2.1 – History Of Tea

Welcome to the wonderful world of Tasseography. Tasseography is the ability to read or divine intuitive information from either the tea leaves, coffee or even wine residues. Both tea and coffee have had different routes to becoming an integral part of today’s society. But at the end of the day, either one is satisfactory for divining or looking at your future predictions. Let’s look at the path of tea first.

The history of tea is vast covering many cultures and countries over thousands of years. It’s believed tea was used as medicine in the south east part of China from around 1500 BC. Tea drinking spread from there across Asia into Europe during the 16 Century. Tea drinking in England became popular in the17th Century and continued strongly there, as well as in the commonwealth countries.

The beginnings of the American revolution was when the colonials throw bales of tea into Boston harbour because of the taxes imposed by the British without representation in the British government. So tea has had a major impact in our society.

Boston Tea Party

After that because of the colonial influence England had in India at that time, the British introduced tea growing and drinking in India to compete with the Chinese monopoly. The practice is still strong in India.

The English designed beautiful tea sets and even had special cups for their tea readings. But we use ordinary cups for our general reading purpose. The tea leaf is picked, dried, shredded and then it is usually blended and mixed from different sources to make it a more consistent blend.

Special Tea Cups For Tea Readings

In this day and age, a lot of our old rituals of drinking tea have been changed or have been adapted to suit our busy lifestyles. Our coffee and tea methods of today are not exempt from this. With today’s teabags and tea leaves chopped up smaller and finer to impart the favour quicker, in turn makes our cup reading more challenging because there is little residue left to read. But thankful we still have, our teapot, local cafés and bars and the espresso machines that are around us today.