4.4 – Colours in the Cards

Colours can give us a lot of clues about a particular cards meaning, its energy or hints towards its keywords. Colours surround us every day, and while some colours depress us, others uplift us. Below is an index on what the colours generally represent. This is another way we can feel into the card to intuitively understand the energy. The first thing you should look at when you’re starting out is whether the card feels positive or negative. Is it dark and depressing or bright and bubbly? What is the bulk colour of the card and any other minor colours?

Sometimes it can be a bit of both. Usually though it is one way or the other on whether it feels good or bad. Remember different Rider/ Waite packs will show different colours in the same card depending on brand or type. This is why I recommend the Radiant Pack to save confusion as they use enriched colours to make it a more vibrant pack. Notice the main colour/s in the cards as this will provide important information to you. Colour in the Tarot cards, help us relate to the feel or energy in that card. Below is a list of the common colours. The more of the primary colour in a card, the more it relates to that particular energy.

White: Purity in will power, thoughts, action, and love.

Yellow: The yellow usually indicates an intellectual or mental thought process or analysis. Along with logical thought working through the mental processes.

Red: This is an indication of the base or physical practical side of life, also can relate to intense energy required to be used in the problem. Possible anger, aggression, frustration in the negative.

Red Can Be a Physical Colour

Orange: A foundation colour. They show a wanting or a need to be active, creative, positive, and busy. Plenty of Orange in the cards such as wands show plenty of passion and zest.

Green: Balance and harmony are represented in this colour. Secondary colour mainly. Usually on high power cards. Represent healing in the backgrounds or karmic situations.

 Blue:  Representative of intellect and spirit coming together through our expression. Communication, self-truth, creativity, decisions, and expression.

Purple: Higher spiritual understanding and compassion in areas around you.  

Black: Negative mental, emotion or darkness in thought. Sadness or depression.

Grey: Changes or neutral balanced effect.

Brown: Brown is a composite colour, made by combining red, yellow, and black. A Earthy Colour practical or grounded energy.