6.1 – What To Ask?

All good questions, which I will answer in good time. First of all I’m a down to earth person who believes in a simple and practical system to learn from. I have tried to keep things that way in this course, which helps you when you are learning. So keep things simple, when you have had more experience and learnt the basics you can try the other methods. In any cup reading, it is part knowledge of the symbols and part intuition. We all have intuition, even if we are unaware of it. Intuition is like driving, the more you practice the better you become. If you drive every day, it becomes second nature to you after a while. You react without thinking, the same with intuition. Practice, practice, practice.

To ensure clear understanding of the different symbols you will see in the cup, I have included a comprehensive dictionary in the later module. This allows you to spot your symbol after intuition quickly refer to the alphabetical chapter to get a clear concise meanings and interpretations for your cup. The more you practice with Tasseography the less you have to rely on the dictionary. With practice, more often than not the meanings and words will come to you without any effort. And what a way to learn, over your favourite brew.

It’s most important before you check out the meaning of the symbols in the dictionary, have a go at interpreting it through your intuition first before you go to the meanings. Remember intuition before logic is a great way of developing.

Next, in order to have something to read in the cup, we need leaves or residue. Using instant teabags will not leave anything to read, as they are designed to leave a clean cup. So get the teapot out and boil the kettle with some tea leaf thrown in to have something to read. If it is just you, boil the water and throw in a teaspoon of leaves and top up the cup with boiling water. Leave for a few minutes, then pick up the cup and while holding it, project your question or thoughts into your cup.

What to ask? Here is an example

My job is a bit of a concern and getting too hard for me. I may ask the cup while sipping the hot brew, “Will I stay with my job or leave?” Remember try and keep the question simple, without complicating the questions too much. After holding and drinking the cup you start reading the left overs, after you have tipped the cup upside down and turned it 3 times. I see what looks like a tombstone and cross on the edge of the cup (You’ll find it in the Dictionary Module). Intuitively I get that I should expect the worst with the job and start looking for another place of employment in the near future. Intent and focusing on the issue is important when you are making or sipping your tea or coffee. If you race through your cup without thinking of anything, you will probably end up with nothing or scattered tea leaves. Sometimes in life we need to step back, take a breath, and find some peace and quiet to find your clarity and wisdom.

So, sip your tea, take your time, focus, or ask for guidance and you will have plenty to read in your cup. When first learning to read your cup, take your time to look for objects and symbols and they will become clearer with time and practice. As well as images, you may feel, sense, or smell things as your intuition grows. All these clues go together to answer your question. One of the biggest barriers to reading your cup initially, is fear and the logic mind, over thinking. Relax and let the process happen. Given time, images and objects will come flying in when you turn the cup over and the leaves are there to read. So remember, enjoy the process and you will be fine. If you read for others, don’t be afraid to tell them all what you feel or get. Don’t censor it or leave parts out. But at the same time be kind, considerate and compassionate.

Remember you are just the conduit for the message. Give it as you receive it. When reading a cup you get more than two images, especially if they are close together or crossing each other, see if they have relevance together or relate to each other. How do you get better at reading the cup? Practice, practice, practice. This is so true of life, the more we do something, the better we become at it.