4.3 – Symbology in the Cards

These are important aspects to hone in on during the learning phase to receive more intuitive information, on top of the individual card meanings. Often, I will still notice one or more objects in the card that stand out in a way that they normally don’t. This is your intuition working with you. Take notice and explore the object or imagery in the cards. Often for example, you will see murky clouds in the background or lot of water in the cards, use your senses and see what comes up for you. These symbols are placed in alphabetical order, so it is easy for you to find. Remember to trust what comes to you and use it in your readings. Take your pack out, as you go through these symbols and see if you can find some and identify with them. Look for example at the symbols in the Justice card – Scales, Pillars, Sword, Crown, etc. These symbols can help you with your understanding of the card.

Look at the Symbols

Symbols and Keyword Clues. (These are a few of the main ones but look for others)

Armour: Protection or guarding against attack. Fear of hurt, guarded emotions, or hiding parts of self.

Armour is Protection

Arms Folded:  Stubborn, resolute, guarded, crossed, and fixed. Wanting their own way.

Angels or Wings: Can suggest help from spirit above, flight or freedom issues.

Animals:  Clues can be gleaned from the type of animal/s in the card. For example horse can represent quick movement or action. Lion represents strength and freedom and fearless heart.

Background: Is it desolate or green trees, mountains, or water? Suggestive of?

Bandage: Suggestive of battle and injury. Is recovery and time out needed to heal?

Blindfold: Not seeing clearly/ blinded by the situation or not wanting to act and pretending not to see the issue. Need more clarity or action.

Boats: A way or passage across water (emotions) to safety.

Books: Represents past learning and or inner knowledge of how to deal with life’s issues.

Bridge: Cross the bridge (release past and look to the future) and head towards better new times.

Chariot: Represents movement, car, travel. Can be about movement around a situation such as a relationship.

City or Towns: Represent security, work, abundance, opportunities, and people.

Clouds: Do the clouds look threatening, stormy, or peaceful. Look at colour or type.

Cross: Trust in intuition and self. Higher authority, religious or spiritual figure.

Crutches: Needing help but support is available if you ask. Don’t be too stubborn and independent.

Crown: Suggest position of power or authority figure.

Crown Suggests Authority

Darkness/ Night: Hard to see where to go, lacking vision, clarity, and direction.

Dog: Loyal Supportive friends or happy pets around.

Dove: Peace and love.

Dress: How are the people dressed? Or not. Is it formal, happy, or cloaked? Colour of dress and footwear. Different colour in footwear.

Flowers: Usually positive, expression of love, hope and blooming times ahead.

Fruit: A sign of abundance and reaping harvest on past work and dedication.

Faces: Look at expressions to see the mood. Happy, sad, confused, and indifferent.

Globe: Represents travel or movement or looking for opportunities.

Hand from the Cloud: Help and support from above or the universe.

Horse: Travel, protection, and potential for movement.

Horse Rearing: Ready to gallop and race, suggestive of fast movement.

Infinity Symbol: Things keep going round and round, never ending cycle of life, lessons, and death.

Keys: Unlocking hidden secrets, knowledge, or potential to unlock them.

Lantern: Looking for the pathway in times of darkness or when things are not clear. Looking through the gloom or fog to find your way.

Laurel: Suggesting victory and celebration over a situation.

Lightning: Sudden powerful, massive, and unexpected changes out of the blue.

Linking:  Such as the Devil card linking of two people together. Is it for good or in bad way?

Two Linked Together?

Minor Base Symbols: Are all the Cups, Swords, Wands, and Pentacles in order or all over the place? Are some of the cup’s upside-down suggesting loss, other symbols not upright?

Moon: Sad, confusion and moody. Unsettling and changing.

Moon/ Sun Together: Mixed emotions, unsure of future.

Pathways: A path to follow, is it winding or straight? Leading anywhere?

Pillars: Usually representing different circumstance, different sexes, opposites.

Scales:  Weighing things up or fighting for the underdog and keeping everything fair and above board. Justice.

Rabbit: Multiplying, growth, and abundance of fortunes.

Rainbow: A bright happy time, everything is right in your world.

Scepter: A sign of strength or a ruler wanting own way and thinks they know what’s best for others? They may want or demand your respect.

Snow: Suggested of being miserable, struggling, cold and going through tough times.

Stance or Pose of People: Look at the person/s stance or feet placement. Is it defensive, neutral or attacking? Is the person turning away from a situation? Are they hiding from?

Snake: Can represent hidden danger, caution, or opposition, especially if facing down.

Swag on Stick: Quick unrestricted travel carrying only the bare essentials. Not afraid to step out into the unknown.

Sun: Represents happy situations, light, and positive good times. A vibrant card.

Tears: Emotions, sadness, grief, release, and healing.

Tied and Bound: Restricting, no movement or unhappy with life or a situation.

Throne: A symbol of a ruler/ position of authority and or a solid structure to direct from.

Trees, Wands, Plants: Protection, growth and fresh opportunities are possible. Nature and grounding.

Walls: Possible barriers or protection from enemies. Or you afraid to step outside to experience change.

Water: Represent emotions, is the water rough or still? Does it take up a lot of the picture? Is a person near the water or close to it or touching it?

Water Lily’s: New growth and beauty around emotions (Water). Positive change.