5.2 – Cup Parts

The cup is broken into sections along the depth of the cup for more detailed reading. Remember the depth or vertical part of the cup talks of the timing in the reading.

Rim down to First Third Side of Cup – The rim is the edge of the cup that you drink from. Images or objects in this section of the cup indicate, on a timing level, that the event has just happened or will, very soon. The rim also is usually a positive sign for the symbol and represents forward movement for the person. Sometimes the residue will flow over the edge and down the sides of the cup. This might also indicate that it has already happen or is happening soon. You can read anything you can see intuitively. Anything you notice that stands out to you, take note of and read the symbol.

Between Second and Third Section of the Cup – This next section represents one week to a month into the future, in regards to timing of the symbol.

The Third Section Down to the Bottom of the Cup – The bottom vertical side area is in the near future in regards to timing. In this section the closer to the bottom is the symbol the longer it will take to occur. Timing can go out into the middle or long-term future (Four Weeks to Three Months).

Bottom of Cup – The issues brought up here could tend to be heavy and hard to deal with but could also represent being a long way into the long-term future. or never. Timing is usually a three months and longer into the future. Often numbers or symbols can help with the timing on when the event may happen if they are near a symbol.

Divisions or Sections of the Cup – Individual portions looking from the top of clock face down vertically show different experiences and individuals.

12 o’clock Reading with the cup handle at 12 o’clock pointing away from you, this section represents you and people closest to you. This is a place to get answers from your higher self or spirit for your questions about yourself or those closest to your heart.

3 o’clock This area represents lessons learned or learning, situations or people leaving you or departing from your life.

6 o’clock – This area represents people or situations far away. It can sometimes represent the reason for asking the question.

9 o’clock – This area represents experiences or issues coming towards you. Those that oppose us, and the harder lessons we chose to endure, end up here as well.

Cup handle at 12 O’clock

Remember in all areas of the cup, don’t over complicate it. Keep it simple and use your intuition and inner guidance. It is more important to get the meaning of the tea leaves through symbols then worry about the areas in which they fall. So don’t over analyse, will be in your logic and not your intuition. Intuition comes to you fast and if you are taking too long to analyse the cup, you are generally in your head or logic. While you are learning it is better to concentrate of the meaning of the symbols and timing than to worry about the divisions of the clock and what they represent. I recommend the herbal teas to start learning as they provide both colour and different textures to make them easier to read in your cup. You should be able to get your eye in quicker. Careful of herbal teas if you have any allegories or see you health professional.