7.1 – Making Your Cuppa Of Tea

Now you understand the basis of reading, the equipment used and how to read the leaves, I will show you how to do the reading. Tea leaf readings used by many different cultures over time have made many different versions of what to do when reading your cup. Try my way first as it will be simplest and easiest to learn and then later when you are comfortable you look at other methods of reading the leaves. All I will say is to trust yourself, practice and learn to trust your intuition. Please be aware there are small differences between reading your cup of tea verses coffee, but the principal is the same. The difference is the media of tea leaves or coffee grounds/froth and residue. Intuition or inner knowing is at the forefront of reading your cup for both medias. Intuition comes to you fast without you over thinking.

If possible before the reading, do a short mediation or centre your breathe. Maybe sit in the backyard in nature to relax the mind to prepare and relax your mind. While sipping your brew, sit into a comfortable position and place your intention on the question while holding the cup. It not a good idea to do a cup reading when you are stressed or tired, leave it until the morning and your readings will be stronger and clearer. The images and symbology will be staring you in your face in the cup once you develop your skills. If you over analyse an object or take too long you are probably in the logical part of your brain. That is the part of our brain that stresses and worries us every day on things such as work, money, or family. That part of the brain and the ego (logical mind) likes to control our thoughts and actions. Ever thought of something insignificant and small and then the mind churns it over and over and all of a sudden it becomes many big worries that often don’t eventuate. This is your ego and logic that like controlling us.

This is the part of ourselves that we do not need in our readings. We want the other side of our physical brain where our creativity and intuition comes from. As you practice and learn to trust your inner knowing you will be amazed at how many symbols or letters you will see in the cup. Do not worry if you don’t see much at first as it will take you a while for you to learn to relax and see the little lines and images in your cup. Do not give up, keep looking and you should always find something in your leaves. Sometimes taking a step back to soften your glance will help immensely. Rotate your cup around in good light to see more. Remember relax and have fun.

Teapot – Ok, first place several heaped teaspoon of tea leaves into the teapot, depending on the size you are using. Experiment until you know the right mix for taste and leaf reading. The teapot is best for a small groups of people or if you are doing mini tea readings for each other. If by yourself, a single cup can be used with a reduced amount of tea leaves. After placing the tea into the pot, pour boiling water into your pot, seal and leave for 3 – 5 minutes to draw and then the tea will be ready. Gently shake the tea pot in a circular movement or stir it with a spoon before you pour it into your cup. This allow the tea leaves to flow freely allowing them to go where they need to. After cooling, now comes half the fun, drinking the brew. While you are sipping and holding your cup think of your question and imagine the answers you will see in the tea leaves.

Tea Pot Brewing The Cuppa

Teacup – Half a teaspoon of teapot leaf in the bottom of your cup is all you need for a great tea reading. Often when starting out my students add too much tea not realising that the leaf swells and spreads out after soaking in hot water. Too much sugar, honey, molasses, or milk is discouraged as it tends to clump the tea leaves together unless the mixture completely dissolves and allows the tea leaves to flow smoothly around the cup. If it lump doesn’t dissolve fully, it won’t allow the tea leaves to flow, and you can up with a sticky lumpy mess.

With loose tea leaves in your cup, pour boiling water into your cup, stir with a spoon, and leave for 3 – 5 minutes to draw and then you are ready to drink it. While the tea is brewing, allow yourself time to think on your question that you want to ask the cup. Keep this at the forefront of your mind while you relax and breathe deeply into your thoughts. Hold your cup while gently drinking your tea, concentrate on your question and allow the magic to happen. Remember if your prone to taking big gulps of tea, remember to strain the leaves with your teeth or you will swallow a lot of loose tea leaf. Slow and steady is the best. If you are using your tea pot to make a cuppa, pour out a cup making sure you have plenty of tea leaves spinning around in your cup while pouring from the pot. If you leave your tea in the tea pot too long you may have a very strong cup of tea. Over time you will know what the right amount of time to leave your tea brewing and the right amount of tea leaves to add. You can also add more water to your cup to your taste if the tea is too strong.