4.2 – Meanings Of Birth Day Number

Meanings of Birth or Day Numbers.

1st – Positive: These people love to work alone or being in authority. They work best when left alone and independently. An individual. Need to be careful of being too bossy or dominating and they should learn to listen to others who have good advice or guidance rather than dismiss it out of hand. Can be hard to handle when children and should be encouraged to play well with others.

1st – Negative: A lot of 1’s are usually dominated or restricted early by family, parents, siblings, or relationships. They need to learn to stand up for themselves and follow their own path.

2nd – Positive: Number of the intuition and sensitivity, and this is invaluable when used to make decisions from your gut and not your head. Love to work with others in a happy cooperative environment and are usually supportive, generous and team players. 2’s love a community effort and make great managers in middle management, clubs or societies. Later in life they can learn to be independent and bosses, but they need to keep work and friendship separate. Otherwise this can lead to internal and external conflict and disillusionment. Cooperation, relationships, and connection with groups are important to them.

2nd – Negative: Caution with moodiness, depression, misery, isolation, and self-pity. Can bring negative, addicted, or difficult people into their life that do not serve their path. They can also over extend themselves for others and life can become out of balance. Can be co-dependent and give their power away instead of choosing the path that is right for them. They have sensitive bodies that they need to look after during life. Nervous and emotional issues can hit them hard, and they need to learn to deal with necessary conflict in a positive way and not avoid it. Not naturally do they seek out anger unless they are unhappy, and their life is in turmoil.

3rd – Positive: These people love humor and all forms of communication. They are quick thinkers with an active brain. Commonly found around creative industries such as acting, writing, art and music. They can be intelligent, frank, and outspoken and can love to be chatter boxes. They love being around others and engaging in social activities and travel. Children should be encouraged to find creative pursuits.

3rd – Negative: 3’s can be careless, bossy, dictatorial and usually show a love of flirting. They can also exaggerate when telling a story as they love being the centre of attention. A love to socialize, but need to learn to balance all aspects of life. Other negative qualities can include poor memory, depression, isolating themselves and aloofness.

4th – Positive: These people are practical and capable, able to organise well, especially in matters of wealth, work, home, or investment. They are hard workers and have a natural talent to plan, work and build to the future but usually have to wait long periods for results. Love of home, family, and environment. Usually practical and good with their hands but home or work can rule them. Usually connect well with the land and physical or outdoor pursuits.

4th – Negative: Caution over being eccentric, making enemies, crankiness, too touchy and lack of understanding of others. Negativity will bring out fears, moodiness, and phobias. 4’s can become robots and need to bring fun and laughter into their lives. Need over time to learn to work smarter rather than harder. Can be lazy or have no incentive.

5th – Positive: They generally have good communication skills. They should express a love of freedom, passion, and travel. Need to be careful with commitments and promises, especially early on in life. They can get caught in their self-imposed prisons of their own making. Caution over being restlessness or becoming bored in repetitive work or situations. Need to live in their passions and positive desires.

5th – Negative: Restrictions, lack of passion in life. They can travel around a lot or even change houses, states or countries especially when younger. Locking themselves up in restrictions or commitments that frustrate them. Example – having children early or being controlled or dominated by others.

6th – Positive: Can be required to do just domestic family duties. They love family, beauty, peace & harmony in their lives. When positive they are beautiful people to be around. 6’s cannot live in stressful or deal with conflict situations for long as their nervous system, emotions and sanity will be affected in a major way. They need to bring positive people into their lives, especially in relationships & friends.

6th – Negative: Can come from dysfunctional family or situations. Can have controlling parents or siblings. They need to guard against over worrying and fretting for no reason. When negative can whinge about everyone and everything. Can be stubborn, lazy, possessive, self-serving perfectionists. They have a high sense of commitment to family to such an extent that they can interfere in those closest to them and may be resented from those they try to help. Over controlling and manipulating others, especially though family. Their soul can often chose a difficult family to be a part of.

7th – Positive: They learn through self-sacrifice and that can often affect how they live in life both in the positive and/or in the negative. They tend to look at life in a deeper way than most people and will often serve humanity throughout life. Can make great healers or helpers in society in some shape or form. Need time and space alone to recharge and they can make good writers as they are great observers of life. Often grow up with religion or spiritual people around them either that or they grow into them. Trust and looking after themselves can be hard lessons for them to learn.

7th – Negative: Caution against being too secretive, too hard, or too soft, impractical, or indecisive. These people are prone to depression, sorrow, crime, using drugs or alcohol or other addictive patterns through relationships. Can be impractical and not grounded and have their heads in the clouds or in their emotions.

8th – Positive: They have the ability to rule and be independent and endure great hardships. A hard physical working number to achieve goals and desires. They try to achieve independence through career and financial success. Generally looked at being the money number. Many under this day number can let money or career rule them until they grow wiser. They like to have financial success in life. 8’s are attracted to anything old such as antiques and the like. A number of extremes, karma and balance between heaven and earth.

8th – Negative: Caution against being too materialist, greedy and making quick scores through criminal or manipulative behavior. Can be workaholics and out of balance in their life causing health issues later. Money issues, scrooge like and/or spendthrifts.

9th – Positive: Ambitious but they can tend to be too serious in life. The true meaning of this number is universal love and so they are born to help or serve humanity. Losses, abandonment, separation, and grief can be part of their learning, especially early in life. Children need to be encouraged to stay positive and move on and look forward to better days.

9th – Negative: They can be controlling dictators if their energy is used the wrong way. They can be sad and depressed if they don’t have personal boundaries and learn to say no when it doesn’t serve them. Can isolate themselves into lonely loveless lives where they don’t learn from their wounding and lessons.

10th – Positive: They are energetic and adaptable and usually generous. They are usually driven and can see an opportunity when it comes along. They love leading the pack and usually don’t like to follow rules or people unless there is an opportunity in it. Authority can be an issue for them unless it is them giving orders. Have more energy generally and inner wisdom than those born on the 1st of the month.

10th – Negative: They can be controlling dictators if the energy of this number is used the wrong way, or they can be sad and depressed if they don’t have personal goals.  Can show disrespect to others, they perceive as being inferior or in their way.

11th /2 – Positive: Master number of spiritually and intuition. They are prone to emotional extremes. Balance in life needs to be practiced for good health and vitality. The more they trust their intuition (not their head or emotions) the better life becomes.

11th /2 – Negative: Egotistical and too bossy with others. So driven with work or other things, life, love, and health becomes out of balance. Can experience hard lessons, sadness, separation, and loss early in life and they need to stay positive and move forward and don’t hold onto hurts and grudges. Careful of greed, dominating others, addictions, bad influences, and or criminal activity.

12th – Positive: Converts to 3. Need to achieve balance in all areas of life. Balance between self and others close to them as well as socializing and creativity (See 3 also).

12th – Negative: They can tend to drift with the crowds and not achieve, and do what they need to, to get ahead. Party lovers and socialites or they can isolate themselves through hurt or bad conditioning.

13th – Positive: Converts to 4. Hard and dedicated workers usually. They need to have a life and fun outside the home or work otherwise they become a fixture and not enjoy social contact with others (See 4 also).

13th – Negative: Social outcast and/or isolating themselves from others. Too much work and responsibility and not enough free time for themselves or with others. Being too hard on themselves or others close to them.

14th – Positive: Converts to 5. Battle for independence, freedom and travel over work, stability, responsibility, and restrictions (See 5 also) Balance in life is so important for them.

14th – Negative: Restrict their true nature of exploring and love of freedom through restrictions and the trappings in their life. Life all over the place and lack of peace, joy, and stability.

15th – Positive: Converts to 6. Careful of taking on too much responsibility at their own expense and the need for regular breaks and holidays. Need to take care of themselves in both the physical and mental health. (See 6 also) Family and freedom are important to them.

15th – Negative: Trying to control others through guilt, responsibility, or other means. Working too hard in the family or work and not looking after themselves. Perfectionists with everyone and themselves. Being the family or friend’s slave.

16th – Positive: Converts to 7. A search for deeper meaning in life. They can do this through family, friends, writing or exploring for themselves. (See 7 also)

16th – Negative: Sacrificing themselves for family and others to achieve self-awareness through pain. Isolating too much from society or being too selfish. Addictions and fantasies.

17th – Positive: Converts to 8. Working and achieving success with compassion and understanding for others and oneself. (See 8 also).

17th – Negative: Careful of greed, addictions, and temptation. Relationships can be difficult or sacrificing. Work or life can be out of balance. Isolating themselves through work or lack of.

18th – Positive: Converts to 9. A need to be wary of people that will take advantage, but with the right people surrounding them they can achieve great things for humanity. Need to balance own needs and finances with serving others. (See 9 also)

18th – Negative: Greed or a dominating partner, family or friend will impact on you greatly if they let them. A need to stand up for oneself and establish boundaries. Or are they the dominator?

19th – Positive: Converts to 10. A mixture of opposite energies. A leader with compassion and an understanding to help lift others. Can have a mixed life of upsets and turmoil to learn the value of the 1 which is to stand up for themselves and thereby help others. (See 1 and 10 also)

19th – Negative: Living by other people’s standards and ideals and not your own. Finding life hard, caught between a rock and a hard place. Move through adversity with strength and resolve.

20th – Positive: Converts to 2. Extra sensitivity and awareness, caution around picking up others energies. Very intuitive people even if they aren’t aware. Need to learn energy protection for themselves. Team and support players. (See 2 also)

20th – Negative: Being too sensitive where everything upsets you. Not trusting your intuitive self. Letting others rule you or being led around by the wrong crowd.

21st – Positive: Converts to 3. Creative, talkative, with understanding. Balance themselves between home and the social life. A need to get out of the house and follow their own path. (See 3 also)

21st – Negative: Watch out for being too selfish or an egotist at the expense of others. Bitching and stabbing others in the back. Can isolate and self-sabotage if not happy.

22nd /4 – Positive: Master number, these people can reach any goal if aware and follow their life path. Highly driven and passionate on their own agendas if they are aware and use the energy in the right way. (See 4 also). A want for strength, security, and direction.

22nd /4 – Negative: They should follow their life path number first and foremost and not live only in their birth energy.  Otherwise they tend to be disillusioned and unbalanced and their dreams can be shattered, and they can be moody and broody. Can have issues with a parent or authority. Can tend to be bossy and overruling if not balanced and can be seen as insensitive when they are highly driven to success in whatever field they chose.

23rd – Positive: Converts to 5. A lover of freedom and relationships, need to explore dreams and travels before settling down, otherwise regrets might follow later in life. Free spirits and roamers. (See 5 also)

23rd – Negative: Getting caught in life and feeling trapped, example a girl getting pregnant in her teens or marrying too young with a mismatched partner.

24th – Positive: Converts to 6. A lover of home and family and slow to make changes. Hard workers generally. (See 6 also)

24th – Negative: They can forget about loving and living life. They can over work with family and drudgery. Fighting and conflict with others around them. Lazy or relying on others to support them.

25th – Positive: Converts to 7. Can lead a life of change, good or bad. Personal space, travel, and time alone are important to them at times. (See 7 also)

25th – Negative: They may struggle with relationships, trust, addictions and freedom. Can experience pain and losses through bad choices in life. Can isolate themselves too much or be ungrounded in life and too scattered in their thoughts. Trust issues with themselves or others.

26th – Positive: Converts to 8. A powerful mix of business and working with others to achieve physical and material goals (See 8 also).

26th – Negative: Beware of too much work or addictions affecting personal relationships, health, and family.

27th – Positive: Converts to 9. They should work towards having a deep connection to spirit and help others in a positive light. Can be deep thinkers. (See 9 also)

27th – Negative: Beware of sacrificing yourself for others or being a doormat. Issues around being in wrong relationships can be bad for them. Experiencing loss, sadness and grief and a need to work through them.

28th – Positive: Converts to 10/ 1. A date of strength, can be bossed and restricted till they learn to stand up for themselves. Powerful go getters especially with the right partner and drive. (See 1/10 also)

28th – Negative: Can be bossy, arrogant, and egotistical in the extreme.

29th – Positive: Converts to 11/2. A master number day birth, can have humanitarian needs to help, with increased sensitivity but always needs strong grounding. Caution is needed to also do their life path number in life and not just work in this strong birth master number. (See 11/2 also). Helping others.

29th – Negative: Harsh experiences and staying stuck in the depression or sadness or living in the past. Learn to forgive, find compassion, and move forward towards your life path. Possible issues around ex’s, parents, partner, or close friends.

30th – Positive: Converts to 3. A strong social need for communication, music, creativity, or study. Should love group activities and variety. Extra reserves of energy.

30th – Negative: Careful of being a gossiper, isolating too much or following others too much. Hiding and isolating at home and not creating or communicating. (See 3 also)

31st – Positive: Converts to 4. Need to balance social and home activities. Strong work ethic and hard worker. Need for structure and stability around them. (See 4 also)

31st – Negative: Can be cut off from others because of self-worth or wounding issues. Laziness or lack of motivation or staying in their dream world and not reality.

4’s can be lazy and self defeating in the negative