9.5 – Aspects On Flower Readings

When we read the flowers, we pick it how we feel personally about ourselves. So yes, we are actually reading ourselves. When you are drawn to a certain flower or flowers they represent and mirror aspects of you. Often this can bring up subconsciously issues we feel about ourself that we may have buried or not realised about ourself. You may like to take notice of the stalk of the flower, which deals with the life path, childhood being at the base. Marks or discolouration may indicate important changes – long strong stalk indicating stability and strength.

Take the first third of the flower and stalk as the past, the mid part as the present and the top third the next five years. Any leaves and stalks that branch off can be seen as external factors influencing us such as friendships, family, and relationships. Where there are buds and no flowers, plans have not yet come to fruition. Many leaves suggest a busy life with friends and family. Holes or insect damage in leaves can indicate pain and grief that are still painful or problems to be avoided. The flower bloom is indicative of our characteristics and nature. Shape is also important, if the bloom is tall and stately, then this denotes a love of self and confidence. A small multi petal flower reflects a love of the family and home. Symmetrical bloom suggests a sense of order and lover of the finer things. If the bloom is large suggests possibly someone who gives too much of themselves or likes to be noticed. Tiny single flowers often mean inner happiness is more important than material success and could represent the person not opening themselves up to more possibilities in life. If the main flower is still budding, it’s not yet time for dreams to be fulfilled. Half-closed flower buds suggest hesitancy and doubt in their life. Open flowers generally mean affectionate and generous, full bloom indicates wisdom and a fading bloom that presents life can be clouded with sadness and regrets.

Colours also give meanings to how we feel about ourself. Bright colours represent people who like being noticed or put themselves out in public. Darker colours usually represent someone who hides from the world or has sadness and grief in them.

Red – indicates passion and also anger if not worked on.

Yellow – Desire to be loved, creativity and optimism in life.

Blue – Logical, communicative social person.

White – Sensitive and easily hurt.

Pink – Gentle and loving, mysterious and romantic.

Brown – Materialistic and practical, down to earth.

Orange – Confident and independent.

More than one colour can indicate versatility and changeability.

Look at the colours closest to the centre, they indicate the true self. How did you go?

Roses and Carnations are especially potent, perhaps because they are associated with heart emotions. Lilies can represent loss or sadness. You can do flower readings with friends and family where you do a flower reading for them. A fun intuitive exercise.