5.1 – Reading And Timing In The Cup

The symbols and pictures in the cup represent our concerns, hopes and visions for the future as well as what we are currently experiencing. It’s a wonderful way to connect with friends and acquaintances over a brew and then, read the cups. The best way for you to remember the parts of the cup is to imagine yourself looking down at the cup while it’s on the table in front of you. Now picture a clock face over the top of the cup. With tea and coffee readings after we finish drinking the cuppa and ready to read, we place the handle opposite us at 12 o’clock. Visualise the cup 3 o’clock is to the right of us and 9 o’clock to our left. The six o’clock position is closest to us. We will now explore the different sections within the cup. These different sections of the depth of the cup, all relate to differences with timing of the question or reading.

If you own a special teacup made for tea leaf readings, they usually have their own markings, timings, and symbols on them. As there are many different types, too many to mention here, have a look at the positions and symbols and use your intuition if you own one of these cups. With a bit of luck there may be instructions that come with your purchase.

Timing on the cup is very easy. The closer to the rim or edge of the cup, the sooner the prediction will happen. Therefore, if the symbol is on the rim, it will happen shortly. Whereas, further down the side or bottom of the cup, the longer you will need to wait. Images on the bottom of the cup often are concealed issues or are being read a long way into the future.

The Closer The Symbol Is to The Top Of The Cup The Sooner It Will Happen