9.2 – How It Works?

The item to be read is usually held in the hand or hands of the reader, or, in some cases, it is pressed against the reader’s forehead (third eye) or stomach (solar plexus). Information obtained by the reading of an object may be visual, auditory, or simply known without an emphasis on a particular sense (remember the clairs). Physical touch is recommended when learning psychometry. Ideal objects for psychometry include things which were worn, carried, or touched by the owner on a regular basis over time, such as jewellery, clothing, watch, silverware, or other items. Usually the information obtained from the object has to do with emotional moments in the life of the person to whom the object belongs or belonged. It may include details about the owner’s character or his or her mental state at that time, or even their current location. Items touched less by the owner, or that were never carried on their person, can also be read via psychometry. These may include such unusual objects such as a toaster, a telephone, or a garden trowel. In the case of very large objects, such as a car, a wall, or a door, the psychic may travel to the site and touch the item to receive psychic impressions. Some psychics can work with just a handwriting sample of the individual such as a letter which is then used for psychic reading. For those so gifted, this can be a remarkably effective method of gathering information of the person via psychometry. Photos can also be used to tune into the person (even deceased)

In letters the longer and more personal the text, the more intense is the emotion and the stronger is the information to be pick up on. When it comes to psychometry, a diary is preferred to a single love letter, a love letter to a signed note, and a signed note to a single slip of paper containing nothing more than an autograph. However, even an autograph can be read if that is all that is available.A gifted reader may also get information from a photograph by holding it in his or her hands or by placing it on a surface and holding his or her hands over it. Generally speaking, most psychometrics require physical contact with the photograph, but a few psychics do not. If the photograph is of a person, the information gained may include data about the pictured person’s character, various moments in their life, his or her current emotional state.

At times information about the individual’s current location may be obtained, which makes psychometry a useful gift in the case of a missing persons. Some psychometrics combine their gift with traditional methods of body reading and face reading when they look at photographs of people. If the photograph is of a house, a gravestone, or a piece of land, the information which the psychometrics receives may include information about people or animals who lived there, and if spirits still reside in the location. Often areas such as battlegrounds will have a lot of emotional energy which will be picked up usually as heavy dark energy.

Tuning Into A Key