Key Meaning:  An object of beauty which takes time to flower or evolve….

Relationships: The relationship needs time to mature and bring riches and bloom.

Wisdom Warning: Look for the beauty and take time to find the real issues to resolve.

Ostrich (see Emu).


Key Meaning:  A builder of life and support or a blockage. Restrictions in your life. Building to the future. Buying a house or moving. Work slowly through any issues and build big things.

Relationships: Make sure your life or path isn’t blocked especially with emotions.

Wisdom Warning: What is your strength, builder, or blocker?


Key Meaning:  Wise council or wisdom in a situation.

Relationships: Late night activities or a situation within. Wise words from one of you.

Wisdom Warning: Watching a situation to give good advice or be willing to accept it.

Ox (see Buffalo).


Key Meaning:  Effort, and success with emotional difficulties.

Relationships: Look for the beauty within, not just at skin deep.

Wisdom Warning: A rough exterior with a kind heart….

Paint (Wall etc.).

Key Meaning:  To cover a situation or change it.

Relationships: Change may be needed to keep the relationship fresh.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure you are not just covering up a problem. Address the issues.

Paint Brush.

Key Meaning:  Change required. Time to engage and bring a fresh prospective.

Relationships: Action may be required to change a situation. If a problem, look at it from a different point of view.

Wisdom Warning: Check out all angles of the problem and change for the better.

Paint Tin.

Key Meaning:  A situation is changing.

Relationships: Don’t bottle up your emotions, a change in things.

Wisdom Warning: Chose the right actions to the problem.


Key Meaning:  A place to be conformable and secure in. Like nice things around you.

Relationships: You both like beauty and the high life?

Wisdom Warning: Please don’t live beyond your means. Champaign lifestyle on a beer budget.

Palm Tree.

Key Meaning:  Strong and able to withstand storms. Roll with the punches.

Relationships: Make sure the relationship bears fruit (Coconuts).

Wisdom Warning: To be strong you must also be flexible.

Pan Flute (Pan- Mythological Creature) .

Key Meaning:  Mystical or unusual situation.

Relationships: Are you in life or daydreaming about it?

Wisdom Warning: Wanting nature or having peace and order in life.


Key Meaning:  Quick moving and danger may prevail.

Relationships: Fast and sleek issues within the relationship. Fun and games.

Wisdom Warning: Climb above the issue and use your senses to work on the problem.


Key Meaning: A temporary change, news, business, legal or communication.

Relationships: Bond or recognition of the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: A record or writing. Accounts or clerk issues. Make sure your paperwork is up to date.


Key Meaning:  Safety, after falling from danger. Keep the faith.

Relationships: Why do you feel the need for safety? Is there trust in your spouse?

Wisdom Warning: Rescue from a worrying situation.


Key Meaning:  Repeated or cyclic situations. Wasteful talk.

Relationships: Try not to copy a situation from someone else.

Wisdom Warning: Be original in your actions. A person who never stops gossiping…..

Pawn (see Chess Piece).


Key Meaning:  Lacking individualism. Take a risk by yourself.

Relationships: Are you following your path where you need to go? Afraid to stand out from others.

Wisdom Warning: Look to your specialty to get you noticed from everyone else..


Key Meaning:  Individual, but working with others.

Relationships: Are you sharing responsibility?

Wisdom Warning: Be an individual but remember to ask for help when needed.

Peace Sign.

Key Meaning:  A quieter time needed. Rest required. Meditation.

Relationships: A time of rest after upheaval. Wanting an end to the fighting.

Wisdom Warning: The war has taken its toll, rest and peace is required.


Key Meaning:  Juicy and tempting position or situation.

Relationships: A loving time, full of sweetness, enjoy this.

Wisdom Warning: Enjoy the moment.

Peacock (Pheasant).

Key Meaning:  Show pony or wanting to stand out from the crowd. Abundance if conditions are right, e.g., showing off your money with a monstrous ego…. Something you are proud of.

Relationships: Showing off affection or intent.

Wisdom Warning: Are you showing off for good or just vanity? Do you need to make yourself stand out?


Key Meaning:  Combining energies. Symbol for shape of a woman.

Relationships: Stronger bond and understandings.

Wisdom Warning: Good omen generally.


Key Meaning:  Hidden beauty or riches.

Relationships: Look for the good and not the bad. Are you too sensitive about a situation…?

Wisdom Warning: Beauty and riches hide themselves in usual places.


Key Meaning:  A need to express yourself. Wisdom from a source. A writer.

Relationships: A signing or legal document.

Wisdom Warning: Desire not being expressed but need to communicate. Have you a secret ambition to be an author or teacher. Go for it.

Pendulum (Clock, Watch).

Key Meaning:  Time is ticking. Make a decision and stop procrastinating.

Relationships: Time delays or stalemate.

Wisdom Warning: Time to act, stop putting it off.


Key Meaning:  Male domination or in charge.

Relationships: Sexual encounter or want.

Wisdom Warning: If a male, someone is trying to dominate you with anger. If a girl, may be wanted or unwanted attention from a man….


Key Meaning:  The gentle animals of the cold, grouping together for warmth in adverse conditions. In other words, when times are tough, don’t be afraid to ask for help, emotionally or physically.

Relationships: Pull together to solve most problems.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure you can handle the freezing cold water if you choose to go alone. Safety in numbers.


Key Meaning:  Power and strength in numbers. Corruption is a problem if greed and ego get in the way.

Relationships: Is your spouse trying to run shotgun over you or protect you from unseen dangers?

Wisdom Warning: Power is open to abuse. If you are entrusted with something, no matter how big or small, do the right thing and use your power and might for everyone’s benefit, not just our own.


Key Meaning:  Someone is looking at you or at a situation to destroy or sneak up on you (Selfish reasons).

Relationships: Do you have trust in your spouse, or do you spy on them to keep them honest? Sounds like mistrust.

Wisdom Warning: It is fine if you are looking into an opportunity to have a sneaky look but don’t be nosy unnecessarily. Someone looking at you from a distance.


Key Meaning:  The key here is does it represent anyone you know or actions they may be doing? (E.g. Running Away) Look at the qualities of the identifiable person to get a feel of the meaning.

Relationships: Are you going it alone?

Wisdom Warning: Is it possible that the person represents a threat or maybe an opportunity?  Answer this through your intuition.

Phone (Cell or Mobile).

Key Meaning:  Someone is trying to connect with you or give you a message from afar.

Relationships: Spouse may ring you out of the blue to say they love you. Long distance relationship or lack of personal attention.

Wisdom Warning: All about communication.  Someone is really trying to get your attention. Also can be a person who has passed over trying to give us a message or show they are still around.

Pig (Boar).

Key Meaning:  Are you pig headed and unforgiving? Do your tusks get in the road when you are meeting new people?

Relationships: Someone may be unreasonable about an issue.

Wisdom Warning: Careful of being too greedy with anything in life. Balance is the key. Learn to listen and take advice. Take your head out of the mud.


Key Meaning:  Snail mail coming or someone flying in to visit. Help may be coming slowly.

Relationships: It’s all about balance. Possible trip or flight coming up for one or both.

Wisdom Warning: Life might feel like a race sometimes, but we all need to breathe occasionally and enjoy the view and beauty of our situations.

Pillar (Column).

Key Meaning:  Standing strong and resolute. Upholding values and beliefs.

Relationships: An inner strength by one of you to get you both through a difficult time.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure someone is not trying to knock down your column (e.g. destroying your self-confidence). If pillar is broken or falling over, means you are vulnerable at present.


Key Meaning: ‘Time Out’ needed. Rest and dream time.

Relationships: Pillow or intimate talk needed.

Wisdom Warning: Rest while you can. Recovery from illness or stress.

Pin (also Needle).

Key Meaning:  A niggling situation to be repaired. Holding something together.

Relationships: Outside influence for good or bad.

Wisdom Warning: Try to mend broken fences before they get worse, (Stitch in time save nine).


Key Meaning:  On the outside rough and tough appearance and on the inside a sweet beautiful taste. Trip to Hawaii or tropical islands.

Relationships: Wild passionate time with a sweet ending….

Wisdom Warning: Things aren’t always what they seem from the outside.

Pine Tree.

Key Meaning:  Soft and yet strong. Time to start growing a project or goal.

Relationships: A soft heart with a fierce will to grow.

Wisdom Warning: Usually a positive sign of health.


Key Meaning:  Caution required, before you jump in, check out the waters.

Relationships: Is the other not being supportive enough and are they knocking your confidence bit by bit.

Wisdom Warning: Careful Piranha travel in packs. Entering a risky situation where everyone else advises against your decision.

Pipe (Smoking).

Key Meaning:  Peace pipe or a sign of wisdom through age. Possible health issues. Need to give up addictions – Smoking etc.

Relationships: An uneasy peace may be held between you two. Addictive patterns that are not good for long term health.

Wisdom Warning: A time to settle things down. Anger and hatred hold no position at the peace table. Wisdom from an older source.

Pipe (Tube).

Key Meaning:  Movement of emotions. A testing time.

Relationships: Usually seen as someone forcing your opinion or changing your direction from what you wanted.

Wisdom Warning: Careful of the other person’s intentions. A heavy emotional load you may be carrying.


Key Meaning:  Unconventional thief or robber. Caution! A lifestyle that will bring you undone one day.

Relationships: Major problems in relationship with assets moved, sold, or misdirected.

Wisdom Warning: Even though we might like the notion of pirates on the high seas, when they are tied up to a peaceful ship, robbing and killing, it’s not so much fun. Be aware of the smooth talker who, when they get their way, will steal from you and make you walk the plank in no time.


Key Meaning:  Is someone taking aim at something of yours?

Relationships: Aim and shoot straight and true. Talk straight down the line to sort any issues.

Wisdom Warning: A time of defence or attack, someone or something that threatens you.


Key Meaning:  Defending and protecting what’s yours. Hard work or working the land.

Relationships: Time to drive off any threats or challenges. Hard work in the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: A time of misfortune with arguments, jealously and all sorts of negative energy heading your way. Be prepared and vigilant.

Plaits (Dreadlocks).

Key Meaning:  Things are not as easy as they might seem.

Relationships: A time of bonding and mixing of energies.

Wisdom Warning: Take time to unravel the problem. Look at the bigger picture.

Plane (see Aircraft).


Key Meaning:  Strong survivor that can stay hidden if required. Find a home anywhere.

Relationships: A survivor, through tough times. Take advantage and work together. Maternal issues.

Wisdom Warning: A big problem may sneak up on you. Be cautious.


Key Meaning:  Caution in all matters illegal, maybe signing of papers.

Relationships: Time for honesty and fairness.

Wisdom Warning: Something is afoot. Careful of the law, e.g. speeding, drugs, drink driving etc.

Pony (also Horse).

Key Meaning:  Children travelling, or camping with the family

Relationships: Young Relationship. Play time.

Wisdom Warning: Childlike innocence, close travel.

Poppy (Flower).

Key Meaning:  Passion, fire, sorrow, hope for tomorrow.

Relationships: Lost love.

Wisdom Warning: Remember and move on. Life is short, enjoy it. Don’t mull over and stay in the past.


Key Meaning:  Sneaky, night time activities

Relationships: Comfortable, lovable and cheeky but watch the claws.

Wisdom Warning: Pay attention all around you. Going out at night too much?

Postage Stamp (see Stamp).


Key Meaning:  Legal or authoritative issues to deal with. News or delivery of surprise.

Relationships: Partnership matters to be dealt with.

Wisdom Warning: Travel in mundane ways or not at all. Do you need to deliver something?

Power lines (Cables).

Key Meaning:  Electricity of life is the support for, the blood and veins of a project. Your life needs energy and motivation.

Relationships: Restrictions of flow. Sparks are needed to rekindle the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Maybe help from a higher source. Careful of livewires (people), they may bring trouble. Issues with electricity or electrical items. Feeling low in energy?


Key Meaning:  Child or childhood memories. Moving with family.

Relationships: Pregnancy, or growing family.

Wisdom Warning: Creative Projects in their infancy.

Pregnant Belly or Pregnancy.

Key Meaning:  Project coming to fruition.

Relationships: Pregnancy, child, relationship going to a deeper level.

Wisdom Warning: Enjoy the process, planning is over. The wait is nearly over.

Present (Surprise Parcel).

Key Meaning:  Surprise or unexpected gift. Something or someone coming without a warning.

Relationships: Happy or unusual times. Celebrations, birthdays, or anniversary.

Wisdom Warning: Beware of the gift if the intent is for corruption. Otherwise enjoy the unexpected.


Key Meaning:  Male power or respect. Authority figure or spiritual authority. Wedding, christening or church event.

Relationships: The male may be seen or feel that he has the power in the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Hopefully a person or persons that you can trust without that bond being broken. Intent is the key.


Key Meaning:  Feminine Power or intuition.

Relationships: The female seems to have the power and control in the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Hope the girl has the right intent for you. Spiritual Power.


Key Meaning:  Someone else’s puppet. Going along with everybody else even when it is not good for you.

Relationships: Superficial bonds, working for the other person without any reward for oneself.

Wisdom Warning: Be strong and be your own light, don’t just follow the pack. Be your own person. Being manipulated.


Key Meaning:  Young faithful, loyal, and good intent.

Relationships: Possibly young relationship. Has good heart even if not sure footed yet. An feeling of innocence?

Wisdom Warning: Someone or something, just came into your life. Good omen.

Purse (Wallet).

Key Meaning:  Portable wealth, power, or money.

Relationships: Something of value within the relationship. Power struggle.

Wisdom Warning: Worry or concerns over money. Budget is the key word. Loss of money or goods.


Key Meaning:  Structure or security in life, house, or building. Long term project. Trip to Egypt.

Relationships: A rock solid relationship, still may need working on and repairs occasionally.

Wisdom Warning: Is there a concern over the security of your life, job etc.?


Key Meaning:  Someone of power and influence, female of prominence.

Relationships: Female may seem to be in charge or is put on a pedestal.

Wisdom Warning: Use your power for good and not evil, otherwise you might lose your head.

Question Mark?

Key Meaning:  Caution required. Are there doubts on your mind?

Relationships: Both not on the same page. Confusion.

Wisdom Warning: Time to question intentions and desires.

Quill (also Pen, Biro).

Key Meaning:  Traditional teachings or writings. Legal or important matters to address. Writer.

Relationships: Old traditional values in the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Take on only what is right for you. What was right yesterday may not be now. History repeating good and bad.


Key Meaning:  Hopping around without purpose. Things are moving quickly around you, stay grounded.

Relationships: Sex, babies, or children.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure your emotions and life are in order, otherwise things may get out of hand quickly and you will be hopping mad.

Rail or Railway.

Key Meaning:  Straight steady and secure, movement and travel. Direction or supervision.

Relationships: Straight and narrow view. Any adjustment needed. Traditional holiday destination.

Wisdom Warning: Things and situations may be the same. You may need to mix things up, otherwise boredom is a real possibility.


Key Meaning:  Cleansing, emotion. Clearing out the old to bring in the new.

Relationships: Time of turbulence, dark clouds, and emotions to hopefully bring in sunshine in the future.

Wisdom Warning: Even if life is drab and confrontational, work your way through it. Can be healing, sorrow or a time of sadness.


Key Meaning:  Happy days, plenty of variety. Abundance.

Relationships: Beautiful, lovely time. Enjoy.

Wisdom Warning: Pursue your dreams and they are not beyond your grasp.

Rainforest (also see Forest).

Key Meaning:  Peaceful, lively, and senses are full. Life abounds, active time.

Relationships: Possible hidden agenda. Flowing emotions.

Wisdom Warning: Time to broaden your horizon, look for the hidden gem amongst the trees.


Key Meaning:  Untrustworthy friend or sneaky enemy. Thief.

Relationships: Watch your step. Something is not what it seems.

Wisdom Warning: Life’s a maze. With care you can make it out in one piece.


Key Meaning:  Change for good or bad. Spiritual enlightenment.

Relationships: Change on many levels.

Wisdom Warning: A bird of flight or freedom. A change from what was on offer before.


Key Meaning:  Confinement, rigid and shaped. Look in all corners of your trouble.

Relationships: Is something too staid or in need of change.

Wisdom Warning: Need some excitement in life?


Key Meaning:  Bull headed, head down and charges into life without looking.

Relationships: Is someone being stubborn or inflexible in the relationship?

Wisdom Warning: Use the strength and not the stubbornness in this situation. Don’t be short sighted on the bigger problems.


Key Meaning:  Asian travel or Asian person. Poor or hard times.

Relationships: Blessings, wedding.

Wisdom Warning: Even if you don’t have many possessions, you have your life. Look for the good in the situation.

Ring (also see Circle).

Key Meaning:  Commitment, enrichment, and blessing. Circle of life.

Relationships: Engagement or deep commitment.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure your heart and soul are with you on this journey. If the ring has a dot inside, your desire for children will be for-filled.


Key Meaning:  A slight hold up or delay, in travel, business or life.

Relationships: Someone or something has upset the balance.

Wisdom Warning: Fix the small issue. Make sure the ripple doesn’t turn into a tidal wave.


Key Meaning:  Emotional time, be gentle, go with the flow.

Relationships: Exploring the relationship, highs and lows.

Wisdom Warning: Possible healing after grief or sadness. The river has so many ebbs and flows. Take time to get where you need to.


Key Meaning:  Journey by road. Normal life. Path to follow?

Relationships: Are you both on the same road? Time for building bonds and love.

Wisdom Warning: Living life as normal. Time for a change, maybe?

Road (Icy).

Key Meaning:  Life is starting to get risky and dangerous.

Relationships: Don’t push your values and beliefs onto the other person. It may be a slippery slope. Cold reception from a partner.

Wisdom Warning: Time to take your foot off the accelerator and coast down the road. Don’t push life. Time out needed.

Robber (Thief, Bandit).

Key Meaning:  Loss or misplaced trust or processions.

Relationships: Something is being taken from you in the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Generally a bad omen, caution may be required, or protection required for your valuables.


Key Meaning:  Male blowing his own horn.

Relationships: Male asserting himself in the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: For good or bad someone is making noise in your barnyard.


Key Meaning:  Strong bond and fastening or you feel tied up and bound.

Relationships: More flexibility may be needed.

Wisdom Warning: If you feel low energy or are not feeling yourself, someone is around to help. Support.

Rope (Broken).

Key Meaning:  Broken bonds or deceit or disappointment.

Relationships: Things falling apart? Promises broken.

Wisdom Warning: Do you want to save the situation or move on? Time of decision.


Key Meaning:  Friendship, love, and care. Loss or death or grief.

Relationships: Strong love or desire.

Wisdom Warning: Generally good even with a loss. Someone is always caring and looking after you, even if you don’t see or feel them.

Row Boat.

Key Meaning:  Leaving the emotions or situation slowly. Take time to heal and release grief.

Relationships: You need to row together, lest a separation may appear.

Wisdom Warning: Work through your remaining issues as soon as you can, then move on. Patience may be required.


Key Meaning:  Can you salvage anything from the situation?

Relationships: Can your differences and problems be worked out? Baggage from the past.

Wisdom Warning: Look to make the best out of the situation. Salvage what you can and move on.

Sack (see Bag).


Key Meaning:  Surprise from afar. Balance and structure. Ride out the storm.

Relationships: Work together even if apart. Are you being controlled?

Wisdom Warning: Wear and tear can play a part in travel, and /or saddle up and ride towards the sunset (Holiday) Hooray!

Safe (Locked Box).

Key Meaning:  Hidden Riches or abundance. Taking on someone’s confidentiality.

Relationships: Something hidden from the other.

Wisdom Warning: For good or bad, saving for a time or project in the future. It is sometimes prudent not to broadcast an opportunity to the world before you have well and truly jumped on board yourself. In other words guard your secrets until they have hatched, less someone might beat you to it.


Key Meaning:  Protection and clearing of unwanted energies. Wisdom. Protect yourself from hidden or shown dangers.

Relationships: Spiritual enlightenment in the bond.

Wisdom Warning: Security and precautions may be needed. A higher conscience or source.


Key Meaning:  Travel, Water sport or leisure. New areas to explore. Hot air coming your way?

Relationships: Sailing through your emotions?

Wisdom Warning: Moving through emotions or problems. Good sign generally. Make sure you try not to ride through storms when you don’t have to. Gossip and talk.


Key Meaning:  Be practical, and careful of minor losses and annoyances.

Relationships: Don’t let time slip through your fingers.

Wisdom Warning: Be careful of any unstable practices or ideas. Make sure they have solid foundations.


Key Meaning:  Issues or concerns. Eating and mixing with a group.

Relationships: Sex or thoughts about it.

Wisdom Warning: Problems or worry about life, get back to basics.


Key Meaning:  Ripping down the old and rebuilding. Cut through some problems and release.

Relationships: Time to build a stronger relationship. Someone coming between you two.

Wisdom Warning: A time for bringing things up to date or to repair old ideas and situations.


Key Meaning:  Make music not war. Exercise with music.

Relationships: Strong vibrant sex life.

Wisdom Warning: Enjoy the pleasures of life and don’t worry about the doom and gloom.

Scales (Weighing).

Key Meaning:  A time of weighing up issues. Possible justice, karma, or legal issues.

Relationships: Comparing or weighing up relationships.

Wisdom Warning: Something around an issue is not making you happy, otherwise, why are you weighing everything up? Over thinking?


Key Meaning:  Trying to scare something away or being scared about an issue. Trying to protect something.

Relationships: Hiding your true self. Why is that?

Wisdom Warning: Are others messing with your life. A feeling of fear envelops you.

Sceptre (also Wand).

Key Meaning:  Power, magic, and control. Knowledge for the bigger questions in life, not the mundane.

Relationships: Is seat of power equal?

Wisdom Warning: Are you ruling and guiding your life or is somebody else?


Key Meaning:  Cutting something or leaving it behind. Finishing what you started.

Relationships: Something about the relationship you don’t want.

Wisdom Warning: What upsetting you? Cut it out of your life or at least move things around till it suits you. If all else fails, move on, and cut ties.


Key Meaning:  Solo travel or movement. Going it alone.

Relationships: A sense of doing things alone without the other’s input.

Wisdom Warning: Do the journey of sorts through issues by yourself. Just remember no one is an island. We all need a hand and support sometimes.


Key Meaning:  Sudden and unexpected movement by others bringing grief or pain. Release grudges and ill will.

Relationships: Scorpio Star Sign or fiery passionate love. Otherwise a lot of stings and bites in this area.

Wisdom Warning: Careful of the tail, watch for unexpected problems shooting out of nowhere. Is someone trying to poison people’s view of you?

Scuba Diver.

Key Meaning:  Explorer, or adventurer. Diving into your emotions hidden beneath the surface.

Relationships: Swimming through emotional times and not afraid to explore.

Wisdom Warning: Caution, may be a period of emotional upheaval. Trying to hide in the depths. Surface and face the world.

Scythe (Cane Knife).

Key Meaning:  Getting to the heart of the problem and eliminating it. Endings and change.

Relationships: A part of the relationship is rotten. Cut it out.

Wisdom Warning: Something needs to cut down and changed.

Sea (see Ocean).


Key Meaning:  Strong emotions or mixed feelings about travel. A need to stop hoovering in the wind, start moving and enjoy the freedom. Make decisions and stop being indecisive.

Relationships: Movement for good or bad in the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure you have a solid handle on your emotions. Don’t get carried away and caught by taking a fisherman’s hook….


Key Meaning:  An up and down effect with no movement forward. Treading water.

Relationships: An appearance of movement or change, but it is deceiving.

Wisdom Warning: Appearances do not match movements. Deceit or misplaced trust. A lack of balance in life may apply. Going back and forward without progressing.


Key Meaning:  Fears and or excitement. New creations or projects.

Relationships: Wants and desires. Wanting children, family or just fun.

Wisdom Warning: Have you an addictive issue, take care. Balance is the key word.


Key Meaning:  Raw, savage movement. Caution and hidden dangers.

Relationships: Unusual desires.

Wisdom Warning: Someone is looking to take a big bite out of you. Make sure you are with the right people for support, not those that want to take advantage of you.


Key Meaning:  Follow the leader and doing what you are told without thought for yourself. No individualism.

Relationships: Being led and following without input.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure you are not getting delivered to the slaughterhouse. Follow your own path, have courage and belief in yourself.


Key Meaning:  Protection and safety. Your need for your castle, security and shelter from the storms of life.

Relationships: Not sure of your position in the relationship or needing help. Feeling secure.

Wisdom Warning: Don’t stay in your shell for the sake of appearances. Venture out and take a chance on life.


Key Meaning:  Protector and guardian. A wise teacher or counsel.

Relationships: Feeling safe within the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Security and safety abound. Are you leading a group or giving direction?


Key Meaning:  Sailing through waters or emotions (good or bad). Travel. Self-discovery and revaluation.

Relationships: Emotional issues in a strong relationship. Feeling safe through rough times.

Wisdom Warning: You seem to be working your way through any issues. If you aren’t, you need to.

Shoe (also see Boot).

Key Meaning:  Determination and forward movement. Shoe fetish or issues with feet or leg. Give something a kick or move it on.

Relationships: Power struggle in the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure everything goes in the right place. Are you leaving a situation?

Shovel, Spade.

Key Meaning:  Digging up the past. What are you shovelling?

Relationships: Is there an issue or a problem that keeps surfacing in the relationship?  Sort it out and bury it for good.

Wisdom Warning: The issue is not only in the past but the future if you let it. Do not repeat the mistakes of the past. Learn from them.


Key Meaning:  Bare facts or bones of the situation. Death or change.

Relationships: Something from the past. A need to address something. Skeleton in the closet?

Wisdom Warning: You may want to get more information on the issue before you deal with it.


Key Meaning:  Movement for you, while issues around you stay still. Cold Country visit.

Relationships: Holiday for good, or for bad. One person won’t move on an issue or on something that needs to change.

Wisdom Warning: A time of change, for the better, even if some are dragging their feet…


Key Meaning:  Strong ideas or values from the past. Fear of death or health worries.

Relationships: Traditional or religious values maintained by one or both.

Wisdom Warning: A strong need or belief to keep to the past rather than explore and try the future.


Key Meaning:  Support and transport. Moving house or office. Quick movement.

Relationships: Moving though a problem or help. Support.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure you don’t get caught pulling someone else’s problem around



Key Meaning:  Message from spirit or inner knowledge. Is someone trying to confuse you by blowing smoke up your bottom? Unclear picture, doubts.

Relationships: Address any problems before they blow up bigger.

Wisdom Warning: Someone is trying to get your attention. Look around to satisfy yourself before you take any action. No smoke without fire.


Key Meaning:  Deceit or ill attention around you. Transforming into something new and better.

Relationships: All is not what it seems.

Wisdom Warning: Careful of the snake in the grass. Someone around you or at work are not what they seem.


Key Meaning:  Emotion or tears that have been locked up for a while. Trip to snow country.

Relationships: You may need to plough through some snow before you get to the truth. Fresh relations and new energies may be required.

Wisdom Warning: A time to heal and try and remove hurts from the past. Concentrate on the bright future not the distant past.

Spade (see Shovel).


Key Meaning:  Bright chirpy nature or energy. Positive move forward in little efforts. Small flight.

Relationships: Someone is happy and talkative.

Wisdom Warning: Life seems bright and light at the moment, or it needs to be like that.


Key Meaning:  Direct and to the point. Direct person.

Relationships: An argument or discussion may be building up. Diffuse it if you can.

Wisdom Warning: Someone, whether it is you or another, needs to take a direct approach to the issue and not beat around the bush. Watch out if the spear is thrown at you. Which direction is it pointing?

Spectacles (also see Glasses).

Key Meaning:  A need to see something for what it is. Clarity and prospective.

Relationships: Are you seeing the situation clearly.

Wisdom Warning: A time for introspection. Look outside your normal vision and take in the bigger picture.


Key Meaning:  Person/s weaving a web. What are they after? Web of lies.

Relationships: Who is trying to catch who?

Wisdom Warning: Whoever is weaving the web of intrigue, better be a novelist. Beware of the person or situation being created. Make sure everything stays under your control, not someone else’s.

Spider Web.

Key Meaning:  Don’t get caught in someone’s web.

Relationships: Are you being set up or doing it to someone?

Wisdom Warning: Caution, don’t get caught up in someone else’s web. Live your own life. Life is so short.

Spirit (Ghost).

Key Meaning:  Help from above. Loss or grief.

Relationships: Help for someone or something.

Wisdom Warning: Help and care from an unexpected source.


Key Meaning: Care and support available in little amounts.

Relationships: Close and meaningful, sexual, romantic.

Wisdom Warning: Working with someone close to you. Any situations should work themselves out.

Stamp (Postage).

Key Meaning:  Message to give someone. Travel.

Relationships: Distance between lovers.

Wisdom Warning: Loved ones to be kept close if possible. Someone you love living away from you.


Key Meaning:  Are you too restricted or controlled? New home or place of residence.

Relationships: Control or fear issues.

Wisdom Warning: Sometimes it is better to think outside the square or box. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas.


Key Meaning:  Saving for a rainy day. A need to budget or restrict ones spending.

Relationships: Saving or setting a goal for you both.

Wisdom Warning: Sacrificing short term spending for long term gain, e.g. not having regular dinners out to save for a house.


Key Meaning:  Strong and proud, masculine.

Relationships: The man who leads or takes ownership of a situation.

Wisdom Warning: A message concerning a male. Either he needs to stand up for himself or he may be too much of a pretty boy. Which can it be?


Key Meaning:  Bright future assured. Looking for a promotion.

Relationships: Good times ahead and work together to obtain goals.

Wisdom Warning: A star is born. Looking to be noticed for a talent or project or just in general.


Key Meaning:  Steps to a goal or desire. Promotion, on the way up.

Relationships: Taking time to get to know each other again.

Wisdom Warning: A time for planning and action. Work out a way to move forward and climb those stairs to your goals.


Key Meaning:  Difficulty or restriction in life, love, or career. Hard yards at present.

Relationships: (Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.) A time of disagreement or arguments.

Wisdom Warning: Is someone provoking the situation and making it worse?


Key Meaning:  Packing, travel or leaving a situation. Fleeing a problem or person. A visitor moving in.

Relationships: Either thinking of leaving a partner or having a holiday.

Wisdom Warning: Leaving a situation or person, maybe fed up or just want adventure.


Key Meaning:  Bright happy days ahead. Bright future assured.

Relationships: Happy fun times.

Wisdom Warning: Good omens with one small word of caution- don’t go to extremes, keep a balance life.

Swallow (Bird).

Key Meaning:  Hard working days, make sure you enjoy life.

Relationships: If working too hard take time out for rest. Time for playfulness.

Wisdom Warning: Need to keep a balance between work and play.


Key Meaning:  Graceful, elegant and with meaning.

Relationships: Time to dance and celebrate. Commitment or agreement.

Wisdom Warning: Time to relax if everything is in place.


Key Meaning:  Caution, time of upheaval. Defending a position or goal.

Relationships: Can be anger and grief in the relationship. A call to action.

Wisdom Warning: Angry person or situation around you. Remember the old adage, live by the sword, die by the sword. Only wield the sword when it’s necessary, not for the ego.


Key Meaning:  Support, even and stable. A good foundation to work from. Study to get ahead.

Relationships: Help and support.

Wisdom Warning: Help should be available with emotional issues. If not, have you upset people and why? Is your table rocking and unbalanced?  Why? Lay your cards on the table and be forthright.

Tack (Drawing Pin).

Key Meaning:  Sharp and to the point. Little accident that’s hurts.

Relationships: Small arguments or disagreements.

Wisdom Warning: A small item or annoyance needs attention.

Tank (Army).

Key Meaning:  Going to fight someone or something with possibly unnecessary extreme force. Protection from others.

Relationships: One bulldozing the other, war games officially started.

Wisdom Warning: Someone or something is rolling over your turf. Unless you’re the provoker/attacker.

Tank (Water Etc.).

Key Meaning:  Storing of emotion, need to cry and grieve. Do you need counselling?

Relationships: Unhappiness, sorrow, or grief.

Wisdom Warning: Don’t let the dam burst. Release the pressure regularly.


Key Meaning:  Water or emotions. Turn off and on emotions, manipulating?

Relationships: Someone who can turn the emotions on and off.

Wisdom Warning: Emotional person or situation. They may put on the waterworks for attention. If tap shows dripping, your energy and efforts are draining away unnecessarily.


Key Meaning:  Travel without planning.  Support, help from an unknown source.

Relationships: Unknown or unsure of the destination. Is the other person driving their route and not yours?

Wisdom Warning: Make sure you don’t get led up the garden path and it will cost you more money than you planned. Short term travel.


Key Meaning:  Relaxing and untroubled times but still pay attention. Is the cup right way up or sideways?

Relationships: Relaxing or working together.

Wisdom Warning: A time of pleasure even if unsure of the future. Take the stress off.


Key Meaning:  Savings, goal. Talk and communication in a social setting.

Relationships: Problems may be stirred up. Connecting with others in a social environment.

Wisdom Warning: Try to sort out any problems one at a time. Don’t try and take on too much at once.

Tear Drop.

Key Meaning:  Loss or unexpected sorrow.

Relationships: Emotional upheaval within the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Maybe a sad time at present, but everything moves for a reason.

Teeth (also Dentures).

Key Meaning:  Assets, projects, structure, and abundance. Wisdom and guidance.

Relationships: The strength in the relationship or goals.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure your teeth are in good order and seen to regularly, otherwise your future will suffer. Getting your teeth into something you want.

Telephone (see Phone).

Key Meaning:  Communication, need to speak to someone. Long distance connection with friends, family or lovers.

Relationships: Is Communication working in the relationship or do you have to do some more work on it?

Wisdom Warning: Something is falling between the cracks. A need to verbalise so there can be no misunderstanding. A need for connections with loved ones living away. Speak your truth.


Key Meaning:  A place of worship or idolising someone or something. Religious event. Finding peace and quiet amongst upheaval.

Relationships: Do you idolise your partner too much or not enough?

Wisdom Warning: Do not idolise everyone and everything at your expense. Value yourself too.


Key Meaning:  Temporary hardship or working away from home. Love of nature and bush.

Relationships: A break from each other or the conditions around yourselves.

Wisdom Warning: Short term pain for long term gain. Look at the bigger picture.

Thief (see Robber).


Key Meaning:  Prickly issue surfacing.

Relationships: Issue or confrontation.

Wisdom Warning: Little issue to settle. Deal with it so it doesn’t fester and get worse.


Key Meaning:  In a position of Power. Or wanting it. Authority or police.

Relationships: Who’s in control?

Wisdom Warning: When you see this symbol someone wants power over everyone. Is it you? Are you a dictator or do you use power for the benefit of others?


Key Meaning:  Separate but powerful, wanting to give direction or take it. Willpower and logic need to be balanced.

Relationships: Control and direction.

Wisdom Warning: Depending on the use and what position it is in the cup.

Thumb up –everything under control. Thumb sideways-Not so much.

And Thumb down – things are falling apart or you are not impressed.

Tidal Wave (Tsunami).

Key Meaning:  An over welding force threatens you. Your emotions are at a peak. Loss of someone close to you.

Relationships: Time for a rethink on the relationship. Is it working or are you waiting for the big wave to hit you?

Wisdom Warning: When we see an enormous wave coming towards us, a time of emotion upheaval is upon us. A time of breakups, loss or separation of close friends.


Key Meaning:  Cunning, fast, and sneaky.

Relationships: Sexual and playful. Passionate

Wisdom Warning: Don’t upset the kitty or the playful claws may become weapons of mass destruction.

Tomahawk (see Axe).


Key Meaning:  Short, squat and hiding from the world.

Relationships: A hidden, unpleasant message or deed.

Wisdom Warning: A creature that most people detest. Is there a toad in your life? Most people would prefer they stay hidden. There is a message in everything, even with toads. What don’t you like in your life, especially if you don’t want to shine in the world?

Tooth (also Teeth).

Key Meaning:  Power, direction, wisdom, and abundance.

Relationships: Make sure your future planning is together if you want the relationship to last.

Wisdom Warning: Maybe you just need to visit the dentist.

Tornado (see Cyclone).


Key Meaning:  Shine the light on something. Look into the dark recesses of your life.

Relationships: Carrying a torch for someone else.

Wisdom Warning: If you shine the light on something, make sure you can handle the world seeing it. You haven’t any skeletons in the closet, have you?

Tortoise (see Turtle).


Key Meaning:  Sudden major unexpected changes. Isolation or keeping separate from others.

Relationships: Sudden expected changes and movement. Are you feeling disconnected with your partner?

Wisdom Warning: Change is good even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. Keep moving forward.


Key Meaning:  Trivial or minor event or playtime. Children issues.

Relationships: Are you someone else’s puppet? Child or children around. Playtime for adults.

Wisdom Warning: Playful is good, but a puppet never dances to its own tune. So don’t be controlled.

Toy Box (Pandora’s).

Key Meaning:  Sudden unexpected riches or dramas.

Relationships: Careful opening the box if you don’t need to.

Wisdom Warning: Can be good or bad, depending on the lesson.

Traffic Lights.

Key Meaning:  Can be sudden stop or go. A sign of direction and control.

Relationships: Is your relationship like driving in traffic. All stop and go. Take time out. Both of you need to reconnect.

Wisdom Warning: A time to go or stop, depending on what’s happening in life.  Generally lights make traffic flow steadily in all directions. Is too much happening in your life? Do you need to take time out to refocus?

Train /Tram.

Key Meaning:  On a designated path, hard to break away from it.

Relationships: Travel or times of boredom. Is one or both of you too rigid? Spice up the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Is your train /tram taking you in the right direction. Remember it’s hard to get off the tracks when everything is moving you one direction. But is this good for your future?

Treasure Chest.

Key Meaning:  Dreaming or acquiring sudden wealth. Unlocking a valuable asset.

Relationships: Life is good, celebrate and go wild. (Within reason that is.)

Wisdom Warning: Caution over valuables or jewellery especially if chest is upside down. Lock things up when not in use. Protection. Keep a nice balance. Saving for the future?


Key Meaning:  A tree of life. Time to grow, whether financially, emotionally, or physically. A time for vision and purpose, enriching the soul. Getting into nature to recharge.

Relationships: A Strength or unknown situation for the benefit of the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: A time to plan or restructure for the future. A time of growth. Don’t place all your eggs in one basket.


Key Meaning:  Are you getting to your goals or are you going around and around without meaning or clear direction.

Relationships: Is there someone divisive around the two of you? Child or pregnancy? A third person causing issues.

Wisdom Warning: All may not be what it seems. Check all angles.


Key Meaning:  Proud, obtaining goals, missions, or objects. Recognition.

Relationships: Is the other party a trophy husband or wife, or are you too worried about what others say about your spouse?

Wisdom Warning: Proud moment or event in the positive or in the negative. A time of introspection on what is important to you, not your friends version.


Key Meaning:  Movement, major move to a new place. Tough or hard to move.

Relationships: Make sure you have the support you need. Heavy duty movement within the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: With all the major movement, be careful you don’t get in the road of the truck bearing down on you. Heavy lifting and movement.


Key Meaning:  Success, celebration. Announcement.

Relationships: Happy times, party.

Wisdom Warning: Strength abounds in you. Harvest is in, time for a feast. Good news is here.

Tsunami (see Tidal Wave).


Key Meaning:  Escaping, hiding, or running away from something.

Relationships: Is something trying to come between you and your spouse?

Wisdom Warning: Are you digging yourself out of trouble straight into another problem? Caution is advised. Can you see light at the end of the tunnel?

Turkey (Bird).

Key Meaning:  You have to sacrifice something in order to gain something. Is your life like a turney running around with it’s head chopped off?

Relationships: Has someone got their head on the chopping block?

Wisdom Warning: Something good, something bad. A balancing of things.


Key Meaning:  Something is moving slowly. Being too protective or cautious at the expense of moving forward.

Relationships: Is the relationship moving as fast as you would like?

Wisdom Warning: A slow moving situation or problem that could almost be an annoyance. Slow and steady wins the race (That is as long as you are moving forward).

Tusk (also see Horn).

Key Meaning:  Sharp, prodding or a prickly situation.

Relationships: Is someone head strong or sharp tongued? Male sexual image.

Wisdom Warning: Careful of angry or troublesome situations that may cause you grief.


Key Meaning:  Two of something or working with someone with equal understanding.

Relationships: Close bonds and understanding.

Wisdom Warning: Is it double trouble or two’s a breeze?


Key Meaning:  Not sure of the situation. New technology or advancement in science.

Relationships: Seeing something that you never saw in your spouse before.

Wisdom Warning: Something that has come up that unforeseen. Seeing someone or something in a different light than before.


Key Meaning:  Protection or covering someone’s actions. Emotional upheaval.

Relationships: Help or support from the spouse or others close to you.

Wisdom Warning: Someone is trying to help you and keep you dry.


Key Meaning:  Unusual and unique situations.

Relationships: Strong union and able to go to deep emotions and places, sole mates.

Wisdom Warning: Explore this rather unusual situation and take advantage of it. Some things you just can’t explain with logic.


Key Meaning:  Deep rift between friends or workmates. Difference of opinions.

Relationships: A strong and deep argument. Make sure you are in the right before you push the boundaries any more than you need to. Warning things seemed to be in a bad way. Difference of opinion.

Wisdom Warning: Valleys usually represent deep rifts in our friends and lovers. Normally they can come out of the blue and strike mercilessly or they may have been developing for a long time. Sometimes this can be the end of relationships if one or both parties don’t want to mend the damage.


Key Meaning:  Someone is draining you of emotions, energy, money, or something else.

Relationships: Is your spouse draining you and leaving you empty?

Wisdom Warning: Something needs to change as your health will suffer if you allow the vampires to carry on in the same way. Usually needy people do this to us, often without you or them realising.


Key Meaning:  New growth or a benefit. Connecting with others.

Relationships: Future celebration coming. Things are bright and working well.

Wisdom Warning: A vine makes grapes, which either gives us a headache or a buzz. Keep everything in order and the order will take care of things. Moderation and balance is the key.


Key Meaning:  Can be a sad time or take time to sort yourself out. Musician. Play happy tunes. Missing someone.

Relationships: May be a time of sadness, stay true and you will get through it.

Wisdom Warning: Time to revaluate your life and stay positive. Tough times won’t last forever. Someone may be trying to pull the wool over your eyes with a false, sad story.


Key Meaning: Anger, aggression, and possible deceit around. Someone capable of blowing their top, take care.

Relationships: A time of anger and confusion. Wait until the steam is all gone before trying to sort it out. Is someone ready to blow their top?

Wisdom Warning: Something is about to explode. Make sure you are not in the road and stay away till its cools off. If it is you, walk away and take time out to cool down, otherwise you may regret your actions.


Key Meaning:  Endings. Someone biding their time to take advantage of the situation or you.

Relationships: Someone from the past can be coming back to finish you off. Closure of an old relationship?

Wisdom Warning: Careful of being road kill for someone. Someone wants to pick your bones.


Key Meaning:  Travelling in a foreign place with possible, new unforeseen dangers.

Relationships: Are you circling the wagons in the relationship, ready for Custer’s last stand?

Wisdom Warning: A foreign or new position you have been pushed into. It’s all new and unexplored. Take the challenge and don’t fear the change. Carrying a heavy load? May need to protect yourself.

Walking Stick (Cane).

Key Meaning: Help with travel or someone offers help in another way. Elderly person.

Relationships: Someone is offering help. Take advantage of it if it is not to your disadvantage.

Wisdom Warning: Check your body. Maybe visit your doctor if things are not what they should be with your health. Someone is offering a hand or help is available.

Wallet (see Purse).


Key Meaning:  Able to make your own magic. Energy and movement.

Relationships: You can sort out any problems or situations with work and direction.

Wisdom Warning: You are strong when you want someone or something. The ability to go after something and fight tooth and nail for it. Help from the spiritual world.


Key Meaning: Ready yourself for an impending battle.

Relationships: Fight for your rights.

Wisdom Warning: Your question should be, “Is this fight necessary?” If so, pursue it with a vengeance.


Key Meaning:  Watch for the sting. Someone out to get you.

Relationships: Sharps tongue, words, or actions.

Wisdom Warning: Careful where you walk or run.

Watch (see Clock).


Key Meaning: Crying or outbursts of emotions and affection. Breaking out of a confined situation. Emotions building up.

Relationships: Emotional times at present.

Wisdom Warning: You may feel vulnerable at the moment. Take time out to reflect on the problem.


Key Meaning:  Mixed Emotions. A time of grief, sorrow, or loss. A time of movement and renewal in your life. Life can be full of emotional issues.

Relationships: A lot of discussion and feelings in the relationship. Unsettled times.

Wisdom Warning: Either events or people mix up your emotions or they upset your emotional balance. Step back, breathe and work your way slowly through it.

Water Tower.

Key Meaning:  Holding on to emotions.

Relationships: Things may need to be said to clear the air. Don’t hold back.

Wisdom Warning: Sometimes you need to express yourself to state your part and do yourself justice. Holding back what needs to be said is not a good idea at this point. Stand up for yourself but express your truth.

Web (also see Spider Web).

Key Meaning:  A lot going on in your life. Don’t get caught up in the mundane and trivial.

Relationships: Is your spouse trying to get you involved in something that you don’t want to be a part of?

Wisdom Warning: Who is setting a trap for you? Time to get away from the normal and do something different.

Wedding Cake.

Key Meaning:  Planning of wedding, marriage or commitment or anniversary.

Relationships: Wanting more out of the relationship or a deeper commitment.

Wisdom Warning: Generally a good omen if the other person involved is also committed to you.


Key Meaning:  Deep buried feelings about a person or subjects. Long held wishes may be born.

Relationships: Express yourselves more. One of you may be holding back something.

Wisdom Warning: Generally a need to communicate to a person about a situation giving you trouble or something that needs to be sorted out.


Key Meaning:  Deep intense and limitless love. Sometimes possibly a greedy person. Look at health of person and financial.

Relationships: A deep romance with love for all time if nourished.

Wisdom Warning: A chance to have something special. Someone or something that means much to you in this life. Check your health and your body.


Key Meaning:  Sustenance, food for thought. Hard work for your bread (money).

Relationships: Strong and flexible partnership.

Wisdom Warning: Is it a feast or famine? If famine, you can wait for better times to come.


Key Meaning:  Things are moving even if you want to hop off. Is the wheel headed anywhere.

Relationships: Movement in the relationship for good or bad.

Wisdom Warning: Things always move, even if we are not ready. Accept that things change and move on. Adaptability is the key here.


Key Meaning:  Something needing to be brought back in line or order. Someone forcing you to do something you don’t like.

Relationships: Stop dragging your heels, get into it. Unusual sexual encounter.

Wisdom Warning: Fun or pain it’s up to you…… Don’t be on the receiving end, unless you like it.


Key Meaning:  A positive result through showing your feelings or speaking your truth. Converting nature to energy or power. Speaking your truth for the greater good.

Relationships: Be strong and pure and speak from your soul. Things getting dragged up from the past.

Wisdom Warning: A time of mixed emotions and possible turmoil in emotions. Winds of change.


Key Meaning:  Look further or investigate closer. Don’t lock yourself out of future opportunities.

Relationships: Look at where you are both heading. If single, time to go searching.

Wisdom Warning: Are you seeing things clearly? (Opened window)- Things may escape your notice.

Wine Glass.

Key Meaning:  Seeing things clearly is the message here. Make sure you are.

Relationships: Celebrations, events, or happy times.

Wisdom Warning: Is the way clear or are there things in the road that you may not see at present? Addiction or partying too much?


Key Meaning:  Freedom required or enjoyed. A high desire for travel.

Relationships: Time for travel for both of you. If by yourself, time to start spreading your wings and put yourself out there.

Wisdom Warning: Do you want your freedom from, or do you already have it. Flying in a plane.


Key Meaning:  Wanting the best out of life or a situation.

Relationships: You have high hopes for the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Things are looking great and if not, are you having too high a hope about it? Look at it closely. Maybe it’s not time or the other person isn’t ready.


Key Meaning: Outside influences of a female on a situation for good or bad. Spiritual enlightenment or psychic awareness.

Relationships: Is one person being too difficult? Do secrets need to be kept?

Wisdom Warning: Better hope the magic hasn’t gone. It can be hard going.


Key Meaning: Outside influences of a male on a situation for good or bad. Wisdom and profound advice.

Relationships: Is someone trying to fix something?

Wisdom Warning: Outside help is available to achieve a goal or objective. Intuition or psychic awareness.


Key Meaning:  Someone cunning may be after you for whatever reason. Caution is advised. A wild or unusual state of affairs.

Relationships: One of you being too independent? Are you out hunting for prey?

Wisdom Warning: A subtle warning to take care and watch yourself. A group of people (Wolf pack) may be trying to bring you down.


Key Meaning:  Intuitive, sensitive, and emotional. Sexual, provocative, or nurturing.

Relationships: Trust in matters of love.

Wisdom Warning: Trust yourself and go for it. A female point of view.


Key Meaning:  Something is rotten. Not much left of the situation. Hidden secret’s.

Relationships: Either the health or the state of the relationship is sick.

Wisdom Warning: The message here is, whatever you are doing is pretty well dead. Might be time to pick up and start afresh. Like wood worm in a wooden boat, the back bone is probably eaten out, making the vessel dangerous. Health may need an immediate check-up from your doctor if you are not feeling well.


Key Meaning:  Sadness, grief, loss, funeral.

Relationships: Loss, abandonment. Finish of a relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Ending or finish. Remembrance.

X (see Cross).


Key Meaning:  Nothing structural in your life at present. Look past the superficial. Maybe time to look into the past or look at a situation closer. Look into anything that doesn’t seem right.

Relationships: Strip away the layers to see what you want in the relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Even though a lot seems lost, you may be able to salvage something.


Key Meaning:  Time for a change of pace. Different approaches need to be made.

Relationships: Both playing to the same tune?

Wisdom Warning: Aim at making heavenly music.


Key Meaning:  Wishful travel, daydreamer, ocean trip.

Relationships: Travel through emotional turmoil without much help.

Wisdom Warning: Do you need a holiday? Wanting more without the effort.


Key Meaning:  Be creative, strong and don’t confuse yourself.

Relationships: Time for building a strong relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Make sure your life isn’t too tangled. Picture a kitten with a ball of yarn, soon it will be a mess. Don’t tangle yourself with unnecessary things.


Key Meaning:  Restrictions, hard yards, and boring work. Are you carrying all the load. Delegate or change being used.

Relationships: Work together or one partner feels like a slave.

Wisdom Warning: You feel restrained or held back. Need to find a way around the circumstances. Work smarter rather than harder.

Yeti (Abominable Snowman).

Key Meaning:  Mysterious and unknown situation. Can be quite hairy. Fear.

Relationships: Cold and distant relationship.

Wisdom Warning: Unknown and feared qualities. Travel to the cold, wild mountainous country.


Key Meaning:  All is not what it seems. Differences.

Relationships: Different values but balanced energies.

Wisdom Warning: It’s not just black and white. Look outside the box.


Key Meaning:  Power in a weak structure. Examine things thoroughly.

Relationships: The relationship is not as strong as it seems.

Wisdom Warning: Immense power and ego can collapse at a moment’s notice!


Key Meaning:  Hold it together. Is someone holding you back?

Relationships: Work needed on the relationship to bring it together.

Wisdom Warning: Self-determination and independent thinking to bring a situation under control.