4.1 – Birth Day

Now that you have a basic understanding of the different numbers and their energy, we will look at the first number of significance in your life, the day you were born on. This energy effect of your birth number is mainly felt and has most effect usually in the formative years growing, up until you are responsible for yourself. But this number influences can stay with us throughout life and its energies can combine with life path number in a positive or a more damaging way. The day of your birth is a powerful number and is a guide to your personally type. It is with you from the day you are born till the day you pass back to spirit. Your day of birth can help fortify and help your main number (life path) or your birth energy can make it harder to obtain or steer yourself towards your life path.

The birth day represents the vibration and energy you were born with that you carry throughout life. Understanding your birth number can help you better relate and understand people and situations that you have to deal with throughout your life. The life path number (which we will deal with next) is more important than the birth day in the sense that it is our main journey what we come here to learn, our most important lessons. If we are living just in our birth day energy, we are not achieving our destined life path. Looking at both of them together can give us stronger clues about the combination of vibration or energy you are working with. For day numbers after the 9th in any month (master numbers are exceptions) you add the digits individually together and reduce them to a single digit. For example 31st reduces to 3+1 = 4, so we state it as 31/4. When working out our birth energy, do not reduce the 11th and 22nd just bring them straight down without reducing as them as are master numbers. The 29th reduces to 11 and is left as a master number.

Your Birth Day Is Important

(Take Note: Americans and other countries place the month first and day of birth second. Australia and many other countries place the day of birth first followed by the month. This can make a big difference in your calculations, so be careful.)

Caution for those working with master number birth dates of 11th, 22nd, 29th, for they may live their life through the birth number rather than the life path. Staying in their pains and disappointments instead of forgiving and moving forward. Also be aware that where a person has a birth and life path that are both master numbers, their life can be so full of potential (Positive) when they are working with awareness. Or the opposite applies (in the Negative), they may experience a life full of misery, pain, misunderstandings, and disappointments until they follow the positive path for their soul. Remember we chose our own ways to work through them, so please don’t blame others for your lessons that you draw in and attract. These are lessons and people you attracted into your life to learn them from.