18.1 – Conclusion

In conclusion, these notes, meanings, and definitions are a back bone of what you may see in your cup, but the index will guide you until you develop your intuitive powers. Use your imagination and intuition to further your skills and learn to trust what comes through. Often the meaning will makes no sense at the time but in retrospect it all becomes clear. So keep an open mind and enjoy your new skill and popularity amongst your friends and family. Keep on practicing. While most of these meanings will suit most general situations, please be aware that different meanings may apply from time to time. Cultural differences, language and understanding in the terms in the dictionary are for general use. If you come across symbols not covered in this dictionary of meanings, that you have a hard time understanding, please try and find an object or a symbol close to it and use that interpretation. Remember above all enjoy your cuppa and hold onto your dream. God Bless – Steve Spiritboy Thank you for support and please enjoy.