6.2 – An Exercise For You

An Exercise for You to get Better? – It won’t take a big chunk out of your day. In fact when you get used to it, it won’t take too long at all. Over a period of a month to six weeks, every morning when you have your brew ask a question relevant to you and record the results, noting the symbols and position in the cup as well as the timing of the events. Grab yourself a little notebook and divide it into columns with the results. Keep it simple, so it doesn’t get too much every day. By recording over a six-week period it does two things. First and foremost you get bloody good at reading your cup and secondly you can see your predictions and results how they have unfolded. By the end of six weeks you should be confident to read anyone’s cup, if you follow the simple instructions in this course and learn to trust what you receive.

Good Luck but you won’t need it.

Make a Journal To Record Your Results