4.6 – Numerology in the Cards

Another tool that is very useful when learning the cards is numerology. Numerology has been around before the ancient Greeks (2500 + years ago). It a belief that every number has a distinct energy, vibration or pattern associated with it. For example, the Ace or 1 relates to beginnings, thus it has the energy of starting things. And we have numbers around us all throughout life and these can influence our lives and choices we make.

The Number of the Card Can give Us Clues

In another course if you would like to explore this subject, we will delve a bit more into numerology and relate them to our individual lives, but just for now we just need a basic understanding and how to relate them to the minor cards in the Tarot deck. By relating the keyword of the suite with the number in numerology we get a better understanding of the individual cards. When we do, it is easier to understand how they can fit into the puzzle.

In the Minor Arcana we have ace (1) through to 10 and with numerology we have numbers 1- 9. The extra 10 in Tarot should be thought of as an extension of the 9. The 10 represents the end or completion of the journey. Now we can explore the minor numbers and how they relate to numerology.

Numerology matches very well with the minor base cards.

Number 1: Represent self or new beginnings or a start to a cycle. The Ace is this card.

One or the Ace is the Start of Things

Number 2. The number of duality or balance, issues, or interaction between two.

Two Represents Connection or Duality

Number 3. Represents expansion, creation, communication, or growth.

Three Can Represent Communication

Number 4. The number of stability or foundations, long term planning.

Four Can Represent Foundations eg. House

Number 5. The number of change, freedom, travel, discipline, and passion.

Five Can Represent Change

Number 6. Harmony, family, relationships, commitment, or self-truth.

Six Can Represent Family and Support

Number 7. Spiritual or religious number, deeper meaning of life, soul searching.

Seven Can Represent Soul Searching

Number 8. Money, ego, career, karma, and the physical side of life.

Eight Can Represent Money

Number 9. Close to endings or getting near the end of the cycle, completion.

Nine Is Close to Endings.

In Basic Numerology 1 -9 is the theme, with the tarot having 10 cards we say the ten in all the suites is the ending.

Ten is the End of the Cycle or Finish