9.4 – How To Do Flower Readings

Flower readings are a fun way to develop your intuition. A great way to have fun with friends and like-minded people. Go out to your garden or to the flower shop and pick a flower/s and stalk that resonates with you. Don’t forget to ask permission from the plant and whoever yard you borrow it from. When you are ready you can go inside and relax but have a pen and paper close to you. Before and during this exercise breathe deep breathes and relax and allow what comes to you to come through. You might even do a short meditation before you start.

Use all your physical and intuitive senses (Clairs) to explore the flower and petal and stalk etc. Write down anything that comes to you. Don’t censor or think too hard about what you are getting, let it flow free and easy. Keep your analytical thoughts and mind out and tune into your intuition. I will give you some ideas to bring through more information. Use all your senses and clairs. Take at least 20 minutes to explore the flower and petals. Below are some ways you can get extra information.

Flower readings Can be Fun

1. Smell – Does it remind you of anything or anyone?

2. Touch – How does the flower or parts of the flower feel, rough or smooth?

3. Psychic Taste – I don’t recommend you taste it as some plants and flowers are poisonous, but use your   psychic taste (Clairambience or Clairgustance)?

4. Psychic Hearing – Are you getting any message from the flower?

5. Sight – What do you see, any impressions?

6. Psychic Senses – Look at the flower and what is your subconscious saying?

7. Size and Shape – What do you see with the shape and size of the flower/s?

8. Does the flower look happy or sad?

9. Does the flower bring back any past memories or ones you haven’t seen before?

10. Does the stalk or leaves bring anything to you?

11. They are plenty of other things you can view and comment on.

12. Is there more than one flower, and if so, what does that suggest to you?